William Russell (actor)

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William Russell (actor)
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| other_names = Russell Enoch| occupation = Actor| television = Doctor WhoDoctor Who Companion (Doctor Who)>companion| birth_place = Sunderland, County Durham, EnglandBalbina Gutierrez}} (divorced)Etheline Margareth Lewis| children = Alfred Enoch (born 1988)| years_active = 1940–present}}William Russell Enoch (born 19 November 1924),Births, Marriages & Deaths Index of England & Wales, 1916-2005.; at better known as William Russell, is an English actor. He played the role of companion Ian Chesterton in Doctor Who, from the show's first episode in 1963 until 1965.

Doctor Who

In 1963 he was cast in Doctor Who as the Doctor's first male companion, science teacher Ian Chesterton, appearing in most episodes of the first two seasons of the programme.Russell was one of the four original cast members of Doctor Who, starring opposite William Hartnell as the Doctor, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright, Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman and later Maureen O'Brien as Vicki. His first involvement in the series took the form of the untransmitted pilot episode, which was eventually reshot and broadcast as "An Unearthly Child". He eventually departed, alongside Hill, in the penultimate story of the second season, The Chase.Russell has continued his association with Doctor Who, having lent his voice as a narrator to several of the audiobook releases of the lost 1960s episodes. He appeared in The Game, one of the continuing Doctor Who audio stories produced by Big Finish. He has also recorded readings for some of the CD audio adaptations of Doctor Who story novelisations originally published by Target Books.In the late 1990s Russell returned to the role of Ian for the VHS release of the story The Crusade, of which the second and fourth episodes are lost. He recorded several in-character scenes to camera, which helped to bridge the gap between the existing episodes.Russell has also contributed to the Doctor Who DVD range, having participated in several audio commentaries and on-screen interviews since 2002.In 2013, the BBC produced An Adventure in Space and Time, a docudrama depicting the creation and early days of Doctor Who, as part of the programme's fiftieth anniversary celebrations. Russell appeared as a character in the drama, portrayed by actor Jamie Glover.NEWS,weblink An Adventure in Space and Time: Jamie Glover to play William Russell, Chuck, Foster, Doctor Who News, 8 February 2013, 8 February 2013, Russell also had a cameo role in An Adventure in Space and Time playing a BBC Commissionaire (security guard) named Harry.NEWS,weblink An Adventure in Space and Time: William Russell, Chuck, Foster, Doctor Who News, 9 February 2013, 9 February 2013, The same year, Russell portrayed both Ian and the First Doctor in the Big Finish audio play The Light at the End, produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Personal life

On 2 December 1988, Russell and his second wife, Etheline Margareth Lewis NEWS,weblink What Harry Potter's Alfred Enoch got up to next, Evening Standard, 2018-10-11, en-GB, , had their first child Alfred Enoch, when he was 64 years old. Alfred is now an actor, known for portraying Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter film series and Wes Gibbins in the ABC legal drama How to Get Away with Murder.



Russell appeared in British films from 1950 onwards, appearing in well-known productions such as They Who Dare (1954), One Good Turn (1955), The Man Who Never Was (1956) and The Great Escape (1963). Later, he had minor roles in Terror (1978), Superman (1978) and Death Watch (1979) with Harvey Keitel and Harry Dean Stanton.{| class="wikitable sortable"! Year! Title! Role! NotesGod Gave Him a Dog>|UncreditedVirginia (1941 film)>VirginiaLoaferUncreditedGift Horse (film)>Gift HorseCrewmanAs Russell Enoch1953Appointment in LondonRAF OfficerUncreditedIntimate Relations (1953 film)>Intimate RelationsMichaelAs Enoch RussellMalta Story>|UncreditedThe Saint's Return>|As Russell Enoch1954They Who DareLieut. Tom PooleAs Russell EnochThe Gay Dog>|As Russell Enoch1955''One Good Turn (1955 film)''>|Above Us the Waves (film)>Above Us the WavesRamseyThe Man Who Never Was>|The Big Chance (1957 British film)>The Big ChanceBill AndersonThe Adventures of Hal 5>|The Share Out>|1963''Return to Sender (1963 film)''>|The Great Escape (film)>The Great EscapeSorren1978''Terror (1978 film)''>|Superman (1978 film)>Superman8th ElderDeath Watch>|As William Russel(Mark Gertler: Fragments of a Biography (1981 film)>Mark Gertler: Fragments of a Biography)Roger FryThe Kill-Off>|Deadly Manor>|Mob Queen>|


His big break was the title role in The Adventures of Sir Lancelot on ITV in 1956. Russell has acted in many plays and TV series including Disraeli, Testament of Youth and the part of Ted Sullivan, the short-lived second husband of Rita Sullivan in Coronation Street. He also had a small part in an episode of The Black Adder, as a late replacement for Wilfrid Brambell, who had become impatient with delays to his scene and left the set before shooting it, and appeared as the Duke of Gloucester in the Robin of Sherwood episode "The Pretender". Other roles include Lanscombe in an episode of the 2005 series of Agatha Christie's Poirot ("After the Funeral").{| class="wikitable sortable"! Year! Title! Role! NotesSt. Ives (TV series)>St. IvesSt. Ives6 episodes1956Theatre Royal (TV series)Theatre Royal>|Episode: "The Assassin"Assignment Foreign Legion>|Episode: "The Ghost"The Adventures of Aggie>|Episode: "Hypertension"The Adventures of Sir Lancelot>|30 episodes1957Nicholas Nickleby (TV Serial)Nicholas Nickleby10 episodesSword of Freedom>|Episode: "The Strange Intruder"1959Armchair TheatreEpisode: "The Girl on the Beach"Tales From Dickens>|3 episodesBBC Sunday-Night Play>|Summer Theatre: The Devil's GeneralTwentieth Century Theatre: The Elder StatesmanTwentieth Century Theatre: I Have Been Here BeforeTwentieth Century Theatre: The Fanatics1961Hamlet (TV Serial)Hamlet5 episodesTriton>|Edgar Wallace Mysteries>The Edgar Wallace Mystery TheatreMike Stafford / Mike Cochrane2 episodes1963Drama 61-67Mick LambertEpisode: "Drama 63: Somebody's Dying"Jane Eyre>|2 episodesSuspense>|Episode: "The Patch Card"Doctor Who>|77 episodesBreaking Point>|5 episodesThis Man Craig>|3 episodesDr. Finlay's Casebook (TV and radio)>Dr. Finlay's CasebookNevilleWho Made You?1969DetectiveBill CartwrightEpisode: "And So to Murder"Parkin's Patch>|Episode: "No Friendship For Coppers"Buggins' Ermine>|Harriet's Back in Town>|90 episodesITV Playhouse>|3 episodes1974Justice (1971 TV series)Justice>|Episode: "Point of Death"Father Brown (1974 TV series)>Father BrownReverend Wilfred BohunEpisode: "The Hammer of God"Whodunnit?>|Episode: "A Piece of Cake: Christmas Special"1975The Hanged Man (TV series)The Hanged Man>|Episode: "Knave of Coins"The Main Chance>|Episode: "We're the Bosses Now"Against The Crowd>|Episode: "Bread and Circuses"The Doll>|Episode: "#1.2"Three Men in a Boat>|TV MovieCrown Court (TV series)>Crown CourtEdward Birkland /Robert Aldrich2 episodesVan der Valk (TV series)>Van der ValkKees RokinAccidental1978BBC2 Play of the WeekLord FolkstoneChapmanHeadmasterFearless FrankDisraeli (TV serial)>DisraeliWyndham Lewis2 episodesParables>|Episode: "A Gental Rain"Strangers (1978 TV series)>StrangersBamford HarkerEpisode: "Accidental Death"1979''Testament of Youth (TV series)''>|Episode: "Buxton 1913"Shoestring (TV series)>ShoestringDavid CarnPrivate EarSpearhead (TV series)>SpearheadMr. Dickson B.F.SEpisode: "Repercussions"1980MackenzieFrancis Hammond2 episodesArmchair Thriller>|Episode: "Dead Man's Kit: Part 1"Play for Today>|Episode: "Instant Enlightenment Including V.A.T."The Professionals (TV series)>The ProfessionalsCharles HollyEpisode: "Involvement"The Black Adder>|Episode: "The Archbishop"Robin of Sherwood>|Episode: "The Pretender"The Four Minute Mile>|Boon (TV series)>BoonJohn LoseleyEpisode: "Tales from the River Bank"Coronation Street>|46 episodes1995The AffairDr. HastingsTV FilmCasualty (TV series)>CasualtyMo MeredrewEpisode: "Halfway House"Great Performances>|Heartbeat (UK TV series)>HeartbeatGabriel FirthEpisode: "Gabriel's Last Stand"Agatha Christie: Poirot)LanscombeEpisode: "After the Funeral"An Adventure in Space and Time>|WEB,weblink William Russell, IMDb, 4 December 2017,


Russell has played a number of roles in theatre with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and in the opening season of the Globe Theatre. In the 1980s, while a member of the Actors' Touring Company, he used the stage name Russell Enoch; on leaving the company he reverted to the name William Russell.



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