Pennine Alps

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Pennine Alps
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4512700type:mountain_region:CH_scale:100000display=inline}}| map_image=Alps locator map (Walliser Alpen).png| map_caption=Pennine Alps (red)}}The Pennine Alps (, , , ), also known as the Valais Alps, are a mountain range in the western part of the Alps. They are located in Switzerland (Valais) and Italy (Piedmont and the Aosta Valley).


The Italian side is drained by the rivers Dora Baltea, Sesia and Toce, tributaries of the Po. The Swiss side is drained by the Rhône.The Great St Bernard Tunnel, under the Great St Bernard Pass, leads from Martigny, Switzerland to Aosta.


The main chain (watershed between the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea) runs from west to east on the border between Italy (south) and Switzerland (north). From Mont Vélan, the first high summit east of St Bernard Pass, the chain rarely goes below 3000 metres and contains many four-thousanders such as Matterhorn or Monte Rosa. The valleys are quite similar on both side of the border, being generally oriented perpendicular to the main chain and descending progressively into the Rhône Valley on the north and the Aosta Valley on the south. Unlike many other mountain ranges, the higher peaks are often located outside the main chain and found themselves between the northern valleys (Grand Combin, Weisshorn, Mischabel, Weissmies).


{{See also|List of mountains in Switzerland}}File:2016 1129 KL1556 Monte Rosa Matterhorn.jpg|Aerial view of the Pennine Alps from a plane above Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco)File:MonteRosa004.jpg|Monte RosaFile:Matterhornnorth.jpg|Matterhorn (Cervino)The chief peaks of the Pennine Alps are:{{col-float|width=25em}}{| class="wikitable sortable"! align=left | Name! align=left | Height| Dufourspitze4634ftabbr=on}}| Dunantspitze4632ftabbr=on}}| Grenzgipfel4618ftabbr=on}}| Nordend4609ftabbr=on}}| Zumsteinspitze4563ftabbr=on}}| Signalkuppe4554ftabbr=on}}Dom (Mischabel)>Dom4545ftabbr=on}}| Liskamm4538ftabbr=on}}| Weisshorn4506ftabbr=on}}| Täschhorn4491ftabbr=on}}| Matterhorn4478ftabbr=on}}| Parrotspitze4432ftabbr=on}}| Dent Blanche4364ftabbr=on}}| Nadelhorn4327ftabbr=on}}| Grand Combin4314ftabbr=on}}| Lenzspitze4294ftabbr=on}}| Stecknadelhorn4241ftabbr=on}}Castor (Zwillinge)>Castor4230ftabbr=on}}| Zinalrothorn4223ftabbr=on}}| Hohberghorn4219ftabbr=on}}| Alphubel4206ftabbr=on}}| Rimpfischhorn4199ftabbr=on}}| Strahlhorn4190ftabbr=on}}| Dent d'Hérens4171ftabbr=on}}| Breithorn4164ftabbr=on}}| Bishorn4153ftabbr=on}}| Breithornzwillinge4139ftabbr=on}}Pollux (Zwillinge)>Pollux4092ftabbr=on}}| Ober Gabelhorn4073ftabbr=on}}| Dürrenhorn4035ftabbr=on}}| Allalinhorn4027ftabbr=on}}| Weissmies4031ftabbr=on}}| Lagginhorn4010ftabbr=on}}| Fletschhorn3993ftabbr=on}}| Adlerhorn3988ftabbr=on}}| Schalihorn3974ftabbr=on}}| Jägerhorn3970ftabbr=on}}| Grand Cornier3962ftabbr=on}}| Ulrichshorn3925ftabbr=on}}| Wellenkuppe3903ftabbr=on}}| Feechopf3888ftabbr=on}}| Klein Matterhorn3883ftabbr=on}}| Pointe du Mountet3877ftabbr=on}}| La Ruinette3879ftabbr=on}}{{col-float-break|width=25em}}{| class="wikitable sortable"! align=left | Name! align=left | Height| Mont Blanc de Cheilon3870ftabbr=on}}| Bouquetins3838ftabbr=on}}| Brunegghorn3833ftabbr=on}}| Tour de Boussine3833ftabbr=on}}| Cima di Jazzi3818ftabbr=on}}| Balfrin3802ftabbr=on}}| Pigne d'Arolla3796ftabbr=on}}| Mont Vélan3765ftabbr=on}}| Kinhorn3750ftabbr=on}}| Tête Blanche3750ftabbr=on}} | L'Évêque3738ftabbr=on}}| Le Pleureur3706ftabbr=on}}| Aiguille de la Tsa3668ftabbr=on}}Besso, Valais>Besso3667ftabbr=on}}| Mont Collon3637ftabbr=on}}| Les Diablons3605ftabbr=on}}| Le Ritord3556ftabbr=on}}| Dents de Bertol3547ftabbr=on}}Mont Gelé (Bagnes)>Mont Gelé3518ftabbr=on}}| Petite Aiguille3517ftabbr=on}}| Becca di Luseney3506ftabbr=on}}| Château des Dames3489ftabbr=on}}| Tällihorn3448ftabbr=on}}| Pigne de la Lé3396ftabbr=on}}| Grand Tournalin3379ftabbr=on}}| Rosablanche3348ftabbr=on}}| Wasuhorn3343ftabbr=on}}| Mont Avril3341ftabbr=on}}| Almagellhorn3327ftabbr=on}}| Grande Rochère3326ftabbr=on}}| Corno Bianco3320ftabbr=on}}| Testa Grigia3315ftabbr=on}}| La Cassorte3301ftabbr=on}}| Böshorn3268ftabbr=on}}| Le Parrain3259ftabbr=on}}| Sasseneire3259ftabbr=on}}| Bösentrift3248ftabbr=on}}| Festihorn3248ftabbr=on}}| Grand Golliat3240ftabbr=on}}| Jazzihorn3227ftabbr=on}}| Pizzo Bianco3216ftabbr=on}}| Mont de la Gouille3212ftabbr=on}}| Latelhorn3207ftabbr=on}}| Jegihorn3206ftabbr=on}}{{col-float-break|width=25em}}{| class="wikitable sortable"! align=left | Name! align=left | HeightSchwarzhorn (Mattertal)>Schwarzhorn3204ftabbr=on}}| Lammenhorn3190ftabbr=on}}| Gornergrat3136ftabbr=on}}| Pointe d'Ar Pitetta3133ftabbr=on}}| Frilihorn3124ftabbr=on}} | Mont Rogneux3084ftabbr=on}} | Le Boudri3070ftabbr=on}} | Mont Néry3070ftabbr=on}}| Seetalhorn3037ftabbr=on}}| Bella Tola3028ftabbr=on}}| Corno Bussola3023ftabbr=on}}| Le Toûno3018ftabbr=on}}| Sparruhorn2988ftabbr=on}}| Monte Tagliaferro2964ftabbr=on}}| Pointe de Barasson2963ftabbr=on}}| Riffelhorn2931ftabbr=on}}| Palanche de la Cretta2927ftabbr=on}}| Bec de la Montau2922ftabbr=on}}| Ochsehorn2912ftabbr=on}}| Signalhorn2911ftabbr=on}}| Sex de Marinda2906ftabbr=on}}| Aiguille des Angroniettes2885ftabbr=on}}| Balmahorn2870ftabbr=on}}| Roc d'Orzival2853ftabbr=on}}| Le Mourin2766ftabbr=on}}| Pletschuhorn2751ftabbr=on}}| Becca de Corbassière2749ftabbr=on}}| Cima del Rosso2624ftabbr=on}}| Wenghorn2587ftabbr=on}}Monte Bo>Cima di Bo2556ftabbr=on}}| Ergischhorn2526ftabbr=on}}| Glishorn2525ftabbr=on}}| Crêta de Vella2519ftabbr=on}}| Six Blanc2445ftabbr=on}}| Cima Verosso2444ftabbr=on}}| Guggilihorn2351ftabbr=on}}{{col-float-end}}


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- Weissmies.jpg -
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- GrandCombin3.jpg -
Grand Combin
Main glaciers:


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- Great St Bernard-700px.jpg -
Great St Bernard pass
The chief passes of the Pennine Alps are:EB1911, Alps, 1, 743, William Augustus Brevoort, Coolidge, {| style="border-collapse: collapse" class="wikitable sortable"! Mountain pass! location! type! colspan=2 | elevation| Sesiajoch| Zermatt to Alagna| snow| 4,424| 14,515| DomjochRanda, Switzerland>Randa to Saas-Fee| snow| 4,286| 14,062| Lisjoch| Zermatt to Gressoney-La-Trinité| snow| 4,277| 14,033| Mischabeljoch| Zermatt to Saas-Fee| snow| 3,856| 12,651| Alphubel Pass| Zermatt to Saas-Fee| snow| 3,802| 12,474| Adler Pass| Zermatt to Saas-Fee| snow| 3,798| 12,461| Moming Pass| Zermatt to Zinal| snow| 3,745| 12,287| SchwarztorAyas, Italy>Ayas| snow| 3,741| 12,274| Ried Pass| Sankt-Niklaus to Saas-Fee| snow| 3,597| 11,800| Neues Weisstor| Zermatt to Macugnaga| snow| 3,580| 11,746| Allalin Pass| Zermatt to Saas-Fee| snow| 3,570| 11,713| Col de Valpelline| Zermatt to Aosta| snow| 3,562| 11,687| Biesjoch| Randa to Turtmann| snow| 3,549| 11,644| Triftjoch| Zermatt to Zinal| snow| 3,540| 11,615| Col du Sonadon| Bourg-Saint-Pierre to the Val de Bagnes| snow| 3,489| 11,447| Col d'Herens| Zermatt to Evolène| snow| 3,480| 11,418| Col Durand| Zermatt to Zinal| snow| 3,474| 11,398| Col des Maisons Blanches| Bourg-Saint-Pierre to the Val de Bagnes| snow| 3,426| 11,241| Col de Bertol| Arolla to the Col d'Herens| snow| 3,414| 11,200| Col du Mont Rouge| Val de Bagnes to the Val d'Hérémence| snow| 3,341| 10,962Theodul Pass>Theodulpass| Zermatt to Valtournenche| snow| 3,322| 10,899| Col de Tracuit| Zinal to Turtmann| snow| 3,252| 10,670| Zwischbergen PassZwischbergen>Gondo| snow| 3,248| 10,657| Col d'OrenValpelline, Aosta Valley>Valpelline| snow| 3,242| 10,637| Col de Seilon| Val de Bagnes to the Val d'Hérémence| snow| 3,200| 10,499| Col du Cret| Val de Bagnes to the Val d'Hérémence| snow| 3,148| 10,329| Col de ValcourneraValpelline, Aosta Valley>Valpelline| snow| 3,147| 10,325| Col de Collon| Arolla to Aosta| snow| 3,130| 10,270| Col de Valsorey| Bourg-Saint-Pierre to Aosta| snow| 3,113| 10'214| Col de Chermontane| Val de Bagnes to Arolla| snow| 3084| 10,119| Cimes Blanches| Valtournenche to Ayas| bridle path| 2,980| 9,777| Col de Torrent| Evolène to the Val de Torrent| bridle path| 2,924| 9,593| Augstbord Pass| Sankt-Niklaus to Turtmann| bridle path| 2,893| 9,492| Col de Crête Sèche| Val de Bagnes to the Valpelline| snow| 2,888| 9,475| Col d'Olen| Alagna to Gressoney| bridle path| 2,871| 9,420| Monte Moro| Saas-Fee to Macugnaga| bridle path| 2,862| 9,390| Pas de Chevres| Arolla to the Val d'Hérémence| footpath| 2,851| 9,354| Antrona Pass| Saas-Fee to Antrona| bridle path| 2,844| 9,331| Col de Sorebois| Zinal to the Val de Torrent| bridle path| 2,825| 9,269| Col de Vessona| Valpelline to Nus| footpath| 2,794| 9,167| Fenêtre de Durand| Val de Bagnes to Aosta| bridle path| 2,786| 9,141| Z'Meiden Pass| Zinal to Turtmann| bridle path| 2,772| 9,095| Turlo Pass| Alagna to Macugnaga| footpath| 2,736| 8,977| Fenêtre de FerretGreat St. Bernard Pass>Great St Bernard to the Swiss Val Ferret| bridle path| 2,699| 8,855| Bettaforca PassHilary Sharp, Tour of Monte Rosa: A Trekker's Guide. (Bättforko)| Ayas to Gressoney-La-Trinité| bridle path| 2,676| 8,780| Col Serena| Great St Bernard to Morgex| footpath| 2,538| 8,327| Col Ferret| Courmayeur to Orsières| bridle path| 2,533| 8,311| Col de ValdobbiaValsesia>Val Sesia| bridle path| 2,479| 8,134Great St. Bernard Pass>Great St BernardMartigny, Switzerland>Martigny to Aosta| road| 2,472| 8,111| Col de Moud| Alagna to Rima| bridle path| 2,323| 7,622| Col d'Egua| Rima to the Valle Anzasca| bridle path| 2,236| 7,336| Simplon PassBrig, Switzerland>Brig to Domodossola| road| 2,009| 6,592| Bocchetta del Croso| Piedicavallo to Valsesia| bridle path| 1,941| 6,374| Baranca PassVarallo Sesia>Varallo to the Val Anzasca| bridle path| 1,820| 5,971

Nature conservation

Some regional nature parks, like the Parco Naturale Alta Valsesia (6,511 ha - Piedmont, IT),Parco Naturale Alta Valsesia site on (accessed in April 2012) the Riserva Naturale Mont Mars (390 ha - Aosta Valley, IT) Parco del Mont Avic park site on (accessed in April 2012) and the Regional park of Binn valley (15,891 ha - Valais, CH),Ein regionaler Naturpark, park site on (accessed in April 2012) have been established on both sides of the main water divide.

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