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Philosophy of Religion is the study of the meaning and justification of fundamental religious claims, particularly about the nature and existence of God (or gods, or the divine). Philosophy of religion was classically regarded as part of metaphysics, since Aristotle, in some of whose writings were... ...

Theology was used as early as in Plato's Republic (book ii, chap 18). The the term, compounded from two Greek words theos (god) and logos (rational utterance), has been defined as reasoned discourse about God or the gods, or more generally about religion or spirituality. ...

Gnosticism is a blanket term for various religions and sects most prominent in the first few centuries A.D. Many elements of second-century gnosticsm are pre-Christian. The name of gnosticism comes from the Greek word for knowledge, gnosis (??????), referring to the idea that there is special, hidden knowledge (esoteric knowledge) that only a few may possess. ...

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