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All Rights Reserved © 2003 & 2008 M.R.M. ParrottThe text of this article includes versions which appeared on rimric folio in 2003, and from multiple authors in public newsgroups in 1999, and has been protected on GetWiki on behalf of the authors, republished here with permission and/or fair use. ...

Eastern Philosophy is a diverse body of approaches to life and philosophizing, particularly centered on understanding the process of the Universe and the endless "becoming". ...

Mark Ray Martin Parrott is an American philosopher, writer, musician, photographer, designer, and programmer, known for his early adoption of independent, small press Publishing, and as developer of GetWiki, a wiki/blog website focusing on Philosophy and other subjects. ...

What is Philosophy? ...

Philosophy in the 21st Century is reacting to two major forces affecting its way of life. ...


There are key elements of Philosophy, Theology, Teleology and Ontology present throughout The Matrix Series. ...

''Middle East Region, (Middle East) Middle Eastern Philosophy is largely guided by the Abrahamic Religions, ancient theologies, comprising full world-views and their philosophical and historical interpretations and philosophizing up to the... ...

Western Philosophy is a line of related philosophical thinking, beginning in Ancient Greece, and including the predominant philosophical thinking of Europe and its former colonies up to the present day. The concept of philosophy itself... ...

For non-technical usage see Pragmatism (non-technical usage). For themes emphasized by Charles Sanders Peirce see Pragmaticism. Prag matism, as a school of philosophy, is a collection of many different ways of thinking. Given the diversity among thinkers and the variety among schools of thought that have adopted this term over the years, the term pragmatism has become... ...

African Philosophy is a disputed term used in different ways by different philosophers. ...

Islamic Philosophy is a part of the Islamic studies, and is a longstanding attempt to create... ...

PseudoPhilosophy is any idea or system that masquerades itself as Philosophy while significantly failing to meet some suitable intellectual standards. The term is frequently pejorative, and most applications of it are quite contentious. The term bears the same relationship to Philosophy that PseudoScience bears to Science, or Anti-Matter to Matter. The term is often... ...

Ancient Western Philosophy - The key figure in transforming early Greek philosophy into a unified and continuous project - the one still being pursued today - is Socrates, who studied under several Sophists and then spent much of his life, we are told, engaging everyone in Athens in discussion trying to determine whether anyone had a very good idea what they were... ...

Hindu Philosophy (one of the main divisions of Indian Philosophy) is traditionally seen through the prism of six different systems that are listed here. The characteristic of this Philosophy is to consider being (consciousness) together with the other issues. Nyaya - The Nyaya school of philosophical speculation is based on a text called the Nyaya Sutra. It was written... ...

The term ...

The teachings of Gautama Buddha (6th century BC - 5th century BC), because of its non-theistic nature, have been described as more of a Philosophy than a Religion. However, adherents of Buddhism contest that even these two categories lack in defining Buddhist teaching. For them, Buddhism presents itself as way to attain understanding and direct insight into the true nature of... ...

Chinese Philosophy has a history of several thousand years. Its origins are often traced back to the Yi Jing (commonly spelled "I Ching"), an ancient compendium of divination, which introduced some of the most fundamental terms of Chinese Philosophy. Its age can only be estimated, but it certainly draws from an oracular tradition that goes back to Neolithic... ...

Please contribute to this page Often overlooked, the time after the great ancient philosophers was rich with philosophical activity, rediscovery of ancient writing, and challenges to tradition. Hellenistic Philosophers - Cicero Zeno of Citium Epictetus Epicurus Lucretius Empedocles The Neo-Platonists: Ammonius... ...

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