Mindspark Interactive Network

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Mindspark Interactive Network
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11,661 ({{as of>201522 PUBLISHER= ALEXA INTERNET, 2015-04-22, English language>English}}
Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. was an operating business unit of IAC known for the development and marketing of entertainment and personal computing software, as well as mobile application development. Mindspark’s mobile division acquired iOS application developer Apalon in 2014, which was known for popular entertainment applications such as Weather Live, Emoji Keypad, and Calculator Pro.WEB, App Annie Index for Apps: Amazon Soars in the Rankings After comiXology Acquisition,weblink App Annie, May 27, 2014, Mindspark's home office was based in Yonkers, New York, with other offices located in Los Angeles, California; Oakland, California; New York, New York; and Bellevue, Washington, among others. Tim Allen and Eric Esterlis served as the co-presidents of Mindspark.WEB, Renner, Tom, Business Council Of Westchester Honors Success Of Yonkers' Mindspark,weblink Yonkers Daily, April 16, 2015, Former Mindspark CEO Joey Levin now serves as CEO of IAC.NEWS,weblink Barry Diller’s IAC Plans to Spin Off Its Match and Tinder Business in an IPO, Re/Code, 2016-03-08, Although later versions of the tool bars offered are less intrusive, many, if not all, of Mindspark's programs and toolbars were commonly classified as Potentially Unwanted Programs, or PUPs, which may be installed without the user's explicit knowledge or consent. Many of them exhibited malicious behaviors and could be considered malware, as they are difficult to remove.


Mindspark Interactive Network was incorporated in 1999 under the name CTC Bulldog, Inc.WEB, Convergence creates controversy publisher=lubbockonline IWon>, was conceived by its co-founders Bill Daugherty and Jonas Steinman, and led to a subsequent office opening at Irvington, NY.IWON.COM WAS FOUNDED BY BILL DAUGHERTY AND JONAS STEINMAN>URL=HTTP://WWW1.IWON.COM/HOME/COMPANYINFO/PRESS/PRESS_PARTNER_ARTICLE_OVERVIEW/0,4926,41%7CPRESS_ARTICLE,00.HTML, On October 5, 1999, was launched and the company name was changed from "CTC Bulldog, Inc." to ", Inc."On Oct 1, 2000,, Inc. launched the sales team, and offices were opened in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. On Nov 18, 2001, the company purchased assets out of bankruptcy.WEB, iWon fumbles Excite transition,weblink CNET, January 8, 2002, WEB, iWon completes takeover,weblink CNET, December 28, 2001, The company then changed its name to The Excite Network.On Oct 1, 2002, The Excite Network launched an online portal called, which replicated many of Yahoo's popular features without advertisements, fees, and intrusive privacy policies. In the same year, the company launched several entertainment products, such as, SmileyCentral and PopularScreensavers, and changed its name to Focus Interactive. In November 2015, the site posted, "After many years, we have decided to shut down the MyWay website. The site will be available until the end of December 5, 2015."In 2003, Focus Interactive changed its name again to Interactive Search Holdings.WEB, Interactive Search Holdings, Inc. was formerly known as Bulldog Holdings,weblink The company's properties now consisted of,, My Way, My WebSearch, and online advertising sales firm MaxOnline. In December 2003, properties of Interactive Search Holdings reached 17% of US Internet users. In 2004, Ask Jeeves purchased Interactive Search Holdings for $501 million.WEB, Ask Jeeves Plunks Down $343 Million For Interactive Search Holdings,weblink InformationWeek, March 4, 2004, According to a press release issued by Ask Jeeves, Interactive Search Holdings was the 9th most visited property in December 2003, with destinations such as My Way, My Web Search, and iWon.WEB, Ask Jeeves: Why Buy Interactive Search Holdings?,weblink Search Engine Watch, April 7, 2004, On Jul 20, 2005, Ask Jeeves was purchased by IAC,WEB, IAC/InterActive buy Ask Jeeves for $1.85B in stock,weblink CNN, March 21, 2005, and Interactive Search Holdings, Inc. was renamed to IAC Consumer Applications & Portals (“IAC CAP”).IAC CAPWEB, IAC Consumer Applications and Portals Enters into Relationship with the NeverblueAds Affiliate Network,weblink Digital Moses Confidential, October 31, 2007, yes,weblink" title="">weblink February 24, 2008, WEB, BlueTie Adds More Than Two Million Users with IAC Partnership,weblink bluetie, April 16, 2008, was a wholly owned business of IAC/InterActiveCorp [NASDAQ: IACI] that centered on properties that enhance online communication and social networking. On Jun 20, 2006, IAC CAP launched Zwinky,WEB, Zwinky Launches,weblink Mashable, December 6, 2006, WEB, Zwinky,weblink Enotes, December 6, 2006, a virtual world in which the users have the opportunity to communicate and play with other people. On Apr 1, 2007, was launched, allowing users to easily customize their social networking profile pages and blogs. On Apr 1, 2008, IAC CAP acquired StarNet Interactive,WEB, IAC Consumer Applications & Portals Acquires StarNet Interactive,weblink Venture Capital Cafe, May 21, 2008, an Israeli start-up that created GirlSense. On Aug 1, 2006, Vimeo was acquired by IAC, and became part of IAC CAP in 2008.On Jan 1, 2009, IAC Consumer Applications & Portals was renamed to Mindspark Interactive Network, IncWEB, Offerpal Media partners with Mindspark Interactive Network,weblink Startup Meme, September 22, 2009, (“Mindspark”). The Ask Partner Network, LLC, formerly a division of Ask Jeeves, became a part of Mindspark. On May 20, 2010, Mindspark bought a majority stake in diet tracking site DailyBurn, which was responsible for Mindspark's fitness products.WEB, IAC Buys Into Fitness Social Network DailyBurn,weblink techcrunch, May 20, 2010, WEB, New Tool Tuesday: DailyBurn,weblink, December 20, 2011, On Oct 6, 2010, Mindspark announced its Mindspark Worlds division would begin developing applications focused on social gaming.WEB, Offerpal Media partners with Mindspark Interactive Network,weblinkweblink" title="">weblink yes, July 12, 2012, CNN, October 6, 2010, In 2011, Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc acquired the gaming platform created by VoxPop,WEB, IAC’s Mindspark Buys VoxPop’s Gaming Platform,weblink, Feb 10, 2011, and the platform was attached to its iWon contest and sweepstakes brand.In 2014, Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc acquired SlimWare Utilities, a software product suite geared towards PC optimization services.WEB, AGC Partners Advises SlimWare Utilities on its Sale to IAC,weblink, In June 2015, SlimWare Utilities was named PC Magazine's Editors' Choice for best free tune-up software.WEB, Wilson, Jeffrey L., SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner 4,weblink PCMag, PCMag, August 7, 2014, On Nov 3, 2014, Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc acquired mobile app developer Apalon, a top 10 developer of iOS applications worldwide as measured by monthly downloads according to the App Annie Index.WEB, IAC acquires mobile app developer Apalon,weblink, Nov 3, 2014,


Mindspark operated a range of consumer mobile applications, desktop utilities, and browser applications.Mindspark’s mobile division produced popular applications, including Weather Live and Pimp Your Screen.WEB, Dirks, Brent, Weather Live update ushers in a better way to view upcoming condition changes,weblink App Advice, App Advice, March 20, 2015, The company’s desktop utilities division offered optimization services.WEB, The Best Tuneup Utilities,weblink PCMag Australia, January 15, 2014, The company offered browser-based consumer applications, including popular applications such as Zwinky and Zwinky Cuties; gaming sites such as and; and social websites such as and

IAC's Toolbar Business

Many of the Mindspark products required the user to install a toolbar. According to the IAC's business strategy, IAC is increasing its “toolbar” business, which places various clickable tools on the browsers of Internet users, and enables IAC to collect a fee each time the toolbar is used.In the third quarter of 2010, IAC’s search revenue increased 20 percent over the previous year to $205.1 million, while operating income in the search business was up 43 percent to $28.9 million. The increase was a result of elevated consumer use of toolbars, according to Sandy Mehta, an analyst at Hong Kong-based Value Investment Principals Ltd. Mehta stated in an interview that "the toolbar business is something that’s really growing.”WEB, IAC's Toolbar business growth,weblink Bloomberg, Nov 9, 2010,

myWebSearch Toolbar-browser hijacker

The myWebSearch Toolbar, also known as MyWay Speedbar, MyWay Education Guide,WEB,weblink MyWay Education Guide,, 2013-12-18, MyWay Searchbar, MyAllSearch Search Assistant, MyWay Search Assistant or MyWeb Searchbar is a web-browser add-on that purportedly provides additional function to a user's internet browser. The toolbar was required in many of Mindspark products, allowing the user to query search results using the myWebSearch engine. myWebSearch Toolbar was previously known as MyWay Searchbar. Dell was known to pre-install the software on their commercially sold machines.WEB, MyWay Search Assistant - How to remove?,weblink Tom's Hardware, 2016-01-03, Older versions of the program displayed pop-up advertisements on the user’s screen and would take over the user's internet browser, change the user's internet settings, and would be installed without the user's permission, causing the MyWay and successor myWebSearch toolbar to be classified as spyware or adware.WEB,weblink Bitdefender Virus & Spyware Removal - Premium Services, Bitdefender, This browser hijackerBook The Technical and Social History of Software Engineering page 366 has also been verified as being notoriously difficult to remove.WEB, My Way Search Assistant - Add or Remove Programs Entry Information,weblink BleepingComputer, 2016-01-03, It still takes over a user's internet browser and search function.

As a PUP Distributor

Many, if not all, of Mindspark's programs and toolbars were commonly classified as Potentially Unwanted Programs, or PUPs, which may be installed without the user's explicit knowledge or consent. Many of them exhibited malicious behaviors and could be considered malware. Malwarebytes is an example of a trusted anti-malware application that classifies Mindspark's toolbars and applications as PUPs. Many self-claims made by Mindspark should not necessarily be taken as direct truth.WEB, Mindspark toolbars,weblink Malwarebytes Unpacked, 2016-01-03, en-us,



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