Yuexiu District

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Yuexiu District
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| official_name = 0.1em}}}}| other_name = District (China)>District| image_skyline = 自广州民间金融大厦俯拍 02.jpg| imagesize = Renmin Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Renmin Subdistrictframe=yestype=shapestroke-color=#000000frame-lat=23.137|frame-long=113.27}}| image_map1 = Administrative Division Guangzhou.png| mapsize1 = 200px#009999border=1px solid #AAAAAA}}23.137type:adm3rd_region:CN-44|display=inline,title}}| subdivision_type = CountryChina>People's Republic of ChinaProvinces of China>Province| subdivision_name1 = Guangdong| subdivision_type2 = Sub-provincial city| subdivision_name2 = Guangzhou| area_total_km2 = 32.82| elevation_m = | population_total = 1,146,500ACCESSDATE=13 FEBRUARY 2014, zh, | population_density_km2 = autoChina Standard Time>China Standard| utc_offset = +8Postal code of China>Postal code| postal_code = 510030| area_code = 020weblink}}}}

Yuexiu District is one of 11 urban districts of the prefecture-level city of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, China, located west of the Tianhe District and east of the Liwan District. It is the commercial, political and cultural centre of GuangdongDongshan and noted for its high quality education.weblink {{zh icon}}Introduction of Education in Guangzhou in 2003 The Guangdong provincial government and the Guangzhou city government are both located in the Yuexiu District. Established in 1960, the district absorbed the former Dongshan District in May 2005 along with several former subdistricts of the Baiyun and Tianhe districtThree new districts established


Yuexiu is the historic center of the capital of the Nanyue Kingdom. Thirty-three years after the unification of Lingnan under Qin Shi Huang forced most of the Yue tribes out of Guangzhou, Yuexiu came under the administration of Panyu County in the Nanhai Commandery. Yuexiu District is named after Yuexiu Hill. Yuexiu was originally the seat of Panyu County until 15 February 1921 when Guangzhou was formally established carving parts of northern Panyu County to create Yuexiu along with Liwan which was eastern part of Nanhai County.Dongshan in the eastern part of Yuexiu was a former suburb of Guangzhou. It was established as "Dongshan District" in 1960. On 28 April 2005, it was withdrawn and merged with Yuexiu.

Administrative subdivisions

Yuexiu has administrative jurisdiction over the following 18 subdistricts{| class="wikitable"! Name !! Chinese (S) !! Hanyu Pinyin !! Canton Romanization !! Population (2010)BOOK, shi, Guo wu yuan ren kou pu cha ban gong, council, Guo jia tong ji ju ren kou he jiu ye tong ji si bian = Tabulation on the 2010 population census of the people's republic of China by township / compiled by Population census office under the state, population, Department of, statistics, employment statistics national bureau of, Zhongguo 2010 nian ren kou pu cha fen xiang, zhen, jie dao zi liao, 2012, Zhongguo tong ji chu ban she, Beijing Shi, 978-7-5037-6660-2, Di 1 ban., !! Area (km2)Baiyun Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Baiyun Subdistrict 白云街道 Báiyún Jiēdào bag6 wen4 gai1 dou6 46,768 3.08Beijing Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Beijing Subdistrict 北京街道 Běijīng Jiēdào beg1 ging1 gai1 dou6 53,135 0.51Dadong Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Dadong Subdistrict 大东街道 Dàdōng Jiēdào dai6 dung1 gai1 dou6 83,491 1.02Datang Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Datang Subdistrict 大塘街道 Dàtáng Jiēdào dai6 tong4 gai1 dou6 46,124 1.06Dengfeng Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Dengfeng Subdistrict 登峰街道 Dēngfēng Jiēdào deng1 fung1 gai1 dou6 92,218 4.98Dongshan Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Dongshan Subdistrict 东山街道 Dōngshān Jiēdào dung1 san1 gai1 dou6 74,299 2.30Guangta Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Guangta Subdistrict 光塔街道 Guāngtǎ Jiēdào guong1 tab3 gai1 dou6 68,128 0.44Hongqiao Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Hongqiao Subdistrict 洪桥街道 Hóngqiáo Jiēdào hung4 kiu4 gai1 dou6 42,258 1.52Huale Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Huale Subdistrict 华乐街道 Huálè Jiēdào wa4 log6 gai1 dou6 47,126 1.28Huanghuagang Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Huanghuagang Subdistrict 黄花岗街道 Huánghuāgāng Jiēdào wong4 fa1 gong1 gai1 dou6 99,569 4.43Jianshe Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Jianshe Subdistrict 建设街道 Jiànshè Jiēdào gin3 qid3 gai1 dou6 52,110 0.93Kuangquan Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Kuangquan Subdistrict 矿泉街道 Kuàngquán Jiēdào kong3 qun4 gai1 dou6 90,036 3.01Liuhua Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Liuhua Subdistrict 流花街道 Liúhuā Jiēdào leo4 fa1 gai1 dou6 17,253 1.81Liurong Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Liurong Subdistrict 六榕街道 Liùróng Jiēdào lug6 yung4 gai1 dou6 83,996 0.87Meihuacun Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Meihuacun Subdistrict 梅花村街道 Méihuācūn Jiēdào mui4 fa1 qun1 gai1 dou6 85,400 1.73Nonglin Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Nonglin Subdistrict 农林街道 Nónglín Jiēdào nung4 lem4 gai1 dou6 50,152 1.08Renmin Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Renmin Subdistrict 人民街道 Rénmín Jiēdào yen4 men4 gai1 dou6 69,274 1.51Zhuguang Subdistrict, Guangzhou>Zhuguang Subdistrict 珠光街道 Zhūguāng Jiēdào ju1 guong1 gai1 dou6 56,329 0.93


The Guangdong Department of Education is headquartered in Yuexiu District.WEB,weblink 关于我们, Guangdong Province Department of Education, 2019-07-10, 地址:广州市东风东路723号 邮编:510080,


Creative Power Entertaining is headquartered in the Wuzi Building {{#tag:ref|{{zh|first=s|s=物资大厦|t=物資大廈|p=Wùzī Dàshà|j=mat6 zi1 daai6 haa6|labels=no}}|group=note}} in the Yuexiu District."Contact {{webarchive |url= |date=18 August 2011 }}." Creative Power Entertaining. Retrieved on November 12, 2012. "13A No.12 Wuzi Block, Beijiaochangheng Road,guangzhou, GD China Zip: 510050""联系我们 {{webarchive |url= |date=4 August 2012 }}." Creative Power Entertaining. Retrieved on November 12, 2012. "中国广州市越秀区北较场横路12号物资大厦13A"The Mainland China offices of Dairy Farm Group are located at the Guangdong Mechanical Sub-Building {{#tag:ref|{{zh|first=s|s=广东机械大厦|t=廣東機械大廈|p=Guǎngdōng Jīxiè Dàshà|j=gwong2 dung1 gei1 haai6 daai6 haa6|labels=no}}|group=note}} in the district."Our Offices." Dairy Farm International. Retrieved on October 2, 2016. "Guangdong Sai Yi Convenience Stores Ltd (7-Eleven South China)3/F Guangdong Mechanical Sub-Building, 185 Yue Hua Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou 510030[...]Mannings Guangdong Retail Company Ltd2/F Guangdong Mechanical Main-Building, 185 Yue Hua Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou 510030" - Address in Traditional Chinese: "廣東賽壹便利店有限公司(華南七 ‧ 十一)廣州市越秀區越華路185號 廣東機械大廈副樓3樓[...]廣東萬寧連鎖商業有限公司廣州市越秀區越華路185號 廣東機械大廈主樓2樓" Address in Simplified Chinese: "广东赛壹便利店有限公司(华南七 ‧ 十一)广州市越秀区越华路185号 广东机械大厦副楼3楼[...]广东万宁连锁商业有限公司广州市越秀区越华路185号 广东机械大厦主楼2楼"



Yuexiu is currently served by four metro lines operated by the Guangzhou Metro:


{{expand section|date=September 2016}}The American International School of Guangzhou elementary school campus is on Ersha Island in the district."Contact Us." American International School of Guangzhou. Retrieved on September 16, 2016. "Ersha Island Campus (Preschool-Gr.5): Address: No. 3 Yan Yu Street South, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, PR China, 510105 广州市越秀区二沙岛烟雨南街3号" - Detailed map (Archive)Previously the École Française Internationale de Canton, the French international school of Guangzhou, was located at the GoldArch Riverdale{{#tag:ref|{{zh|first=s|s=金亚花园|t=金亞花園|p=Jīnyà Huāyuán|j=gam1 aa3 faa1 jyun4*2|labels=no}}|group=note}} development on Ersha Island.weblink" title="">Home. École Française Internationale de Canton. May 26, 2003. Retrieved on September 16, 2016. "-Adresse: GoldArch Riverdale - Île d'Er Sha - GUANGZHOU/P.R.C " - {{webarchive |url=*weblink |date=* |title=Chinese address }}: "中国广州二沙岛金亚花园内"

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