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Welcome to GetWiki, a Wiki for the Humanities and Sciences, and "meta" topics, from Metaphysics to Metadata, running the easy-to-use GetWiki software. The website, first known as "GetMeta", was launched in April, 2004 as a testing platform for Wikinfo, which at that... ...

With GetWiki, you can use custom images, thumbnails and thumbnails with caption links to enhance your articles. ...

Web of WikiWebs - GetWiki uses custom external links to remote sites you can use, as well as links in the form of (Community:GetWiki), instead of pasting the entire url into your text. ...

Message Functions - In GetWiki, to create a new custom message, simply create a page in the GetWiki or "SupportB" namespaces (which is SOHOdb here, as we do not use "MediaWiki"), named "GetWiki:Message" or "SOHOdb:Message", which contains the text of the message. ...

Introducing GetWiki 2.0 - With the ability to develop GetWiki fully independently of "legacy" concerns, GetWiki 2.0 has brought major improvements and changes to GetWiki 1.0. ...


GetWiki Administrators - Proteus ...

Background - GetWiki allows TeX markup for mathematics and logic formulas. ...

Introducing GetWiki 1.0 - Despite the wonderful aspects of what the software could do, ...

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