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GetWiki is a Bloki application, a general discussion forum, and a "metawiki" for philosophical and technical issues. Some contributors will have experiences from other blogs, forums and wikis, and some will not. Here are a few helpful links, and a few questions are answered below.

Editing FAQ

do I have to use wiki coding?

No. GetWiki uses, but is not limited by, Wikipedia-style codes, WikiCreole codes and blog-style codes. You can make styles in a variety of ways, for examples:

bold text | bold text
bold text | bold text
italic text |italic text
italic text | italic text

how do I edit an article?

With GetWiki, it's quite simple, but keep copyrights in mind! Click "edit this page" to the left, and if you are allowed to edit the page, type away in the "edit box". You can use the quick buttons to the right of the editable text area to make bold, italics, image links, and many other common tasks, even add smileys and special letters.

how do I make links?

A link is just the name of the page surrounded by double square brackets. It's also possible to make the link display text that is different to the link:

page name
this (hide name, display "this")
(pipe trick, hides "(Foo)")

how do I rename an article?

Only Editors can move (rename) a page. They click on the "classify" link and make changes there which GetWikers cannot make. When an editor moves a page, a redirect is created.

how do I edit redirects?

The easiest way to edit the redirected page is to click on the link you might see at the top of the page after being redirected: "<" Then you can edit the redirect page, and make sure that no text appears before the redirect command:

#REDIRECT New Page Name

how can I see/compare changes?

GetWiki can produce a list of all the changes (called "diffs" in the WikiSphere) between two versions of an article in sequence, and these are laid out with changes highlighted side-by-side. These diffs are easy to find if you are allowed to edit the article, using the "history" link at the bottom, or even by adding a "history=" to the page title, such as "history=GetWiki".

how do I use special characters?

Edit the article as normal, and make use of the special characters in the helper box. Few browsers will have trouble with the characters, as they are all selected based on web standards.

how do I use images?

First, you need the right to publish the picture under the GNU Free Documentation License. This means that either you created the picture and therefore own the copyright, or it is in the public domain. If the picture is located on a server you control, you can refer to that image from your article by simply including its URL, like this:


...and it will be linked. If instead you want to upload a picture, you can go to the "start new" page and once uploaded, you can refer to your image using the details given. For a few examples of combinations:

missing image!
- Test.jpg -

missing image!
- Test.jpg -
Caption Link

missing image!
- Test.jpg -
Caption Link

how do I describe images?

Click on the index to list images and get the description page. Also, when you upload the file, everything you put in the upload description is placed with the upload's information. The image "page" is similar to the other articles, so you can edit from there.

how can I delete uploads ?

You cannot, but you can upload a new item with the same name, thereby replacing the old one. You must have editor status to delete an uploaded file or article.

Finding Pages

Use the index feature to find pages via their category or facet information, and to list the images uploaded (at this time, a "search" feature is not installed).

Help! Notes

  1. You cannot change your username, email or password at this time. If for some reason you feel unbearably compelled to change it, contact (Profile:Proteus|Proteus) to arrange to have it changed
  2. Your profile page is not treated like a "wiki page", and can only be edited by yourself or an Editor
  3. GetWiki allows for WikiCreole formatting, and many "blog"-style formats

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