Diego Boneta

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Diego Boneta
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{{short description|Mexican actor and singer}}{{Spanish name|González|Boneta}}

| birth_place= Mexico City, Mexico| occupation = Actor, singer-songwriter| citizenship = Mexico, Spain, United States| years_active = 2002–present


}}}}Diego Andrés González Boneta (November 29, 1990) is a Mexican singer and actor. He gained wider recognition for starring the musical film Rock of Ages (2012) and the biographical series Luis Miguel (2018). He recorded his self-titled debut album with his first single, Responde in 2005. A Brazilian version of the album with songs in Portuguese was recorded in 2006. In 2008 he released his second album titled Indigo.

Early life and citizenship

Boneta was born in Mexico City on November 29, 1990, the son of Astrid Boneta and Lauro González, who are engineersweblink{{Dead link|date=July 2019 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }weblink His father is Mexican, while his mother was born in the United States, to a Puerto Rican father and Spanish mother. He has two siblings, Natalia and Santiago, who have both gained a significant following on social media as a result of their brother's fame. Although he never knew his maternal grandfather, Otto Boneta, a songwriter and psychiatrist, Diego credits him for his musical talentsweblink speaks Spanish and English fluently. Boneta has triple citizenship, the other two being from the United States and Spain.WEB,weblink Diego Boneta - Pretty Little Liars EXCLUSIVE ZAP2it, 3 July 2010, DiegoBonetaOfficial, YouTube, 13 May 2011,

Music career


During his stint in Rebelde, he released his debut album, titled Diego, in Mexico, Chile and Brazil in 2005. The album was available for digital sale on April 3, 2006 and released in the United States on April 24.weblink The first single, "Responde" (an adaptation of the 2000 single "A Mil Por Hora" by Lynda Thomas), became a top ten single in various countries including Argentina and Brazil.{{citation needed|date=April 2011}} His songs were synchronized in the telenovela Rebelde and, once finished, he went on an international tour with Mexican pop group RBD as a guest. "It was a really cool experience, because in countries like Brazil or Romania everybody sang my songs in Spanish," he said.When promoting his first album in Mexico he opened three concerts (in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey) for Hilary Duff in 2006.WEB,weblink Diego Boneta, un galán mexicano en 'Mean Girls 2', García, Julio, 8 February 2011, Univision, 22 April 2011,


His second album, titled Indigo, was released on 25 March 2008. It features the single "Perdido en Ti" and "Losing Me", and is produced by Mitch Allan and written by Mitch Allan and Kara DioGuardi. On 5 May 2008, "Losing Me" and "Perdido En Ti" became iTunes Free Single of the Week.

Acting career

2003-2010: Early work

He started his career in Mexico singing and acting. He worked extensively in television and appeared in the reality show Código F.A.M.A.. He did two children's telenovelas: Alegrijes y rebujos and Misión S.O.S with Allison lozz which were shown on Univision. He was also in the teenage-oriented telenovela Rebelde.In 2010, at the age of 20 years, he appeared in the TV series Pretty Little Liars as Alex Santiago and in 90210 as Javier Luna which was "practically me with a different name" where he could sing and compose, mainly "Siempre tú" which came out at the end of the second season and the beginning of the third. His first film came in 2011 as Tyler Adams in the teen flick Mean Girls 2 opposite Meaghan Martin and Jennifer Stone. Martin was the only actor he knew at that time, he recalled it was really easy to work with her because they were friends. Also the film gave him the opportunity to experience high school since he didn't get to, being that he was tutored and working.

2011-2014: Breakthrough

As he shot into the spotlight he became the cover model of TROIX magazine’s 'March Men Madness' 2011 issue, introducing him as "Prince Charming".WEB,weblink Diego Boneta is an Animal Lover. And Us? A Diego Boneta Lover, Longman, Haley, 8 March 2011,, 5 June 2011,weblink 28 August 2012, dead, His big Hollywood break came when he was cast in the lead role in Adam Shankman's movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages. He played Drew Boley, a young upstart in Los Angeles in the late 1980s with dreams of becoming a rock star. Of Boneta's audition, Shankman called him the "next big thing" and compared him to Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, and Liam Hemsworth.WEB,weblink Julianne Hough Lands Herself a Rock Star, Plus Tom Cruise Channels Axl Rose and Keith Richards, 4 April 2011, Malkin, Marc, E! Online, 12 April 2011, In May 2013 Boneta began filming in West Virginia for an upcoming independent film entitled Another You co-starring Ksenia Solo. In 2014, Boneta was featured in Abercrombie & Fitch's "Making of a Star" campaign. As a result, Photography of Boneta shot by Bruce Weber was featured in A&F stores worldwide

2014: City of Dead Men and Eden

In 2014 it was announced that Boneta would star in the indie film City of Dead Men in the role of Michael, soon afterwards was confirmed by the director himself. The film was released on March 31, 2015, the same year production began on Eden which features Boneta and Jessica Lowndes in the main roles.

2015: Scream Queens and The Dovekeepers

In 2015, Boneta played warrior Amram in the mini-series The Dovekeepers,WEB,weblink CBS’ ‘The Dovekeepers’ Miniseries Taps ‘Pele’ Star Diego Boneta, Variety, Weinstein, Shelli, August 15, 2014, November 7, 2018, and recorded the song "The Warrior" that aired in the opening of the series. Between September and December 2015, he starred in Ryan Murphy's FOX comedy and horror series Scream Queens. The show features an all star cast including Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele.WEB,weblink Diego Boneta To Co-Star In Fox Series ‘Scream Queens’; Glen Powell Also Cast, Deadline, Andreeva, Nellie, February 25, 2015, November 7, 2018,

2018: Luis Miguel - La Serie

Boneta plays Luis Miguel, the Grammy award-winning artist in a TV bio-musical series on Telemundo. The show is based on the early career of the famous Mexican artist that became an icon around the world. The series officially premiered on April 22, 2018 on Telemundo at 9pm/8c.


Film {| class"wikitable sortable"

! width="42" | Year! width="250" | Title! Role! class="unsortable" | Notes| 2012Rock of Ages (2012 film)>Rock of Ages| Drew Boley| | 2014| City of Dead Men| Michael| 2015Eden (2015 film)>Eden| Arnie| | Summer Camp | Will| | 2016| (Pelé: Birth of a Legend)| José Altafini| 2017Before I Fall (film)>Before I Fall| Mr. Daimler | |The Reason You Haven't Had Sex in So Long|Gary|Short film| Another You| Marcus| Associate producerThe Titan (film)>The Titan| Íker Hernández || Starbright| Joshua| | Blood Ride| Brian| | A Bend in the Road|| 2018|The Reason Nobody Likes You|Isaac|Short film| Monster Party| Ollie| | 2019| (Terminator: Dark Fate)| Diego Ramos|| 2020Monster Hunter (film)>Monster Hunter| {{N/A}}| Post-production| TBA| Love, Weddings & Other Disasters| {{N/A}}| Filming

Television {| class"wikitable sortable"

! width="42" | Year! width="250" | Title! Role! class="unsortable" | Notes| 2002-2003| Código F.A.M.A.| Himself| Reality show/Contest 2004| Misión S.O.S| Christian Martínez| | Alegrijes y rebujos| Ricardo Sánchez| | 2005–06Rebelde (Mexican telenovela)>RebeldeList of Rebelde characters#Rocco Bezauri>Rocco Bezauri| Season 2-3| 2005| La energía de Sonric'slandia| Himself| Episode: "Ele"| 2010| Zeke and Luther| Tiki DelgadoList of Zeke and Luther episodes#ep29>Kojo's BFF" 2010–1190210 (TV series)>90210| Javier Luna| 5 episodesPretty Little Liars (TV series)>Pretty Little Liars| Alex Santiago| 5 episodes| 2011| Mean Girls 2| Tyler Adams| Television film| 2012| Made in Hollywood| Himself| Archive footage| 2012–13Underemployed (TV series)>Underemployed| Miles| 12 episodes 2015| The Dovekeepers| Amram| 2 episodesScream Queens (2015 TV series)>Scream Queens| Pete Martinez| Main role (season 1): 13 episodes| 2016| Jane the Virgin| Dax| Episode: "Chapter Thirty-Two"| 2017| Latin American Music Award| Host| Award showLuis Miguel (TV series)>Luis Miguel Luis Miguel Main roleLUIS MIGUEL Y DIEGO BONETA, JUNTOS POR PRIMERA VEZ>URL=HTTP://WWW.MILENIO.COM/HEY/LUIS_MIGUEL-DIEGO_BONETA-NETFLIX-SERIE-FOTO-EL_SOL-MILENIO-NOTICIAS_0_959304197.HTMLACCESSDATE=21 MAY 2017WEBSITE=T13.CLLANGUAGE=SPANISH,



Studio albums{| class"wikitable"

! Year !! Album detailsDiego (Diego Gonzalez album)>Diego Diego (album)#Diego (Edição Brasil)>Diego (Edição Brasil) | Indigo
  • Label: EMI Music
  • Released: March 25, 2008 (Mexico)
  • Formats: CD
  • Spanish & English language

Video albums{| class"wikitable"

! | Year! | Album details! | Notes| 2006| Diego - En Vivo En El Maracanã
  • Formats: DVD
  • Released: December 2006|
  • Solo Existes Tú
  • La Solución
  • Mais
  • Responde
  • Responde (studio version)
  • Más (studio version)
  • Bastidores
  • Diego en Brasil
  • Galeria de Fotos

Singles{| class"wikitable"

! Year !! Single !! Album 2005 Aquí Voy non-album single 2006 Responde rowspan="3"| Diego-|Más 2007 Solo Existes Tú 2008 Perdido En Ti rowspan="2"| Indigo| Millón De Años 2010 Siempre Tú non-album single 2015 The Warrior rowspan="3"| TBA|The Hurt| | Éramos Algo 2016 Ur Love">

Music videos{|class"wikitable"

!Year!Title!Director(s)! Note 2006| "Responde"| unknown | Lead Single| "Más"| unknown | Lead Single 2007| "Solo Existes Tú"| unknown| Lead Single 2008| "Perdido En Ti"| unknown| Lead Single|"Millón De Años"| unknown| Lead SingleFYI (Miranda Cosgrove song)>About You Now''| Miranda Cosgrove| Cameo Appearance 2015|The Warrior|Unknown| Lead Single|"The Hurt"| unknown| Lead Single">

Soundtrack{| class"wikitable sortable plainrowheaders"

! scope="col" | Year! scope="col" | Title! scope="col" | Song! scope="col" class="unsortable" | Notes 2010 90210 One More Time Uncredited90210 >Fade Away >| Writer/Acoustic; Uncredited90210 >Siempre Tu >| Writer; UncreditedPretty Little Liars >Siempre Tu >| UncreditedRock of Ages>|Luis Miguel (TV series)>Luis Miguel Various (Luis Miguel (TV series)#Music|Luis Miguel: La Serie — Soundtrack)

Awards and nominations

{| class="wikitable" style="background:#b0c4de; text-align:center;"! style="background:#bcbcbc;"|Year! style="background:#bcbcbc;"|Award! style="background:#bcbcbc;"|Result! style="background:#bcbcbc;"|Category! style="background:#bcbcbc;"|Work | 2012| ALMA Awards| {{Won}}| Favorite Movie Actor| Rock of Ages style="background:#eaeaea;"



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