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Know of any goings-on in the meta-worlds of philosophy to software, logical standards to internet standards, metaphysics to metadata?? Post them here (in the forums)! ''older water cooler bottles: 1-2 and see Forum:Importing Wiki|notes on importing...


import license notices - As you’ll see, I’ve used the boilerplate added to the bottom of imported pages (using Ontology as an example) as such: notices- some content may have been adapted from the Pseudopedia article, “Ontology” under the GNU Free Documentation License or notices- some content may have been adapted from the...


this is an archive, or bottle, of prior water cooler talk... policy talk- NOTE: To all Wikinfo Editors and Sysops: If you would like to import your personal work, user pages, limited encyclopedic entries, from Wikinfo to GetWiki (instead of the now default importing from Pseudopedia), please do so via the easy-to-use...


THX 1138 - After watching the new DVD release of George Lucas’s THX 1138, I cannot get the themes out of my mind. It may sound overstated, but I think the film is one of the very best “future shock”, sci-fi, works I have seen. Although there are cynical levels on which to read the film, there is also an affirmative reading - a sense of hope. The tension between dystopia and utopia is...


The GetWiki “meta forum” pages are here to discuss things in the “Forum” namespace. These pages work just as others do, except they do not have their own talk pages (further changes may be forthcoming). So, create/import articles as normal, using the form “Forum:Page Title” and the “GO” button. You can use threaded discussion, blog-style...


this is an archive, or bottle, of prior water cooler talk... wiki-forums- Here’s a topic: Do you think wiki’s are good for use to start a discussion forum, or not? The question came up recently on an ibiblio listserv, and I thought a wiki-app could be better than Slashcode or Scoop, etc, at least for academic purposes or document...


is wikinfo dead?- Wow, Fred has made some radical changes very quickly over there! Besides his unethical, unwarranted freak out on me (Proteus, the one person who kept Wikinfo running smoothly for 3 years), he totally botched a questionable regrade back to MediaWiki (thus solidifying his ties to Jimbo's Borg, and killing the importing which made Wikinfo what it was). By making all the...

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