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Welcome to GetWiki, a Wiki for the Humanities and Sciences, and "meta" topics, from Metaphysics to Metadata, running the easy-to-use GetWiki software. The website, first known as "GetMeta", was launched in April, 2004 as a testing platform for Wikinfo, which at that... ...

Wikinfo was inspired by Fred Bauder in 2003, based on Wikipedia, but differed in that articles were to be written from a "Sympathetic Point of View" (SPOV). ...

How many students have relied on false information from Wikipedia? ...

Wikitruth is a website that critiques and lampoons Pseudopedia. It runs on the MediaWiki software but is not editable by the public; it has a limited GFDL content of about 137 articles, composed by about a dozen contributorsweblink, but appears to attract a disproportionate amount of traffic. The site posits that there are... ...

Wikipedia Review is an internet discussion forum and blog for the critical discussion of Pseudopedia and other Wikimedia projects. History- The original version of Wikipedia Review was hosted at ProBoards in November 2005 by Igor Alexander. In December 2005, Igor Alexander gave up administration to Blu Aardvark. ...

Know of any goings-on in the meta-worlds of philosophy to software, logical standards to internet standards, metaphysics to metadata?? ...

GetMeta is the meta topic area, a metanamespace in wiki terms. ...

Introducing GetWiki 2.0 - With the ability to develop GetWiki fully independently of "legacy" concerns, GetWiki 2.0 has brought major improvements and changes to GetWiki 1.0. ...

GetWiki ( is interactive PHP/MySQL collaboration software, and the concept of "getting wiki" with interactive websites, originated by M.R.M. Parrott. ...

"Plug" Simplicity - Does anybody really need all those links and functions? Sometimes, I'm not so sure, and some wiki software is far more bare-bones, much prettier to look at. ...

Introducing GetWiki 1.0 - Despite the wonderful aspects of what the software could do, ...

This protected article by M.R.M. Parrott first appeared on rimric folio, Spring 2004. "Participating in a Wiki brings many of the same feelings of freedom as having one's own website or participating in a discussion forum, but there are serious pitfalls to consider, especially for a larger, public Wiki." In the early years of the century, a new form of making a... ...

WikiSphere, like "Blogosphere" (or "BlogoSphere"), refers to the collection of all Wikis on the internet, and may be used in CamelCase form. ...

Meatball, or "MeatballWiki", is a wiki dedicated to online communities, culture and hypermedia. Its original goal was to focus on collaborative hypermedia but topics have ranged from Intellectual Property to Cyberpunk to the confusion of URIs. Meatball also hosts various project journals, and in particular, has influenced much of... ...

this is an archive, or bottle, of prior water cooler talk... policy talk- NOTE: ...

The GetWiki "meta forum" pages are here to discuss things in the "Forum" namespace. ...

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