Richard Meier

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Richard Meier
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| birth_place = Newark, New Jersey, U.S.| death_date = | death_place = | nationality = American| alma_mater = Cornell University| awards = Pritzker Prize (1984)AIA Gold Medal (1997)| practice = Richard Meier & Partners| significant_buildings = Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art City Hall and Central Library, The HagueGetty Center, Los Angeles| significant_projects = | significant_design =}}}}Richard Meier (born October 12, 1934) is an American abstract artist and architect, whose geometric designs make prominent use of the color white. A winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1984, Meier has designed several iconic buildings including the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and San Jose City Hall.

Early life

Meier was born to a Jewish family,Jewish Daily Forward: "Architect Richard Meier’s Jewish Inspirations" By Benjamin Ivry October 2, 2009Architectural Digest: "Q+A: ARCHITECT RICHARD MEIER" Interview by Henry Urbach - May 2013Jewish Currents: "A Golden Age of Jewish Architects" by Abbott Gorin{{Dead link|date=November 2018 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }} Spring 2015 the oldest of three sons of Carolyn (Kaltenbacher) and Jerome Meier, a wholesale wine and liquor salesman,Pranay Gupte (November 17, 2005), Lunch at The Four Seasons with: Richard Meier New York Sun. in Newark, New Jersey.Tempest, Rone. "America's Designs on Europe Top quality U.S. architectural firms, feeling the pinch at home, are finding work in Europe-and are snapping up some of the most sought-after projects.", Los Angeles Times, August 25, 1992. Accessed September 19, 2008. "When the Canal Plus building was under construction, Meier said he had 17 American staffers on the ground supervising the work. But the lopsided European proportion of his recent workload has concerned the silver-haired, Newark, N.J.-born architect." He grew up in nearby Maplewood,Hilarie M. Sheets (January 24, 2014), Architect Goes Home, to Recall and to Work New York Times. where he attended Columbia High School. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University in 1957.After graduating, Meier traveled to Israel, Greece, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, and Italy, among other places, to network with architects.Meier is also the second cousin of Peter Eisenman, an architect, theorist, and fellow member of The New York Five.


(File:Richard Meier (1986).jpg|thumb|Richard Meier (1986))In New York City, Meier worked for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill briefly in 1959, and then for Marcel Breuer for three years, prior to starting his own practice in 1963. In 1972, he was identified as one of The New York Five, a group of modernist architects: Meier, Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, and John Hejduk. Early in his career, Meier worked with artists such as painter Frank Stella and favored structures that were white and geometric.BOOK, Jodidio, Philip, Architecture: Art, 2005, Prestel Verlag, New York, 3-7913-3279-1, 138, Meier first gained significant recognition for his designs of various residences, in addition to The Atheneum in New Harmony, Indiana (1979) and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia (1983).(File:GettyCenterGarden031903.jpg|thumb|Getty Center)Although Meier was an acclaimed architect for many years, his design of the Getty Center, a massive museum complex in Los Angeles, California, which opened in 1997, catapulted him into mainstream recognition. Some of his other notable commissions include museums such as the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art in Spain (1995) and the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California (1996); The Hague, The Netherlands City Hall (1995) and San Jose City Hall (2007); commercial buildings such as the reconstruction of City Tower in Prague, Czech Republic (2008); and residential buildings such as 173 and 176 Perry Street in the West Village of Manhattan (2002) and Meier on Rothschild in Tel Aviv, Israel (2015).Today, Richard Meier & Partners Architects has offices in New York and Los Angeles, with projects ranging from China and Tel Aviv to Paris and Hamburg.Much of Meier's work builds on the work of architects of the early to mid-20th century, especially that of Le Corbusier, particularly his early work. Meier is considered to have built more using Corbusier's ideas than anyone, including Le Corbusier himself.NEWS,weblink Richard Meier {{!, American architect|work=Encyclopedia Britannica|access-date=2018-02-05|language=en}} Meier expanded many ideas evident in Le Corbusier's work, particularly the Villa Savoye and the Swiss Pavilion.His work also reflects the influences of other designers such as Mies Van der Rohe and, in some instances, Frank Lloyd Wright and Luis Barragán (without the colour){{Citation needed|date=April 2007}}. White has been used in many architectural landmark buildings throughout history, including cathedrals and the white-washed villages of the Mediterranean region, in Spain, southern Italy and Greece.The Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, included in his campaign platform a promise to tear down the large travertine wall of Meier's Ara Pacis.NEWS,weblink Rome mayor aims to tear down Richard Meier museum, Editorial, Reuters, U.K., 2018-02-01, en-GB, Alemmano has since changed his stance on the building and has agreed with Meier to modifications including drastically reducing the height of the wall between an open-air space outside the museum and a busy road along the Tiber river. The city plans to build a wide pedestrian area along the river and run the road underneath it. "It's an improvement," says Meier, adding that "the reason that wall was there has to do with traffic and noise. Once that is eliminated, the idea of opening the piazza to the river is a good one." The mayor’s office said Alemanno hopes to complete the project before the end of his term in 2013.weblink" title="">


In 1984, Meier was awarded the Pritzker Prize.WEB,weblink Richard Meier - The Pritzker Architecture Prize, April 6, 2010,weblink" title="">weblink January 10, 2010, yes, mdy-all, The jury citation declared that Meier has "created structures which are personal, vigorous, original."WEB,weblink Jury Citation: Richard Meier - The Pritzker Architecture Prize, In 2008, he won the gold medal in architecture from the Academy of Arts and Letters"Academy of Arts and Letters Announces Award Winners", Artinfo, April 17, 2008. accessdate=2008-05-19 and his work Jesolo Lido Village was awarded the Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building.Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2008 {{webarchive|url= |date=March 23, 2010 }} Meier is a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council.weblink" title="">Design Futures Council Senior Fellows He was awarded the AIA Gold Medal in 1997.WEB,weblink Gold Medal,, 2018-02-01, In 2013, he was awarded the A+ Lifetime Achievement Award.WEB,weblink Richard Meier: Architizer Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, In 2010, Cornell established a new professorship named for Meier.WEB,weblink New Richard Meier Professor of Architecture established - Cornell AAP, Paying tribute Meier on the occasion of his firm's 50th anniversary, the Fondazione Bisazza presented the exhibition “Richard Meier: Architecture and Design” in Vicenza, Italy.Ellie Stathaki (May 17, 2013), Richard Meier exhibition and installation at Fondazione Bisazza Wallpaper.In 2014, Meier opened a 15,000-square-foot exhibition space museum at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City. The space gathers much of his life’s work under one roof, and replaces a much smaller version that opened in 2007 in Long Island City, Queens, and that until 2013 was open only by appointment to students and tour groups. The new venue provides room to show his own sculptures, architectural drawings and collages for the first time, and is planned to include a research library.
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- 20041216getty06pano.jpg -
center|Getty Center.

Sexual harassment and resignation

On March 13, 2018, The New York Times detailed allegations from five women that Meier had sexually harassed or assaulted them. Meier responded by saying that he would take a leave of six months from his firm.NEWS,weblink 5 Women Accuse the Architect Richard Meier of Sexual Harassment, The New York Times, March 13, 2018, Robin Pogrebin, In response to the allegations and Meier's apology, his alma mater Cornell University declined his intended endowment of a named chair and instituted a review of his previous donations.NEWS, Hadley Keller,weblink Cornell Refuses Gift from Richard Meier, Architectural Digest, March 14, 2018, NEWS, Amy Frearson,weblink Cornell severs ties with Richard Meier following harassment claims, Dezeen, March 14, 2018, On April 6, 2018, an additional four women who formerly worked at Meier's architecture firm came forward with allegations against him. The most recent allegations dated to 2009.NEWS, Robin Pogrebin,weblink Women Say Richard Meier's Conduct Was Widely Known Yet Went Unchecked, New York Times, April 5, 2018, On October 9, 2018, the firm announced that his resignation was permanent.NEWS, Eleanor Gibson,weblink Richard Meier steps down following sexual harassment allegations, Dezeen, October 9, 2018,


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- Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.jpg -
Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
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- The Atheneum, New Harmony, Indiana, 1979.jpg -
The Atheneum in New Harmony, Indiana, United States.
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- MuseumTvRadio03.jpg -
Museum of Television and Radio, Beverly Hills, California
(File:High Museum of Art in Atlanta.jpg|thumb|High Museum of Art in Atlanta)(File:San Jose City Hall, From 4th Street.jpg|thumb|San Jose City Hall, from 4th Street)Major works by Meier include the High Museum in Atlanta, Meier on Rothschild, and On Prospect Park.



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