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The Register
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{{short description|British technology news and opinion website}}{{about|the technology news website||Register (disambiguation)}}{{Use British English|date=December 2012}}

| commercial = yesTechnology journalism>technology newsEnglish language>English| registration = optional| owner = Situation PublishingMike Magee (journalist)>Mike MageeJohn Lettice| launch date = 1994| current status = active| revenue =| location_city = London| location_country = England201812PUBLISHER= ALEXA INTERNET ARCHIVE-URL= HTTPS://WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG/WEB/20110930083424/HTTP://WWW.ALEXA.COM/SITEINFO/THEREGISTER.CO.UK DEAD-URL= NO, dmy-all, }}{{italic title}}The Register (nicknamed El Reg) is a British technology news and opinion website co-founded in 1994 by Mike Magee, John Lettice and Ross Alderson.NEWS, Grossman, Wendy M., How online journalism got its UK start, 2 June 2006, Press Gazette, Wilmington Media Ltd,weblink yes,weblink" title="">weblink 5 November 2013, Situation Publishing Ltd is listed as the site's publisher. Drew Cullen is an owner, Linus Birtles the managing director and Andrew Orlowski is the Executive Editor.


The Register was founded in London as an email newsletter called Chip Connection. In 1998 The Register became a daily online news source. Magee left in 2001 to start competing publications The Inquirer, and later the IT Examiner and TechEye.Walsh, Bob (2007). Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them. Apress, {{ISBN|9781590596913}}In 2002, The Register expanded to have a presence in London and San Francisco, creating The Register USA at through a joint venture with Tom's Hardware.Cullen, Drew (25 February 2002). The Register Comes to the US. The Register In 2003, that site moved to, Drew (24 February 2003). goes live. The Register That content was later merged onto The Register carries syndicated content including Simon Travaglia's BOFH stories.Adams, Andrew A., McCrindle, Rachel (2008). Pandora's Box: Social and Professional Issues of the Information Age. John Wiley & Sons, {{ISBN|9780470065532}}In 2010 The Register supported the successful launch of the Paper Aircraft Released Into Space, a project they announced in 2009 that released a paper plane in the extreme upper atmosphere.NEWS
, Paper plane launched into space captures Earth images
, BBC News
, 11 November 2010
, 15 November 2010
,weblink" title="">weblink
, 14 November 2010
, no
, dmy-all
, Editorial staffers include Andrew Orlowski, Paul Kunert, Gavin Clarke, Joe Fay, Chris Williams (San Francisco bureau), Iain Thomson and Simon Sharwood (Sydney office). Jude Karabus is head of production.

Readership and content

In 2011 it was read daily by over 350,000 users according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations,{{citation |url= |title=The Register | |accessdate=19 January 2012 |publisher=Audit Bureau of Circulations Limited}} rising to 468,000 daily and nearly 9.5 million monthly in 2013.{{citation|url =weblink| title= The Register| work =|accessdate = 1 October 2013 | publisher = Audit Bureau of Circulations Limited}} In November 2011 the UK and US each accounted for approximately 42% and 34% of page impressions respectively, with Canada being the next most significant origin of page hits at 3%. In 2012 the UK and US accounted for approximately 41% and 28% of page impressions respectively, with Canada at 3.61%.In September 2018, the Alexa ranking was #7,194.WEB,weblink Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa,, en, 12 September 2018,weblink 13 September 2018, no, Channel Register covers computer business and trade news, which includes business press releases. News and articles for computer hardware and consumer electronics is covered by Reg Hardware. Reg Research is an in-depth resource on technologies and how they relate to business.

Intel chips flaw investigation

{{Further|Meltdown (security vulnerability)|Spectre (security vulnerability)}}Around 3 January 2018, The Register broke news about Google's long-ongoing investigation into Intel's processor design, which revealed that a serious flaw in the design of their chips would require Microsoft, Linux and Apple to update operating systems for computers around the world.NEWS,weblink Major flaw in millions of Intel chips, Wakefield, Jane, 2018, BBC News, 20 January 2018, en-GB,weblink 6 July 2018, no,


On 7 October 2010, The Register ran an article headlined "Much of recent global warming actually caused by Sun". Martin Robbins, writing in The Guardian, criticized The Register for failing to make it clear that the fluctuation is cyclical, and that the existence of fluctuations is not new information; the Sun's 11-year solar cycle regularly warms the Earth during one portion of the cycle, only to cool the Earth about equally during the opposite portion of the cycle. The reference journal article hypothesizes that the cycles are the reverse of what is usually assumed; contrary to The Register's implications, the journal's findings and comments do not conflict with the scientific consensus around anthropogenic global warming. Robbins also criticized The Register for the repeated use of the negative term 'boffin', "common at the random-USE-of-CAPITALS end of tabloid journalism". Lewis Page published a response in The Register defending his headline as technically correct, that "the article title accurately reflected her comments to Nature...[we] made clear in the body of the piece that the research referred only to the period 2004-2007. We also reported her comments on the solar cycle and possible effects over the past century" and finishing that "down here at the random-use-of-capitals end of tabloid journalism, Mr Robbins, we DON'T CARE what YOU THINK. We are certainly not going to amend the article because you say so: and this is our response, delivered pretty much the way your request for comment was"NEWS,weblink One climate paper, two conflicting headlines, Robbins, Martin, 12 October 2010, The Guardian, en-GB, 0261-3077, 30 December 2016,weblink 31 December 2016, no, WEB,weblink Guardian super-blogger flames Reg boffinry desk, Lewis, Page,, 12 October 2010, 29 April 2017,weblink 10 August 2017, no,



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