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| region_served = EuropeList of men's national association football teams#UEFA (Europe)>55 full member associationsFIRST=WEBSITE=UEFA.COM, 7 July 2018, List of Presidents of UEFA>PresidentAleksander ČeferinHTTP://WWW.UEFA.ORG/ABOUT-UEFA/ORGANISATION/CONGRESS/NEWS/NEWSID=2403250.HTMLPUBLISHER=UEFA, 14 September 2016, | leader_title2 = First vice-presidentKarl-Erik Nilsson (referee)>Karl-Erik Nilsson| leader_title3 = Vice-presidentsSándor Csányi (banker)>Sándor CsányiLuis RubialesFernando GomesMichele Uva| leader_title4 = General secretary| leader_name4 = Theodore Theodoridis| main_organ = UEFA Congress| parent_organization =}}}}{{FIFA confederations}}The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA {{IPAc-en|j|uː|ˈ|eɪ|f|ə}} {{respell|yoo|AY|fə}}; ;{{efn|{{IPA-fr|ynjɔ̃ dez‿asɔsjasjɔ̃ øʁɔpeɛn də futbol|pron}}.}} ){{efn|{{IPA-de|fɛɐ̯ˈʔaɪnɪɡʊŋ ɔʏʁoˈpɛːɪʃɐ ˈfuːsbalfɛɐ̯ˌbɛndə|pron}}.}} is the administrative body for association football, futsal and beach soccer in Europe, although several member states are primarily or entirely located in Asia. It is one of six continental confederations of world football's governing body FIFA. UEFA consists of 55 national association members.UEFA represents the national football associations of Europe, runs nation and club competitions including the UEFA European Championship, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup, and controls the prize money, regulations, and media rights to those competitions.Henri Delaunay was the first general secretary and Ebbe Schwartz the first president. The current president is Aleksander Čeferin, a former Football Association of Slovenia president, who was elected as UEFA's seventh president at the 12th Extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens in September 2016, and automatically became a vice-president of the world body FIFA.WEB,weblink President - About UEFA - Inside UEFA –,,, 7 July 2018,

History and membership

{{unreferenced section|date=June 2017}}File:Siège UEFA Nyon (Suisse).JPG|thumb|UEFA headquarters in NyonNyonUEFA was founded on 15 June 1954 in Basel, Switzerland after consultation between the Italian, French, and Belgian associations.NEWS,weblink 1954-80 - History - About UEFA - Inside UEFA –,, 2 January 2014,, 15 May 2018, en, The European football union began with 25 members; that number doubled by the early 1990s as new associations were born out of the fragmentation of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia into their constituent states. Until 1959 the main headquarters were located in Paris, and later in Bern. In 1995, UEFA headquarters were transferred to Nyon, Switzerland.UEFA membership coincides for the most part with recognition as a sovereign country in Europe, although there are some exceptions. Some states (Monaco and Vatican City) are not members. Some UEFA members are not sovereign states, but form part of a larger recognised sovereign state in the context of international law. These include Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales (countries of the United Kingdom), Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory), the Faroe Islands (autonomous country within Denmark), and Kosovo (disputed territory and partially recognised state), however in the context of these countries government functions concerning sport tend to be carried at the territorial level coterminous with the UEFA member entity.Some UEFA members are transcontinental states (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Russia) and others are considered part of Europe both culturally and politically (Armenia and Cyprus). Countries which had been members of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) were also admitted to the European football association, particularly Israel (because it had been banned from the AFC group in 1974) and Kazakhstan. Additionally some UEFA member associations allow teams from outside their association's main territory to take part in their "domestic" competition. AS Monaco, for example, takes part in the French League (though a separate sovereign entity); Welsh clubs Cardiff City, Swansea City and Newport County A.F.C. participate in the English League; Derry City, situated in Northern Ireland, plays in the Republic of Ireland-based League of Ireland and the 7 native Liechtensteinian teams play in the Swiss Leagues.{{clear}}

Members{|class"wikitable sortable hlist" style"text-align:center; font-size:95%"

! {{abbr|Code|FIFA country code}} !! Association !! class="unsortable"|National teams !! Founded !! FIFAaffiliation !! UEFAaffiliation {{fbaAlbania| 1954 {{fbaAndorra| 1996 {{fbaArmenia| 1992 {{fbaAustria| 1954 {{fbaAzerbaijan| 1994 {{fbaBelarus| 1993 {{fbaBelgium| 1954 {{fbaBosnia and Herzegovina| 1998 {{fbaBulgaria| 1954 {{fbaCroatia| 1993 {{fbaCyprus| 1962 {{fbaCzech Republic| 1954 {{fbaDenmark| 1954 {{fbaEngland| 1954 {{fbaEstonia| 1992 {{fbaFaroe Islands| 1990 {{fbaFinland| 1954 {{fbaFranceComité Français Interfédéral in 1907, a predecessor to the current federation. >Comité Français Interfédéral), replaced the Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques>USFSA in 1907. 1954 {{fbaGeorgia| 1992 {{fbaGermany| 1954 {{fbaGibraltar| 2013 {{fbaGreece| 1954 {{fbaHungary| 1954 {{fbaIceland| 1954 {{fbaForeign relations of Israel and International recognition of Israel. >Israel| 1994Israel had been an associated member of UEFA since 1992, therefore Israeli clubs were entitled to take part in the 1992–93 and 1993–94 UEFA club competitions despite Israel not being a full UEFA member. {{fbaItaly| 1954 {{fbaKazakhstan| 2002{{fbaKosovo| 2016 {{fbaLatvia| 1992 {{fbaLiechtenstein| 1974 {{fbaLithuania| 1992 {{fbaLuxembourg| 1954 {{fbaMalta| 1960 {{fbaMoldova| 1993 {{fbaMontenegro| 2007 {{fbaNetherlands| 1954 {{fbaNorth Macedonia| 1994 {{fbaNorthern Ireland| 1954 {{fbaNorway| 1954 {{fbaPolandZwiązek Polski Piłki Nożnej (part of the disintegrated Austrian Football Union) in 1911, a predecessor to the current federation. >| 1954 {{fbaPortugal| 1954 {{fbaRepublic of Ireland| 1954 {{fbaRomania| 1954 {{fbaRussia| 1954 {{fbaSan Marino| 1988 {{fbaScotland| 1954 {{fbaSerbia| 1954 {{fbaSlovakia| 1993 {{fbaSlovenia| 1992 {{fbaSpain| 1954 {{fbaSweden| 1954 {{fbaSwitzerland| 1954 {{fbaTurkey| 1962 {{fbaUkraine| 1992 {{fbaWales| 1954

Former members


There are five European states that have national teams that are not affiliated with UEFA or FIFA.
  • {{fb|Greenland}}, which is expected to apply for membership in UEFA and FIFA in the near future.NEWS,weblink Danish FA supports Greenland's bid to join UEFA, FIFA, Homewood, Brian, U.K., 2018-08-03, en-GB,
  • {{fb|Guernsey}}
  • {{fb|Isle of Man}}
  • {{fb|Jersey}}, whose membership application was rejected by UEFA in 2018WEB,weblink Jersey: Uefa congress rejects application to become international football nation, 26 February 2018, 20 October 2018,,
  • {{fb|Monaco}}, the only independent state on this list


UEFA runs official international competitions in Europe and some countries of Northern, Southwestern and Central Asia for national teams and professional clubs, known as UEFA competitions, some of which are regarded as the world's most prestigious tournaments.


The UEFA is the organiser of two of the most prestigious competitions in international football: The UEFA European Championship and the UEFA Nations League. The main competition for men's national teams is the UEFA European Championship, started in 1958, with the first finals in 1960, and known as the European Nations Cup until 1964. It is also called UEFA or the EURO. The UEFA Nations League is the second tournament of the UEFA and was introduced in 2018. The tournament largely replaced the international friendly matches previously played on the FIFA International Match Calendar. It will be played every two years.UEFA also runs national competitions at Under-21, Under-19 and Under-17 levels. For women's national teams, UEFA operates the UEFA Women's Championship for senior national sides as well as Women's Under-19 and Women's Under-17 Championships.UEFA also organised the UEFA–CAF Meridian Cup with CAF for youth teams in an effort to boost youth football. UEFA launched the UEFA Regions' Cup, for semi-professional teams representing their local region, in 1999. In futsal there is the UEFA Futsal Championship and UEFA Futsal Under-21 Championship. Despite the existence of UEFA's Futsal and Beach soccer committee, UEFA does not organise any beach soccer competitions. International and club beach soccer competitions for UEFA members are organised externally by Beach Soccer Worldwide.The Italian, German, Spanish, French and RussianIncluding results of the Soviet Union men's national teams are the sole teams to have won the European football championship in all categories.


(File:UEFA Members 2016.svg|thumb|upright=1.7|UEFA member countries by club competition entry entitlements, 2009/10)The top-ranked UEFA competition is the UEFA Champions League, which started in the 1992/93 season and gathers the top 1–4 teams of each country's league (the number of teams depend on that country's ranking and can be upgraded or downgraded); this competition was re-structured from a previous one that only gathered the top team of each country (held from 1955 to 1992 and known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup or simply the European Cup).A second, lower-ranked competition is the UEFA Europa League. This competition, for national knockout cup winners and high-placed league teams, was launched by UEFA in 1971 as a successor of both the former UEFA Cup and the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (also begun in 1955). A third competition, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, which had started in 1960, was absorbed into the UEFA Cup (now UEFA Europa League) in 1999.In December 2018, UEFA announced the creation of a third club competition, with a working title of Europa League 2 (UEL2). The competition would feature 32 teams directly in 8 groups of 4, with a knockout round between the second placed teams in UEL2 and the third placed teams in the Europa League, leading to a final 16 knockout stage featuring the eight group winners. UEFA announced that the first edition of the competition begins in 2021 Europa League 2 to begin in 2021, from women's football UEFA also conducts the UEFA Women's Champions League for club teams. The competition was first held in 2001, and known as the UEFA Women's Cup until 2009.The UEFA Super Cup pits the winners of the Champions League against the winners of the Europa League (previously the winners of the Cup Winners' Cup), and came into being in 1973.WEB,weblink History of the UEFA Super Cup,, 21 August 2006, WEB,weblink 1973: Ajax enjoy early success,, 5 January 2016, WEB,weblink – UEFA Cup Winners' Cup,, yes,weblink" title="">weblink 3 May 2010, The UEFA Intertoto Cup was a summer competition, previously operated by several Central European football associations, which was relaunched and recognised as official UEFA club competition by UEFA in 1995.WEB,weblink History of the UEFA Intertoto Cup,, 14 August 2009, yes,weblink" title="">weblink 8 December 2013, dmy-all, The last Intertoto Cup took place in 2008.The European/South American Cup was jointly organised with CONMEBOL between the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores winners.WEB,weblink History of the UEFA/CONMEBOL Intercontinental Cup,, 14 August 2009, yes,weblink" title="">weblink 8 December 2013, dmy-all, Only five teamsWEB, Spanish,weblink Un dilema histórico, El Mundo Deportivo's Historical Archive, 23 September 2003, WEB,weblink Edición del $dateTool.format('EEEE d MMMM yyyy', $, Página $ - Hemeroteca -, (Juventus, Ajax, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and ChelseaChelsea qualified for Europa League's Round of 32 after finished in third place in the group stage of the 2012–13 Champions League.) have won each of the three main competitions (European Cup/UEFA Champions League, European Cup Winners' Cup/UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League),WEB,weblink The man with the golden touch,, 27 August 2004, a feat that is no longer possible for any team that did not win the Cup Winners' Cup. There are currently eight teams throughout Europe that have won two of the three trophies; all but one have won the Cup Winners' Cup, four require a win in the Champions League and four require a UEFA Europa League win.Juventus of Italy was the first team in Europe—remaining the only one to date (2019)—to win all UEFA's official championships and cupsWEB,weblink List of European official clubs' cups and tournaments,, 21 August 2006, and, in commemoration of achieving that feat, have received The UEFA Plaque by the Union of European Football Associations on 12 July 1988.NEWS, Spanish,weblink Sorteo de las competiciones europeas de fútbol: el Fram de Reykjavic, primer adversario del F.C. Barcelona en la Recopa, La Vanguardia, PDF, 53, 13 July 1988, 15 November 2009, WEB,weblink Tutto inizio' con un po' di poesia,, UEFA's premier futsal competition is the UEFA Futsal Cup, a tournament started in 2001 which replaced the former Futsal European Clubs Championship. This event, despite enjoying a long and well-established tradition in the European futsal community, dating back to 1984, was never recognised as official by UEFA.

UEFA competitions

{{col-start}}{{col-break}}Clubs: Defunct {{col-break}}National teams: {{col-break}}Intercontinental:Defunct {{col-break}}Amateur: Defunct {{col-end}}">

Title holders{| class"wikitable sortable"

!Competitions!Champions!Title!Runners-up!Next edition!colspan=5|Clubs| UEFA Champions LeagueENG}} Liverpool| 6thENG}} Tottenham Hotspur2019–20 UEFA Champions League>2019–20| UEFA Europa LeagueENG}} Chelsea| 2ndENG}} Arsenal2019–20 UEFA Europa League>2019–20| UEFA Super CupENG}} Liverpool| 4thENG}} Chelsea2020 UEFA Super Cup>2020| UEFA Youth LeaguePOR}} Porto| 1stENG}} Chelsea2019–20 UEFA Youth League>2019–20| UEFA Futsal Champions LeaguePOR}} Sporting CP| 1stKAZ}} AFC Kairat2019–20 UEFA Futsal Champions League>2019–20| UEFA Women's Champions LeagueFRA}} Lyon| 6thESP}} Barcelona2019–20 UEFA Women's Champions League>2019–20! colspan="5" |Nations Men| UEFA European ChampionshipPOR}}| 1stFRA}}UEFA Euro 2020>2020 {{small|(June–July)}}| UEFA Nations LeaguePOR}}| 1stNED}}2020–21 UEFA Nations League>2020–21 {{small|(Sep.–June)}}UEFA European Under-21 Championship>UEFA European U-21 Championship21|ESP}}| 5th21|GER}}2021 UEFA European Under-21 Championship>2021 {{small|(June)}}UEFA European Under-19 Championship>UEFA European U-19 Championship19|ESP}}| 11th19|POR}}2020 UEFA European Under-19 Championship>2020 {{small|(July)}}UEFA European Under-17 Championship>UEFA European U-17 Championship17|NED}}| 4th17|ITA}}2020 UEFA European Under-17 Championship>2020 {{small|(May)}}| UEFA Futsal ChampionshipPOR}} Portugal| 1stESP}} SpainUEFA Futsal Euro 2022>2022| UEFA Under-19 Futsal Championship| vacant| {{n/a}}| vacant2019 UEFA Under-19 Futsal Championship>2019 {{small|(Sep.)}}| Euro Beach Soccer LeagueITA}}| 2ndESP}}2019 Euro Beach Soccer League>2019!colspan=5|Nations Women| UEFA Women's ChampionshipNED}}| 1stDEN}} UEFA Women's Euro 2021>2021 {{small|(July)}}UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship>UEFA Women's U-19 Championship19|FRA}}| 5th19|GER}}2020 UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship>2020 {{small|(July)}}UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship>UEFA Women's U-17 Championship17|GER}}| 7th17|NED}}2020 UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship>2020 {{small|(May)}}| UEFA Women's Futsal ChampionshipESP}} Spain| 1stPOR}} Portugal| 2021

Titles by nation

{| class="wikitable sortable" style="font-size:90%"!rowspan=2|Nation!colspan=5|Men!colspan=3|Women!colspan=2|Futsal!rowspan=2|Total!Euro!League!U21!U19!U17!Euro!U19!U17!Men's!Women'salign=center{{Flagu| 43align=center{{FlaguIncluding East Germany and West Germany.}} 3 - 2 6 3 8 6 7 - - 35align=center{{Flagu|18 align="center"{{Flagu|15 align="center"{{FlaguIncluding the Soviet Union.}} 1 - 2 6 3 - 1 - 1 - 14 align="center"{{Flagu|13align=center{{Flagu| 13align=center{{Flagu| 9align=center{{Flagu| 5 align="center"{{FlaguIncluding Czechoslovakia.}} 1 - 1 1 1 - - - - - 4 align="center"{{FlaguIncluding Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.}}>|4align=center{{Flagu| 3 align="center"{{Flagu|3 align="center"{{Flagu|3align=center{{Flagu| 3align=center{{Flagu| 2align=center{{Flagu| 2align=center{{Flagu| 2align=center{{flagu| 2align=center{{Flagu| 1align=center{{Flagu| 1align=center{{Flagu| 1align=center{{Flagu| 1align=center{{Flagu| 1{{notelist-ua}}

National team rankings

Highest Ranked UEFA memberin the men's FIFA World Rankings{{FIFA World Ranking leaders (UEFA)}}
  • Last updates:
    • Men's national teams – 25 July 2019WEB,weblink The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking - Ranking Table - European Zone -,, 2 July 2018,
    • Women's national teams – 12 July 2019WEB,weblink The FIFA Women's World Ranking - European Zone -,, 17 July 2019, {| class="wikitable"
! colspan=4 |Top men's national teamsRankings are calculated by FIFA.!—! colspan=4 |Top women's national teamsRankings are calculated by FIFA. style="text-align:center;"|Points|1|1BEL}}|1746||1|2GER}}|2059|2|3FRA}}|1718||2|3NED}}|2037|3|4ENG}}|1652||3|4FRA}}|2029|4|6POR}}|1631||4|5ENG}}|2027|5|7CRO}}|1625||5|6SWE}}|2021|6|9ESP}}|1617||6|12NOR}}|1917|7|11SUI}}|1605||7|13ESP}}|1899|8|13DEN}}|1589||8|14ITA}}|1891|9|15GER}}|1582||9|15DEN}}|1839|10|15ITA}}|1569||10|17ISL}}|1822|10|15NED}}|1569||11|18SUI}}|1815|12|18SWE}}|1558||12|19BEL}}|1813|13|20POL}}|1550||13|21AUT}}|1793|14|24WAL}}|1514||14|22SCO}}|1791|15|25UKR}}|1513||15|24UKR}}|1708|16|27AUT}}|1498||16|25RUS}}|1704|17|28ROU}}|1497||17|28CZE}}|1679|18|29NIR}}|1496||18|29POL}}|1675|19|31SVK}}|1491||19|30POR}}|1671|20|32IRL}}|1489||20|31FIN}}|1668|21|35SRB}}|1477||21|32WAL}}|1667|22|36ISL}}|1473||22|33IRL}}|1666|23|37TUR}}|1467||23|42ROU}}|1548|24|42BIH}}|1453||24|43SRB}}|1546|25|43CZE}}|1448||25|45HUN}}|1525|26|45HUN}}|1442||26|47SVK}}|1500|27|46RUS}}|1436||27|51SVN}}|1453|28|48SCO}}|1433||28|54BLR}}|1446|29|50NOR}}|1429||29|55CRO}}|1440|30|54GRE}}|1403||30|59NIR}}|1420|31|55MNE}}|1401||31|62TUR}}|1412|32|57FIN}}|1394||32|64ISR}}|1392|33|60BUL}}|1388||33|65GRE}}|1376|34|63SVN}}|1363||34|67BIH}}|1371|35|64ALB}}|1362||35|73KAZ}}|1349|36|71MKD}}|1333||36|77AZE}}|1345|37|84ISR}}|1286||37|78ALB}}|1326|37|84BLR}}|1286||38|79BUL}}|1303|39|91LUX}}|1265||39|85FRO}}|1272|40|93CYP}}|1258||40|93LVA}}|1228|41|94GEO}}|1255||41|96MDA}}|1219|42|98ARM}}|1230||42|98MNE}}|1217|43|100EST}}|1228||43|99EST}}|1212|44|108FRO}}|1200||44|102MLT}}|1192|45|109AZE}}|1188||45|106LTU}}|1172|46|112KAZ}}|1174||46|112GEO}}|1143|47|120KOS}}|1149||47|113LUX}}|1134|48|130LTU}}|1101||48|117CYP}}|1123|49|134LVA}}|1086||49|126KVX}}|1059|50|136AND}}|1082||50|127MKD}}|1053|51|171MDA}}|985||51|156AND}}|749|52|181MLT}}|939||||||53|182LIE}}|922||||||54|198GIB}}|893||||||55|211SMR}}|839|||||
  • – Inactive for more than 18 months and therefore not ranked.

National team in World Cups

  • {{bg|gold|1st}} – Champions
  • {{bg|silver|2nd}} – Runners-up
  • {{bg|CFAA88| 3rd }} – Third placeThere was no Third Place match in 1930; The United States and Yugoslavia lost in the semi-finals. FIFA recognizes the United States as the third-placed team and Yugoslavia as the fourth-placed team using the overall records of the teams in the 1930 FIFA World Cup.
  • {{bg|9acdff|4th}} – Fourth place
  • QF – Quarterfinals
  • R16 – Round of 16 (since 1986: knockout round of 16)
  • R2 – Second round (for the 1974, 1978, and 1982 tournaments, which had two group stages)
  • R1 – Group stage (in the 1950, 1974, 1978, and 1982 tournaments, which had two group stages, this refers to the first group stage)
  • 1S – First Knockout Stage (1934–1938 Single-elimination tournament)
  • {{border|width=1px|color=gray| â€¢ }} – Did not qualify
  • {{border|width=1px|color=gray| Ã— }} – Did not enter / Withdrew / Banned
  • {{border|width=3px|color=red|   }} â€“ Hosts

Men{| class"wikitable" style"text-align: center"

! Team!1930 (13)!1934 (16)!1938 (15)!1950 (13)!1954 (16)!1958 (16)!1962 (16)!1966 (16)!1970 (16)!1974 (16)!1978 (16)!1982 (24)!1986 (24)!1990 (24)!1994 (24)!1998 (32)!2002 (32)!2006 (32)!2010 (32)!2014 (32)!2018 (32) {{fb|AUT}}4th ×Austria qualified in 1938, but withdrew to play as part of Germany after being Anschluss.>3rd R1{{small7th}} R2{{smallT-18th}} • R1{{small|• {{fb|BEL}}11th}} R1{{small13th}} × R1{{smallT-10th}}•• R2{{small 4th R16{{small11th}} R1{{small14th}} •• QF{{small3rd {{fb|BIH}} Part of Yugoslavia ו••••20th}} • {{fb|BUL}}15th}} R1{{small13th}} R1{{small15th}} •bgcolor=#9acdff29th}} ••••• {{fb|CRO}} Part of Yugoslavia × bgcolor=#cc996623rd}} R1{{small19th}} bgcolor=silver| 2nd {{fbRussia national football team>Russia succeeds the Soviet Union national football team, the national team of Serbia national football team>Serbia succeeds Yugoslavia national football team/Serbia and Montenegro national football team>Serbia and Montenegro, the national team of Czech Republic national football team succeeds Czechoslovakia national football team>Czechoslovakia, and the national team of Germany succeeds West Germany and East Germany. 2nd QF{{small14th}} R1{{small 2nd • R1{{small19th}} • QF{{small20th}} ••• {{fb|DEN}}9th}} •• QF{{small10th}} • R1{{small11th}} {{fb|GDR}} Part of Germany ×ו••• R2{{small Part of Germany {{fb|ENG}}8th}} QF{{small11th}} QF{{small 1st QF{{small6th}} QF{{small4th • R16{{small6th}} QF{{small13th}} R1{{small4th {{fb|FRA}}7th}} R1{{small QF{{small11th}} bgcolor=#cc9966T-13th}} •• R1{{small 4th bgcolor=#cc9966 1st R1{{small 2nd R1{{small7th}} bgcolor=gold| 1st {{fb|GER}} 3rd R1{{small 1st bgcolor=#9acdff7th}} bgcolor=silver 3rd bgcolor=gold style="border: 3px solid red"6th}} bgcolor=silver 2nd bgcolor=gold5th}} QF{{small 2nd style="border: 3px solid red" bgcolor=#cc9966 3rd bgcolor=gold22nd}} {{fb|GRE}}24th}} ••• R1{{small13th}} • {{fb|HUN}}6th}} bgcolor=silver 2nd R1{{small5th}} QF{{small15th}} R1{{small18th}} •••••••• {{fb|ISL}}28th}} {{fbLand of Israel>Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) in 1934 and in 1938, with a team consisting exclusively of Jewish and British footballers from the Palestine Mandate.12th}} •••••••••••• {{fb|ITA}} 1st bgcolor=gold7th}} R1{{small9th}} R1{{small 2nd R1{{small 4th bgcolor=gold12th}} style="border: 3px solid red" bgcolor=#cc9966 2nd QF{{small15th}} bgcolor=gold26th}} 22nd}} • {{fb|NED}}T-9th}} R1{{small2nd bgcolor=silver15th}} QF{{small 4th • R16{{small 2nd bgcolor=#cc9966|• {{fb|NIR}}8th}} ••••• R2{{small21st}} •••••••• {{fb|NOR}}12th}} ו••••••••• R1{{small15th}} ••••• {{fb|POL}}11th}} ×ו•••bgcolor=#cc99665th}} bgcolor=#cc996614th}} ••• R1{{small21st}} •• R1{{small|25th}} {{fb|POR}} 3rd •••• R1{{small21st}} bgcolor=#9acdff11th}} R1{{small13th}} {{fbRepublic of Ireland national football team>Republic of Ireland competed as the Irish Free State in 1934 and then as Ireland in 1938 and 1950.8th}} R16{{small12th}} •••• {{fb|ROU}}8th}} R1{{small9th}} ו••• R1{{small12th}} QF{{small11th}} ••••• {{fb2018 FIFA World Cup>2018. However, FIFA considers Russia as the successor team of the USSR.7th}} QF{{small 4th QF{{small7th}} R16{{small17th}} R1{{small22nd}} •• R1{{small QF{{small|8th}} {{fb|SCO}}15th}} R1{{small9th}} R1{{small15th}} R1{{smallT-18th}} • R1{{small|• {{fb|SRB}} 4thThere was no official World Cup Third Place match in 1930; The USA and Yugoslavia lost in the semi-finals. Currently, FIFA recognizes USA as the third-placed team and Yugoslavia as the fourth-placed team, using the overall records of the teams in the 1930 FIFA World Cup. •• R1{{small7th}} QF{{small 4th •• R2{{small16th}} • QF{{small10th}} • R1{{small23rd}} • R1{{small|23rd}} {{fb|SVK}} Part of Czechoslovakia ••• R16{{small|• {{fb|SVN}} Part of Yugoslavia ו R1{{small18th}} •• {{fb|ESP}}5th}}×bgcolor=#9acdff12th}} R1{{small10th}} style="border: 3px solid red"12th}} QF{{small10th}} QF{{small17th}} QF{{small9th}} bgcolor=gold23rd}} R16{{small|10th}} {{fb|SWE}}8th}} bgcolor=#9acdff 3rd •style="border: 3px solid red" bgcolor=silver9th}} R2{{small13th}} •• R1{{small 3rd • R16{{small14th}} •• QF{{small|7th}} {{fb|SUI}}7th}} QF{{small6th}} style="border: 3px solid red"8th}}• R1{{small16th}} •••••• R16{{small10th}} R1{{small11th}} R16{{small|14th}} {{fb|TUR}}9th}} ו•••••••••bgcolor=#cc9966|• {{fb|UKR}} Part of Soviet Union ו• QF{{small|• {{fb|WAL}}6th}} ••••••••••••••• Total 4 12 13 6 12 12 10 10 9 9 10 14 14 14 13 15 15 14 13 13 13 | 14Notes{{reflist |group=wc}}">

Women{| class"wikitable" style"text-align:center"

!Team!{{Flagicon|China}}1991(12)!{{Flagicon|Sweden}}1995(12)!{{Flagicon|USA}}1999(16)!{{Flagicon|USA}}2003(16)!{{Flagicon|China}}2007(16)!{{Flagicon|Germany}}2011(16)!{{Flagicon|Canada}}2015(24)!{{Flagicon|France}}2019(24) {{fbw|DEN}} 7th}} QF{{small15th}} • R2{{small| • style="background:#f4f4f4" {{fbw|ENG}}6th}} • • QF{{small7th}} bgcolor=#cc9966 4th {{fbw|FRA}}9th}} • bgcolor=#9acdff5th}} style="border:3px solid red"}} style="background:#f4f4f4" {{fbw|GER}}4th bgcolor=silver8th}} bgcolor=gold1st style="border:3px solid red"6th}} bgcolor=#9acdff}} {{fbw|ITA}}6th}} • R2{{small}} style="background:#f4f4f4" {{fbw|NED}}13th}} bgcolor=silver|2nd style="background:#f4f4f4" {{fbw|NOR}}2nd bgcolor=gold4th QF{{small4th R2{{small10th}} QF{{small|}} {{fbw|RUS}}5th}} QF{{small| • {{fbw|SCO}}}} style="background:#f4f4f4" {{fbw|ESP}}20th}} R2{{small|}} {{fbw|SWE}}3rd style="border:3px solid red"5th}} QF{{small2nd R2{{small3rd R2 {{small3rd style="background:#f4f4f4" {{fbw|SUI}}15th}} •


Against associations

  • {{flagicon|Lithuania}} Lithuania, in 1990 sanctions were imposed due to secession of Lithuanian Football Federation from the Football Federation of Soviet Union
  • {{flagicon|FR Yugoslavia}} FR Yugoslavia, in 1992-1998 sanctions were imposed due to the Bosnian War (as part of Yugoslav Wars)

Against clubs

  • {{flagicon|Albania}} Albania, in 1967 special sanctions were imposed against 1966–67 Albanian Superliga due to its political background
  • {{flagicon|England}} England, in 1985-1991 sanctions were imposed against English association football clubs due to the Heysel Stadium disaster by suspending their participation in continental competitions for five years
  • {{flagicon|Italy}} Italy, in 1974-1975 sanctions were imposed against SS Lazio due to its fans, Italy was restricted from the European Cup to which Lazio qualified
  • {{flagicon|Netherlands}} Netherlands, in 1991-1992 sanctions were imposed against AFC Ajax due to its fans, the Netherlands were restricted from the European Cup to which Ajax qualified

Corruption and controversy

Dissatisfied fans across Europe have referred to the organisation as UEFA mafia, including in Russia's top league,WEB,weblink Inter Milan v Napoli as it happened, BBC Sport, 19 October 2014, 1 April 2016, in Bulgaria's top league,WEB,weblink Why Uefa and Bulgaria must act over ‘yes to racism’ banner, The Guardian, 7 October 2014, 1 April 2016, and in a Champions League group stage match held in Sweden.WEB,weblink Malmo fans sing 'UEFA Mafia' chant during Champions League defeat to Juventus, Eurosport, 27 November 2014, 1 April 2016, The term has also been covered for its use outside of stadiums, for example during a protest in Kosovo outside an EU building following the Serbia v Albania (UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying) match.WEB,weblink Kosovo Albanians protest UEFA ruling; Serbia FM and Serbian FA reaction, Associated Press, 24 October 2014, 1 April 2016, Following the 2015 FIFA corruption case, the current president of UEFA, Michel Platini, was also involved himself in the case. Swiss prosecutors accuse FIFA president Sepp Blatter of making a "disloyal payment" of $2m (£1.6m) to Mr Platini. Swiss attorney general, Michael Lauber, stated: "We didn't interview Mr Platini as a witness, that's not true. We investigated against him in between as a witness and an accused person".WEB, Fifa scandal: Michel Platini drawn closer to Blatter case,weblink, 30 September 2015, 30 September 2015, WEB, Platini says the SFr2m was contracted, Lauber says he is under investigation,weblink, 30 September 2015, 30 September 2015, Both Platini and Sepp Blatter are currently under formal investigation by FIFA's independent ethics committee.{{cn|date=January 2018}} On 8 October 2015, Platini was provisionally suspended for 90 days from any football-related activity.WEB,weblink Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini & Jerome Valcke suspended, 8 October 2015, BBC Sport, 8 October 2015, In 2019 UEFA's decision to host Europa League Cup final in Baku, Azerbaijan left one of the finalists, Arsenal, with a decision to withdraw their Armenian player Henrikh Mkhitaryan out of the competition due to safety concerns.WEB,weblink Henrikh Mkhitaryan to miss Europa League final,, en, 2019-05-21,

Executive Committee

{{col-start}}{{col-break}}President Vice-presidents Members {{col-break}}General secretary Deputy general secretary
  • {{flagicon|ITA}} Giorgio Marchetti
  • {{flagicon|England}} David GillWEB,weblink Football Confederations - UEFA -,,,
Head of club competitions
  • Michael Heselschwerdt
Head of national competitions
  • Lance Kelly


UEFA Champions League:
{{col-start}}{{col-break}} {{col-break}} {{col-end}}{{small|Note: The UEFA Champions League sponsors are also sponsors of the UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Women's Champions League and the UEFA Youth League (excluding Heineken, which is replaced by EA Sports´s FIFA).}}
UEFA Europa League:
{{col-start}}{{col-break}} {{col-break}} {{col-end}}
UEFA national team competitons:
{{col-start}}{{col-break}} {{col-break}}
  • HisenseWEB,weblink Hisense signs as UEFA EURO 2016 global sponsor, 14 January 2016,,
  • Socar
  • VolkswagenWEB,weblink Volkswagen becomes new UEFA national team football competitions partner, 9 August 2017,,

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{{col-start}}{{col-break}}Awards: {{col-break}}Qualifications: {{col-break}}Match: {{col-end}}

Financial fair play

UEFA coefficient

UEFA presidents

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