Patrologia Latina

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Patrologia Latina
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{{italic title}}The Patrologia Latina (Latin for The Latin Patrology) is an enormous collection of the writings of the Church Fathers and other ecclesiastical writers published by Jacques-Paul Migne between 1841 and 1855, with indices published between 1862 and 1865. It is also known as the Latin series as it formed one half of Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus, the other part being the Patrologia Graeco-Latina of patristic and medieval Greek works with their (sometimes non-matching) medieval Latin translations.Although consisting of reprints of old editions, which often contain mistakes and do not comply with modern standards of scholarship, the series, due to its availability (it is present in many academic libraries) and the fact that it incorporates many texts of which no modern critical edition is available, is still widely used by scholars of the Middle Ages and is in this respect comparable to the Monumenta Germaniae Historica.The Patrologia Latina includes Latin works spanning a millennium, from Tertullian (d. 230) to Pope Innocent III (d. 1216), edited in roughly chronological order in 217 volumes; volumes 1 to 73, from Tertullian to Gregory of Tours, were published from 1841 to 1849, and volumes 74 to 217, from Pope Gregory I to Innocent III, from 1849 to 1855. Although the collection ends with Innocent III,It includes some authors of the second quarter of the 13th century, such as John Halgren of Abbeville, and (exceptionally) John of Garland (died c. 1270) in volume 150, among authors of the 12th century.Migne originally wanted to include documents all the way up to the Reformation; this task proved too great, but some later commentaries or documents associated with earlier works were included.Most of the works are ecclesiastic in nature, but there are also documents of literary, historical or linguistic (such as the Gothic bible in vol. 18) interest.The printing plates for the Patrologia were destroyed by fire in 1868, but with help from the Garnier printing house they were restored and new editions were printed, beginning in the 1880s. These reprints did not always correspond exactly with the original series either in quality or internal arrangement, and caution should be exercised when referencing to the PL in general.See ProQuest – Central To Research Around The World

Table of contents

The Patrologia Latina contains authors of the 2nd to 13th centuries, in roughly chronological order, in 217 volumes:2nd–4th c.: 1–19;4th–5th c.: 20–63;5th–6th c.: 64–72;6th–7th c.: 74–88;7th–8th c.: 89–96;8th–9th c.: 97–130;9th/10th c.: 131–136;10th/11th c.: 137–149;11th/12th c.: 151–174;12th c.: 175–205;12th/13th c.: 206–217.{|class="wikitable"! Vol.!Authors
| Tertullianus
Minucius Felix, Pope Dionysius of Alexandria>Dionysius Alexandrinus, Pope Cornelius, Novatianus, Pope Stephen I>Stephanus I, Cyprian, Arnobius>Arnobius Afer, Commodianus Gazaeus
| Lactantius
Constantine I>Constantinus I, Victorinus Petavionensis
Hilary of Poitiers>Hilarius Pictaviensis
Zeno of Verona>Zeno Veronensis, Optatus Milevitanus
Eusebius of Vercelli>Eusebius Vercellensis, Firmicus Maternus
Pope Damasus I>Damasus, Pacianus, Lucifer Calaritanus
Ambrose of Milan>Ambrosius Mediolanensis
Ulfilas>Ulfilas Gothorum, Pope Symmachus, Martin of Tours>Martinus Turonensis, Tichonius
Juvencus, Coelius Sedulius>Sedulius Coelius, Publilius Optatianus Porfirius, Severus Rhetor, Faltonia Betitia Proba>Faltonia Proba
Sulpicius Severus, Paulinus Mediolanensis, Faustus Manichaeus, Pope Innocent I>Innocentius I, Aurelius Episcopus Carthaginensis
Tyrannius Rufinus>Rufinus Aquileiensis, Pelagius haeresiarcha
Jerome>Hieronymus Stridonensis
| Flavius Lucius Dexter, Paulus Orosius
Augustine of Hippo>Augustinus Hipponensis
| Marius Mercator
John Cassian>Joannes Cassianus
Prosper of Aquitaine>Prosper Aquitanus
Peter Chrysologus>Petrus Chrysologus
Claudianus Mamertus>Mamertus Claudianus, Salvian, Arnobius the Younger>Arnobius junior, Patricius Hiberniae
Pope Leo I>Leo I
Maximus of Turin>Maximus Taurinensis
Pope Hilarius>Hilarus papa, Pope Simplicius, Pope Felix III>Felix III
Pope Gelasius I>Gelasius I, Avitus of Vienne, Faustinus of Brescia>Faustinus
| Aurelius Prudentius, Dracontius
Paulinus of Nola>Paulinus Nolanus, Orientius, Auspicius Tullensis
Paschasius Diaconus, Sanctus Symmachus, Peter the Deacon (6th-century)>Petrus Diaconus, Virgilius Tapsensis, Leo I Magnus, Concilium Chalcedonense, Athanasius, Rusticus Helpidius, Eugyppius Africae
Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius>Boetius, Felix Ennodius, Trifolius presbyter, Pope Hormisdas>Hormisdas I, Elpis
Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius>Boetius
Fulgentius of Ruspe>Fulgentius Ruspensis, Pope Felix IV, Pope Boniface II>Bonifacius II
Benedict of Nursia>Benedictus pater monachorum Occidentalium
Dionysius Exiguus, Viventiolus>Viventiolus Lugdunensis, Trojanus Santonensis, Pontianus Africae, Caesarius Arelatensis, Fulgentius Ferrandus
Primasius Adrumetanus, Arator, Nicetius>Nicetius Trevirensis, Aurelianus Arelatensis
| Cassiodorus
Gregory of Tours>Gregorius Turonensis
Pope Pelagius II>Pelagius II, Pope John II, Pope Benedict I>Benedictus I
| Vitae Patrum
Pope Gregory I>Gregorius I
Eutropius of Valencia>Eutropius Episcopus, Pope Gregory I, Paterius (Notarius Gregorii I), Alulphus>Alulfus Tornacensis
Maximus Caesaraugustanus Episcopus, Eutropius of Valencia>Eutropius Episcopus, Tarra Monachus, Dinothus Abbas, Dynamus Patricius, Augustinus Apostolus Anglorum, SS Bonifacius IV, Concilium Romanum III, Bulgaranus, Paulus Emeritanus Diaconus, Tamaius De Vargas. Thomas, Gondemarus Rex Gothorum, Marcus Cassinensis, Warnaharius Lingonensis Episcopus, Columbanus Hibernus, Alphanus Beneventianus Episcopus, Aileranus Scoto Hibernus, Ethelbertus Anglorum, SS Adeodatus I, Sisebutus Gothorum, Bertichramnus Cenomanensis, Protandius Vesuntinus Archiepiscopus, SS Bonifacius V, Sonniatus Rhemensis Archiepiscopus, Verus Ruthenensis Episcopus, Chlotarius II Francorum Rex, SS Honorius I, Dagobertus Francorum Rex, Hadoinudus Cenomanensis Episcopus, Sulpicius Bituricensis Episcopus, Autbertus Cameracensis, SS Ioannes IV, Eutrandus Ticinensis Diaconus, Victor Carthaginensis Episcopus, Braulio Caesaraugustiani, Taio Caesaraugustianus Episcopus)
Isidore of Seville>Isidorus Hispalensis
Mozarabic Rite>Liturgia Mozarabica
| Auctores VII saec.
| Venantius Fortunatus, Crisconius Africanus
Pope Sergius I>Sergius I, Joannes VI, Felix Ravennatensis, Bonifacius Moguntinus
Ecclesiastical History of the English People>Beda, Paulus Winfridus
Ildephonsus of Toledo>Hildefonsus Toletanus, Julian of Toledo, Pope Leo II>Leo II
Charlemagne>Carolus Magnus, Louis I of France, Lothair I>Lotharius, Rudolphus I
Saint Paulinus II>Paulinus Aquileiensis, Theodorus Cantuariensis
| Alcuinus
| Smaragdus S. Michaelis
Benedict of Aniane>Benedictus Anianensis, Ardo Smaragdus, Sedulius Scotus
Agobard>Agobardus Lugdunensis, Einhard, Claudius of Turin>Claudius Taurinensis, Ludovicus Pius
Theodulf of Orléans>Theodulfus Aurelianensis, Eigil Fuldensis, Dungalus reclusus, Ermoldus Nigellus, Symphosius Amalarius
Pope Gregory IV>Gregorius IV, Pope Sergius II, Jonas of Orléans>Jonas Aurelianensis, Freculphus, Frotharius, Bishop of Toul>Frotharius Tullensis
| Rabanus Maurus
Walafrid Strabo>Walafridus Strabo, the Glossa Ordinaria
Pope Leo IV>Leo IV, Benedictus III, Eulogius Toletanus, Speraindeo, Prudentius Trecensis, Angelomus Lexoviensis
Haymo of Halberstadt>Haymo Halberstatensis
Pope Nicholas I>Nicolaus I, Florus Lugdunensis, Lupus Ferrariensis
Radbertus>Paschasius Radbertus
Ratramnus>Ratramnus Corbeiensis, Aeneas Parisiensis, Remigius Lugdunensis, Wandalbertus Prumiensis, Álvaro of Córdoba (Mozarab), Gottschalk (theologian)>Gotteschalcus Orbacensis
| Johannes Scotus Eriugena
Ado (archbishop)>Ado Viennensis
Usuardus Sangermanii, Charles the Bald>Carolus II Calvus
Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims>Hincmarus Rhemensis
Anastasius Bibliothecarius>Anastasius bibliothecarius
| Isidorus Mercator
Remigius of Auxerre>Remigius Antissiodorensis, Notkerus Balbulus
Regino of Prüm>Regino Prumiensis, Hucbaldus S. Amandi
Odo of Cluny>Odo Cluniacensis
Atto of Vercelli>Atto Vercellensis
Flodoard>Flodoardus Remensis, Joannes XIII
Ratherius>Ratherius Veronensis, Liutprandus Cremonensis
Hrosvit of Gandersheim>Hrothsuita Gandersheimensis, Widukindus Corbeiensis, Dunstanus Cantuariensis, Adso Dervensis, Joannes S. Arnulfi Metensis
Richerus>Richerus S. Remigii
Pope Sylvester II>Sylvester II (Gerbertus), Aimoin, Abbo of Fleury>Abbo Floriacensis, Thietmarus Merseburgensis
Burchard of Worms>Burchardus Wormaciensis, Henricus II imperator, Adelboldus Trajectensis, Thangmarus Hildesheimensis
Fulbert of Chartres>Fulbertus Carnotensis, Guido Aretinus, Joannes XIX
Bruno Herbipolensis, Odilo of Cluny>Odilo Cluniacensis, Berno Augiae Divitis
Hermann of Reichenau>Hermannus Contractus, Humbert of Mourmoutiers, Pope Leo IX>Leo IX
Peter Damian>Petrus Damianus
Othlonus S. Emmerammi, Adam of Bremen>Adamus Bremensis, Gundecharus Eichstetensis, Lambertus Hersfeldensis, Petrus Malleacensis
Joannes Abrincensis, Bertholdus Constantiensis, Bruno Magdeburgensis, Marianus Scotus>Marianus Scottus, Landulfus Mediolanensis, Alphanus Salernitanus
Pope Gregory VII>Gregorius VII
Pope Victor III>Victor III, Anselmus Lucensis, Willelmus Calculus
Lanfranc>Lanfrancus Cantuariensis, Herluinus Beccensis, Willelmus Beccensis Abbas, Boso Beccensis Abbas, Theobaldus Beccensis Abbas, Letardus Beccensis Abbas, Augustine of Canterbury, Bonizio Sutrensis Placentinus Episcopus, Guillelmus Metensis Abbas, Wilhelmus Hirsaugensis Abbas, Herimannus Metensis Episcopus, Theodoricus S Audoeni Monachus, Guido Farfensis Abbas, Aribo Scholasticus, Henricus Pomposianus Clericus, Robertus De Tumbalena Abbas, Gerardus Cameracensis Episcopus II, Reynaldus Remensis Archiepiscopus I, Joannes Cotto, Fulco Corbeiensis Abbas, Gillebertus Elnonensis Monachus, Willelmus Clusiensis Monachus, Durandus Claromontanus Episcopus, Hemming of Worcester>Hemmingus Wigorniensis Monachus, Radbodus Tornacensis Episcopus, Agano Augustodunensis Episcopus, Oldaricus Praepositus, Bernardus Lutevensis Episcopus, Fulcoius Meldensis Subdiaconus, Constantinus Africanus Casinensis, Deusdedit of San Pietro in Vincoli, Willelmus Pictavensis Archidiaconus, John of Garland>Joannes De Garlandia, Rufinus Episcopus
Pope Urban II>Urbanus II
Bruno of Cologne>Bruno Carthusianorum
Hugh of Flavigny>Hugo Flaviniacensis, Ekkehardus Uraugiensis, Wolphelmus Brunwillerensis
Godfrey of Bouillon>Godefridus Bullonius, Radulfus Ardens, Lupus Protospatarius
Guibert of Nogent>Guibertus S. Mariae de Novigento
Geoffrey of Vendôme>Goffridus Vindocinensis, Thiofridus Efternacensis, Petrus Alphonsus
Anselm of Canterbury>Anselmus Cantuariensis
Sigebert of Gembloux>Sigebertus Gemblacensis
Ivo of Chartres>Ivo Carnotensis
Ivo of Chartres>Ivo Carnotensis, Grossolano, Anselm of Laon>Anselmus Laudunensis
Pope Paschal II>Paschalis II, Pope Gelasius II, Pope Calixtus II>Calixtus II
| Bruno Astensis
Baldric of Dol>Baldricus Dolensis, Pope Honorius II, Cosmas of Prague>Cosmas Pragensis
| Rupertus Tuitensis
Hildebert>Hildebertus Turonensis, Marbodus Redonensis
| Honorius Augustodunensis
Leo of Ostia>Leo Marsicanus, Petrus diaconus, Rodulfus S. Trudonis
| Godefridus Admontensis
Hugh of St Victor>Hugo de S. Victore
Peter Abelard>Petrus Abaelardus
William of Malmesbury>Willelmus Malmesburiensis
Pope Eugenius III>Eugenius III, Guillelmus S. Theodorici
Hervé de Bourg-Dieu>Herveus Burgidolensis
Bernard of Clairvaux>Bernardus Claraevallensis
Abbot Suger>Sugerius S. Dionysii, Robertus Pullus, Zacharias Chrysopolitanus
Gratian (jurist)>Gratianus
Orderic Vitalis>Ordericus Vitalis, Pope Anastasius IV, Pope Adrian IV>Adrianus IV
Peter the Venerable>Petrus Venerabilis
Thomas Becket>Thomas Cantuariensis, Herbertus de Boseham, Gilbertus Foliot
Peter Lombard>Petrus Lombardus
Walter of St Victor>Garnerius S. Victoris, Gerhohus Reicherspergensis
Hugo Pictavinus, Isaac of Stella>Isaac de Stella, Alcherus Claraevallensis
Eckebert>Eckbertus Abas Schonaugiensis, Elizabeth of Schönau, Ailred of Rievaulx>Aelredus Rievallensis, Wolbero S. Pantaleonis
Richard of St Victor>Richardus S. Victoris
Hildegard of Bingen>Hildegardis abbatissa
Adam of Dryburgh>Adamus Scotus, Petrus Comestor, Godefridus Viterbiensis
John of Salisbury>Joannes Saresberiensis
Pope Alexander III>Alexander III
Arnulf of Lisieux>Arnulfus Lexoviensis, Guillelmus Tyrensis
Peter Cellensis>Petrus Cellensis, Pope Urban III, Pope Gregory VIII>Gregorius VIII, Hugo Etherianis, Gilbert Foliot>Gilbertus Foliot
| Philippus de Harveng
Reinerus S. Laurentii Leodiensis, Pope Clement III>Clemens III
Peter Cantor>Petrus Cantor, Gernerius Lingonensis episcopus, Gaufridus subprior canonoicorum regularium, Maurice de Sully, Odo Tullensis episcopus, Alexander Gemmeticensis abbas, Geraldus Cadurcensis episcopus, Matthew of Vendôme>Matthaeus Vindocinensis
Pope Celestine III>Coelestinus III, Thomas Cisterciensis, Joannes Algrinus
Peter of Blois>Petrus Blesensis
| Martinus Legionensis
Wilhelmus Daniae, Walter of Châtillon>Gualterus de Castellione
Alain de Lille>Alanus de Insulis
Stephen of Tournai>Stephanus Tornacensis, Peter of Poitiers, Adam of Perseigne>Adamus Perseniae
Hélinand of Froidmont>Helinandus Frigidi Montis, Guntherus Cisterciensis, Odo de Soliaco
| Sicardus Cremonensis, Petrus Sarnensis
Pope Innocent III>Innocentius III vol. 214 vol. 215vol. 216
| Indices

Authors by rank or background

Secular rulers


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Other bishops

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Other clerics

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