Telegram & Gazette

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Telegram & Gazette
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{{short description|Newspaper in Worcester, Massachusetts}}

| ISSN = 1050-4184weblink}}}}The Telegram & Gazette (and Sunday Telegram) is the only daily newspaper of Worcester, Massachusetts. The paper, headquartered at 100 Front Street and known locally as the Telegram or the T & G, offers coverage of all of Worcester County, as well as surrounding areas of the western suburbs of Boston, Western Massachusetts, and several towns in Windham County in northeastern Connecticut.The ownership corporation, Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corp., was a wholly owned subsidiary of The New York Times Company (publisher of The New York Times and The Boston Globe) from 2000 to 2013. In 2013, the New York Times Company sold both the T & G and the Globe to John W. Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, although Henry told staff at the Worcester paper he intended to sell it as soon as possible.NEWS, John Henry says he will sell Telegram & Gazette, Beth, Healy,weblink The Boston Globe, blog, November 26, 2013, December 3, 2013, In 2014, Henry sold the paper to Halifax Media Group.NEWS, Sutner, Shaun, Halifax Media of Florida to buy Telegram & Gazette, Telegram & Gazette, 2014-06-13, 2014-05-21,weblink In 2015, Halifax was acquired by New Media Investment Group.New Media Announces Agreement to Acquire Halifax Media Group for $280.0 Million {{Webarchive|url= |date=2016-03-07 }}


On January 22, 1913, the Worcester Telegram ran a story ("Thorpe with Professional Baseball Team Says Clancy"), soon picked up by other papers, that led to Jim Thorpe being stripped of his 1912 Olympic titles, medals and awards.Golus, Carrie. "Jim Thorpe." Twenty First Century Books, 2008: Minneapolis, p. 71.Until the 1980s, two papers—the Worcester Telegram in the morning and the Evening Gazette in the afternoon—were published by the same company, with separate editorial staffs in some departments. The two were merged into a single Telegram & Gazette upon their acquisition{{dispute inline|date=May 2018|reason=Library of Congress catalogs Worcester Telegram as "Worcester, Mass. : Telegram Newspaper Co., 1888–1989"}} by Chronicle Publishing Company, publishers of the San Francisco Chronicle, in 1986. The Chronicle sold the Telegram & Gazette to The New York Times Company in 1999.The paper's previous owners also owned Worcester radio station WTAG until selling it after the newspapers were divested, in 1987.In 2018, owner GateHouse Media acquired Holden Landmark Corporation, owner of the alternative weekly Worcester Magazine.WEB, GateHouse Media buys Holden Landmark Corporation, Worcester Magazine, 2019-06-07,weblink


  • 1999: 107,400WEB,weblink TIMES CO. PURCHASE OF PAPER RECEIVES NEWSROOM ACCOLADES Telegram & Gazette staff's relief may fade under new owner, October 25, 1999, The Free Library, Hoover's, July 1, 2013,
  • 2012: 74,563 (weekday){{Citation needed|date=July 2019}}
  • 2018: 22,400 (weekday)

Sections and features

(File:100 Front Street - Worcester, Massachusetts.JPG|thumb|left|Headquarters at 100 Front Street)The weekday Telegram contains national, state and local news, as well as sports, business, and a feature stories. On Thursdays an entertainment supplement, Go, is inserted in the paper highlighting local artists and events in the area. On Fridays the C-section includes hyperlocal news stories. There are two "metro columns" written by Dianne Williamson and Clive McFarlane on alternate days. The paper's regular reporters also contribute regular or occasional columns with names such as "Barnestorming", "City Hall Notebook", "Politics and the City", etc. The local news section also includes local news stories and obituaries.All editorials and letters to the editor appear in the regional opinion and op-ed pages of the main news section.The Sunday Telegram includes the county's largest classified ad listings, Business Matters section, News, Local and Editorial pages, Living and Homes, and Cars sections, a tabloid-sized comic section and an in-house created Arts, Culture and Travel Section, which replaced similar sections that used to be reprinted in full from The Boston Globe.The Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corporation owns Coulter Press, which publishes several weekly newspapers in suburban towns northeast and east of Worcester. The Telegram staff also produces Worcester Living (formerly Worcester Quarterly), a local lifestyle magazine. Before their sale to Community Newspaper Company in 1993, the T&G also owned the Hudson Sun and Marlboro Enterprise daily newspapers and Beacon Communications Corporation weekly newspapers in western Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


  • NEWS, Sit, Mary, February 10, 1989, Publisher resigns at Worcester paper; 'Irreversible difference' in philosophy cited, The Boston Globe, Economy section, p. 21,

Further reading

  • NEWS, Fall 2014, Mohl, Bruce, The man who lied to Worcester, CommonWealth Magazine, 3 May 2018, 15 November 2014,weblink

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