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SnipSnap is a mobile coupon app founded in Philadelphia that allows users to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon, which can be redeemed in store. The app scans the text, images, logos, and barcodes within the coupon photograph in order to parse out all of the structured coupon content dynamically. The app uses some of this information to power features such as expiration-date reminders, location-based notifications (utilizing the store name, as well as the location of the phone), and scanable barcodes.NEWS, SnipSnap Coupon App for iPhone Review,weblink iMoreaccessdate=1 July 2013, Leanna Lofte, 15 May 2012, The app is currently available for iOS (iPhone and iPod Touch only) and Android devices.SnipSnap is a mobile coupon application that allows users to take a photograph of a printed coupon in order to find or create a mobile coupon, which can later be redeemed at the register. The app scans the images, logos, and barcodes of the original coupon in order to recreate a mobile coupon, similar to what consumers would find printed in a store advertisement. This app is currently available for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPod Touch only). SnipSnap also allows users to report if a coupon was accepted in store or not, which creates a success score rating for each stored coupon on the app. The vast majority of the coupons are shared by SnipSnap users. However, not every coupon can be redeemed successfully due to differing store coupon policies and/or the inability of a store’s point of sale hardware to scan the mobile barcode. SnipSnap does not currently work with manufacturer coupons, but the company is in the process of accepting those types coupons inside the app. SnipSnap surpassed 1 million users in June 2013 and saw over 20 million coupons snipped in its first year. SnipSnap makes money through both targeted and affiliate offers. Depending on your past habits and SnipSnap’s partnerships, companies, like Babies ‘R Us, can push coupons that look just like any other user-clipped coupon. For every “snip” of one of these coupons that results in an actual purchase, SnipSnap will get a kickback.NEWS, SnipSnap: couponing app has 1,500 downloads in one week, big plans for the future,weblink Technically Philly, Technically Media, 1 July 2013, Yael Borofsky, 1 May 2012, According to Mobile Commerce Daily, SnipSnap also works with retailers to manage location-based and "geo-conquesting" campaigns. The company has also begun promoting coupon content outside of its mobile apps, and via third-party social media sites, mobile aps, and ad networks. NEWS,weblink Mobile Commerce Daily, Napean LLC, 7 October 2013, Chantal Tode, 7 October 2013,


SnipSnap, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded by Ted Mann in September 2011, after Mann left his job at Gannett to start the company. It was incubated at DreamIt Ventures, a startup accelerator program in Philadelphiaweblink It has investors that include venture capital firm MentorTech Ventures, as well as Michael G. Rubin (co-founder of GSI Commerce).NEWS, Battlefield Startup SnipSnap Sees Over 1M Coupons Clipped, Locks Up $900K In Funding,weblink TechCrunch, AOL, Inc., 1 July 2013, Chris Velazco, 22 June 2012, The company has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. In November 2013, Valpak announced a partnership to syndicate all of its coupon content to SnipSnap. NEWS, Valpak® Local Coupons Now Add Strength to Crowd-Sourced SnipSnap App
work= PRNewswire accessdate=5 November 2013, 5 November 2013,

Media coverage

SnipSnap won a MediaPost Appy award for the Best Finance App of 2013,WEB, Appy Awards 2013 Winners,weblink Appy Awards 2013, MediaPost, 1 July 2013, and the award for Best Shopping App of 2013 by, Readers Choice 2013 Awards,weblink, 1 July 2013, The app was featured on the Katie Couric and Dave Ramsey shows in May 2013.,WEB, Secrets of the Supershoppers,weblink Katie, KAC Productions LLC, 1 July 2013, 22 May 2013, WEB, 5 Couponing Apps to Help You Save Money,weblink, Lampo Licensing, LLC, 1 July 2013,

Awards and Accolades

  • MediaPost Appy Award for the Best Finance App of 2013WEB,weblink MediaPost Appy Award, MediaPost, 4 July 2013,
  • Best Shopping App of 2013WEB,weblink Best Shopping App of 2013,, 4 July 2013,
  • TechCrunch Disrupt FinalistWEB,weblink TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist, TechCrunch, 4 July 2013,
  • Winner of Switch 3 Startup demo competition.WEB,weblink SnipSnap Coupon App wins Switch 3 Startup demo competition, couponcodeslady, 1 September 2013,



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