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All Rights Reserved © 2003 & 2008 M.R.M. ParrottThe text of this article includes versions which appeared on rimric folio in 2003, and from multiple authors in public newsgroups in 1999, and has been protected on GetWiki on behalf of the authors, republished here with permission and/or fair use. ...


Welcome to GetWiki, a Wiki for the Humanities and Sciences, and "meta" topics, from Metaphysics to Metadata, running the easy-to-use GetWiki software. The website, first known as "GetMeta", was launched in April, 2004 as a testing platform for Wikinfo, which at that... ...

Mark Ray Martin Parrott is an American philosopher, writer, musician, photographer, designer, and programmer, known for his early adoption of independent, small press Publishing, and as developer of GetWiki, a wiki/blog website focusing on Philosophy and other subjects. ...

GetWiki Endures 20 August, 2014 - Over the past five years, has enjoyed a period of small improvements to the GetWiki:2.0 software, kindly hosted by ibiblio, and subtle updates to its content, focused primarily on Philosophy. ...

Timeless is a ...

Wikinfo was inspired by Fred Bauder in 2003, based on Wikipedia, but differed in that articles were to be written from a "Sympathetic Point of View" (SPOV). ...

Dynamism (see Dynamism for encyclopedic information) is a series of treatises in Philosophy by M.R.M. Parrott, addressing subjects from Science, to Religion, and everything in between, such as a Theory of Life, Subjectivity, Ethics, and more. Volume I: Force (Web)Quan tum Physics and... ...

Philosophy in the 21st Century is reacting to two major forces affecting its way of life. ...

There are key elements of Philosophy, Theology, Teleology and Ontology present throughout The Matrix Series. ...

With GetWiki, you can use custom images, thumbnails and thumbnails with caption links to enhance your articles. ...

Web of WikiWebs - GetWiki uses custom external links to remote sites you can use, as well as links in the form of (Community:GetWiki), instead of pasting the entire url into your text. ...

Message Functions - In GetWiki, to create a new custom message, simply create a page in the GetWiki or "SupportB" namespaces (which is SOHOdb here, as we do not use "MediaWiki"), named "GetWiki:Message" or "SOHOdb:Message", which contains the text of the message. ...

GetMeta is the meta topic area, a metanamespace in wiki terms. ...

Introducing GetWiki 2.0 - With the ability to develop GetWiki fully independently of "legacy" concerns, GetWiki 2.0 has brought major improvements and changes to GetWiki 1.0. ...

All Rights Reserved © 1998-99 M.R.M. ParrottThe chapter discussed below first appeared as a series of internet discussion posts on Usenet, in 1998-99, and is the final chapter of "S ynthetic A Priori", by M.R.M. Parrott. Take the Objectivist Challenge! Download and read the linked... ...

GetWiki ( is interactive PHP/MySQL collaboration software, and the concept of "getting wiki" with interactive websites, originated by M.R.M. Parrott. ...

SOHOdb (related to GetWiki) is a cross-platform, enterprise-class ...



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