Simone Kleinsma

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Simone Kleinsma
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{{BLP sources|date=April 2009}}(File:Simone Kleinsma.png|thumb|300px|Simone Kleinsma in 1979)Simone Kleinsma (born 8 May 1958) is an award-winning musical theatre actress in the Netherlands.

Personal life

On 5 June 1990, Simone married Guus Verstraete, a Dutch television director.


Simone provided voice over work to numerous major animated films; including The Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2, Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove, Esmé Holgert in Babe and (Babe: Pig in the City), Georgette in Oliver and Company and An American Tail.Kleinsma performs on regularly base with pianists (most often Cor Bakker or Tony Eyk) or orchestra. As an actress she became known for her part in the TV-hit series 'Kees & co' (aired from 1997 - 2006 at RTL Broadcasting). She played Kees Heistee, mother of Anne (Amber Teterissa) and Rudie (Robin Tjon Pian Gi) and married to Ben Heistee (Rik Hoogendoorn). In 1996-1997 she presented the cooking program 'Koken met Cas'.

Theater{| class"wikitable"

! Production/Show! year(s)! role| Niemand weet, niemand Weet, dat ik Repelsteeltje heet| 1977–1978| soloist next to Gerard Cox
| De Steilewandrace| 1978–1979| soloist next to Gerard Cox
Maskerade (musical)>Maskerade| 1979–1980| Truitje and various other parts
| Amerika Amerika| 1981–1992| Fanny Jansen
Evenaar (musical)>Evenaar| 1983–1984| Claartje van Dijk
| Publiek| 1986–1987| Tet
| André van Duin Revue; 100 jaar Carré| 1987–1989| A variety of roles next to André van Duin, Frans van Dusschoten & Hans Otjes
| Sweet Charity| 1989–1991| Charity Hope Valentine
Les Misérables (musical)#Musical>Les Misérables| 1991| Madame Thérnadier
| Funny Girl| 1991–1992| Fanny Brice
| Simone & Friends| 1992–1993| Variety of roles. With Stanley Burleson, Perry Dossett, Yolanda Germain & Xandra van Saarloos
| (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)| 1993–1994| Mrs. Nellie Lovett
| Hoera, we zijn normaal| 1996–1997| Soloist next to Anne-Mieke Ruyten, Serge-Henri Valcke, Marjol Flore, Marc Krone & Bas Groenenberg
| Joe, de musical| 1997| Katie Johnson
Chicago (musical)>Chicago| 1999–2001| Roxie Hart
| Musicals in Concert| 2001–2002| Soloist next to Henk Poort, Danny de Munk/ Rolf Koster, Esther Pierweijer/ Claudia de Graaf
| Musicals in Ahoy'- All Star Musical Gala| 2002| Soloist
| Fosse - Song & Dance Spectacular| 2002–2003| Soloist next to Pia Douwes and Stanley Burleson
Mamma Mia! (musical)>Mamma Mia!| 2003–2005| Donna Sheridan
| Musicals in Ahoy' II - Musical Meets Movie| 2004| Soloist
| Simone Sings Doris Day - In concert (broadcast for television)| 2004| Soloist. With Carlo Boszhard, Stanley Burleson, Tony Neef en Cor Bakker
| One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest| 2006| Nurse Mildred Ratched
| Aan het Einde van de Regenboog (At the End of the Rainbow)| 2007| Judy Garland
Sunset Boulevard (musical)>Sunset Boulevard| 2008–2009| Norma Desmond
| Simone Kleinsma: Songs from the Heart| 2008 en 2009-2010| Soloist next to Joost de Jong & Daan Wijnands
| Sondheim in Songs| 2010| Soloist next to Stanley Burleson, Céline Purcell & Freek Bartels
| Simone Kleinsma: Songbook| 2010–2011| Soloist. With Rolf Koster & Gino Emnes
| Next to Normal| 2012| Diana
Sister Act (musical)>Sister Act| 2013| Mother Superior

Television{| class"wikitable"

! Program! year(s)! Broadcaster! remark(s)| Voorbij, Voorbij (Televisionfilm)| 1979|| Part: Guide
| Spreuken (songs)| 1979|| Singer next to Joost Prinsen
| De Taalstraat: Ik heb u lief mijn Nederlands| 1979–1982
Teleac (broadcaster)>Teleac| Singer with Gerard Cox, Carry Tefsen and Piet Hendriks
| Een vlucht regenwulpen (film)| 1981|| Part: laboratory Janny
| Zeg 'ns Aaa| Episode 29, 1982
Omroepvereniging VARA>VARA| Guestpart: Klushulp
| Zoals U enst, mevrouw| 1984
Omroepvereniging VARA>VARA| Guestpart. Musical comedy with André Hazes, Carry Tefsen, Yvonne Valkenburg en Joost Prinsen
| Als ik later groot ben..!| 1984| KRO| Musical for children because of Childrenbook week 1984. Part: Teacher (next to Marnix Kappers)
| Een avond met André| 1985
Omroepvereniging VARA>VARA| Guest. Muzical show rondom André Hazes
| Wedden, dat..?| 1986–1987| AVRO
Fred Butter, Hans van der Woude (acteur)>Hans van der Woude & Lucie de Lange. Televisieshow met Jos Brink & Sandra Reemer.
| De Ep Oorklep Show| 1987| TROS| Variety of different parts with André van Duin, Frans van Dusschoten and Lucie de Lange
| Kinderen voor Kinderen 8| 1987
Omroepvereniging VARA>VARA| Hostess/singer with Ron Brandsteder
| Simone & Friends (televisieshow)| 1988|| soloist
| Simone's Kerstshow| 1990| RTL 4| Variety of different parts with André van Duin en Henk Poort
| Gouden televizier Ring Gala 1992| 1992| AVRO| Guest appearance with Paul de Leeuw (as monsiuer and madame Thérnadier)
| Mijn dochter en ik| 1994| RTL 4| Guestappearance: cleaning lady
| Vrienden voor het leven| 1994| RTL 4| Guest appearance: teacher at pregnancy therapy
| Wat schuift 't?| 1995| RTL 4| Guest appearance: Chantal (Episode Ingepakt en wegwezen)
| 30 minuten| 1995| VPRO| Guest appearance (Afl. 10: Rondom ons). Program written by and starring Arjan Ederveen
| Parodie Parade| 1996–1997| RTL 4| Soloist next to Anne-Mieke Ruyten and Robert Paul. Television show with Ron Brandsteder.
| Koken met Cas| 1996–1997| SBS 6| Hostess (Cookingprogramm with chefcook Cas Spijkers)
Baantjer (policeserie)>Baantjer| 2002| RTL 4| Guest appearance Annemarie Spijkers/Sandra Kottman (Episode ''De Cock en het lijk in de kast)
| Kees & Co| 1997-2006| RTL 4| Main part: Kees Heistee (A remake from 2point4 children).
| Villa Felderhof| 2001| NCRV| Main guest with André Hazes. Talkshow from and presentes by Rik Felderhof.
| Junior Eurovisiesongfestival| 2006| AVRO| Juror
| In de hoofdrol| 2008| AVRO| Central Guest. Hosted by Frits Sissing
Dik Voormekaar Show (televisie)>Dik Voormekaar Show| 2009| TROS| Guest appearance. Television show with André van Duin and Ferry de Groot



{| class="wikitable"! Title! year(s)! |!! remark(s)
Met open ogen199527-01-19964612
''Sunset Boulevard (musical)''>Soundtrack Sunset Boulevard (musical)>Sunset Boulevard
Simone - Songs from the heart201009-01-2010285
Simone - Songbook201001-01-20112413


{| class="wikitable"! Title! year(s)! |!! remark(s)
Vanmorgen vloog ze nog198822-10-1988167 as Tsjechov (musical) / with Martine Bijl, Robert Paul & Robert Long (singer)>Robert Long / #15 in the Single Top 100
Zonder jou199523-12-1995316 with Paul de Leeuw / #3 in the Single Top 100
Tweestrijd199620-07-1996353 with Paul de Leeuw / #26 in the Single Top 100
Doe een wens199621-12-1996tip8- #79 in the Single Top 100
Uiteind'lijk vond ik jou199722-03-1997tip12- with Paul de Leeuw / #72 in the Single Top 100

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