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Philosophy of Mathematics is an active branch of Philosophy addressing questions about the character of Mathematics, the conduct of mathematical inquiry, and the role of mathematical objects in describing empirical phenomena. ...

This article develops the theory of relations in regard to its specifically combinatorial aspects. ...

In mathematics, a finitary boolean function is a function of the form f : Bk ? B, where B  {0, 1} is a boolean domain and where k is a nonnegative integer. ...

In Mathematics, the word null (from German null and Norwegian null, which is from Latin nullus, both meaning "zero", or "none")cite journal |title="null" |journal=The Oxford English Dictionary, Draft Revision March 2004 |url= |year=2004 |accessdate-2007-04-05 may or may not have a meaning different from zero. Sometimes the symbol ? is used... ...

In logic and mathematics, a parametric operator Omega! with parameter alpha! in the parametric set Alpha! is a indexed family of operators (Omegaalpha)Alpha = Omegaalpha : alpha in Alpha with index alpha! in the index set Alpha!. A multigrade operator Omega is a parametric operator with parameter k in the set N of non-negative integers. The application of... ...

Other Languages : (中文 : 关系 (数学)) This article presents the generalized concept of a relation. ...

In mathematics, a binary relation (or a dyadic relation) is an arbitrary association of elements of one set with elements of another (perhaps the same) set. An example is the "divides" relation between the set of prime numbers P and the set of integers Z, in which every prime p is associated to every integer z that is a multiple of p. ...

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