List of PHP editors

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List of PHP editors
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{{redirect|List of PHP IDEs|a comparison of PHP integrated development environments|Comparison of integrated development environments#PHP}}{{Refimprove|date=March 2010}}{{Use dmy dates|date=February 2013}}This article contains a list of text editors with features specific to the PHP scripting language. ">

Free editors{| class"wikitable sortable" style"font-size: 85%; text-align: center; width: auto;"

! rowspan = "2" style="width:100px;" | Editor! rowspan = "2" | License! rowspan = "2" | Latest Version! colspan = "4" | Platform! rowspan = "2" | Autocompletion! colspan="4" |File Browser! rowspan = "2" | GUI builder! rowspan = "2" | Internal Browser! rowspan = "2" | Version Control! rowspan = "2" | PHP Debugger
! Linux! macOS! Windows! style="width:50px;" | Other!Local!FTP!SFTP!SSH
! Aptana Studio
APL/ GPLv1}}| 3.6.1| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}JVM}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}?With XDebugweblink}}
! Atom
MIT}}| 1.13.1| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}FreeBSD}}Instructions for building Atom on FreeBSD are all that are officially available. No official binary releases are available.YesWith the atom-autocomplete-php package.}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! Bluefish
GPLv3}}| 2.2.9| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}FreeBSDFresh Ports www/bluefish}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! Brackets
MIT}}| 1.8| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! CodeLite
GPLv2}}| 9.2| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}FreeBSDFresh Ports editors/codelite}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! Eclipse PDT
EPL}}| 4.6.1a| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}JVM}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}?With XDebugweblink}}
! Geany
GPLv2}}| 1.29| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSDThirdPartyPackages}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! gedit
GPLv3}}| 3.22.2YesOutdated packages available only:weblink}}| {{yes}}Yes}}FreeBSD}}YesPlugin:weblink}}|||?Yes}}| {{yes}}?With XDebug Plugin:weblink}}
! GNU Emacs
GPLv3}}| 25.1| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}BSDs, OpenSolaris}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! jEdit
GPLv2}}| 5.3.0| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}JVM}}| {{no}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! Kate
GPLv2}}| 16.08.1| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}FreeBSD}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! KWrite
GPLv2}}| 16.08.1| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}FreeBSD}}| {{no}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! KDevelop
GPLv2}}| 5.0.3| {{yes}}PartialNo pre-built binaries are available. Build instructions are available for macOS.}}| {{yes}}FreeBSDdevel/kdevelop-kde4 Port}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! Komodo Edit
MPL}}| 10.1.2| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{yes}}YesWith the Komodin Git addon}}Noweblink The PHP debugger is supported in Komodo IDE, not in Komodo Edit }}
! Netbeans
Common Development and Distribution License/ GPLv2/ GNU Lesser General Public License>LGPLv2.1}}TITLE=[ANNOUNCE] APACHE NETBEANS (INCUBATING) 9.0 RELEASEDACCESSDATE=31 JULY 2018, | {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}JVM}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}With XDebuweblink}}
! Notepad++
GPL}}| 7.2.2NoWill run in Wine, however}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}With XDebuweblink}}
! SciTE
GPLv2}}| 3.7.1YesBut it is not free}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}FreeBSDeditors/scite Port}}| {{no}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! TextMate
GPLv1}}| 1.5| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
! Vim
Vim License}}| 8.0| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}YesHas been ported to virtually every Unix/Unix-like system and various others. Reference: download : vim online.}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}
! Visual Studio Code
MIT}}| 1.7.2| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}YesWith the PHP IntelliSense extension.}}|||?| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{dunno}}
PHPNotepad License}}|2.0.0| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}||||?| {{no}}| {{no}}|?With XDebuweblink}}


  • Aptana Studio – Eclipse-based IDE, able to use PDT plugins, visual JS editor. Open-source, free project. (Community edition merged in).
  • Atomfree and open-sourceNEWS,weblink Atom, the Text Editor from GitHub, Goes Free and Open-Source, October 5, 2016, Lifehacker, Alan, Henry, text editor with out-of-the-box PHP support.
  • Bluefish – a multipurpose editor with PHP syntax support, in-line PHP documentation, etc. With GVFS, supports SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, and SMB.
  • Bracketsfree and open-source editor in HTML5/NodeJS by Adobe Team the best for integration frontend
  • CodeLite – an open source, cross platform IDE for C/C++ and PHP. The built-in plugins supports SVN, SSH/SFTP access, Git database browsing and others.
  • Eclipse – PHP Development Tools (PDT) and PHPEclipse projects. With additional plugins supports SVN, CVS, database modelling, SSH/FTP access, database navigation, Trac integration, and others.
  • Editra – open source editor. Syntax highlighting and (partial) code completion for PHP + HTML and other IDE-like features like code browser etc.
  • Emacs – advanced text editor. The nXhtml addon has special support for PHP (and other template languages). The major mode web-mode.el is designed for editing mixed HTML templates.
  • Geany – syntax highlighting for HTML + PHP. Provides PHP function list.
  • jEdit – free/open source editor. Supports SFTP and FTP.
  • Komodo Edit – general purpose scripting language editor with support for PHP. Free version of the commercial ActiveState Komodo IDE.
  • Netbeans – IDE with PHP support and integration with web standards. Supports SFTP and FTP. Full support for SVN and Git since 7.2 and powerful plugin support for added functionality.
  • SciTE – PHP syntax highlighting, compiler integration, powerful config via Lua API.
  • Sublime Text – trialware text editor.
  • Vim – provides PHP syntax highlighting, debugging.How to Debug PHP with Vim and XDebug on Linux




Commercial editors

  • ActiveState Komodo IDE – Support for PHP syntax checking, debugging, trial available
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – Supports SFTP and FTP; Trial available
  • BBEdit – Supports SFTP and FTP; Trial available
  • Cloud9 - Online editor (supports multiple languages) WEB,weblink Cloud9 - Your development environment, in the cloud,
  • Coda – Supports SFTP and FTP; Trial available
  • CodeCharge Studio – Supports FTP
  • Codelobster – Editor with syntax highlighting, debugger, code validation, supports FTP.
  • Codenvy – Cloud development environment.
  • EditPlus – Supports SFTP and FTP; Trial available
  • Embarcadero RadPHP (formerly Delphi for PHP) – Focus on web (Facebook, Google) and mobile (iOS, Android) development; Trial available
  • EmEditor
  • HTML-Kit – Syntax highlighting, supports FTP.
  • HyperEdit – Integrates PHP, JavaScript and HTML in an only interface WYSIWYG.
  • JetBrains PhpStorm – PHP IDE with editor, on-the-fly code analysis and other web development specific tools including FTP/SFTP synchronization; Trial available
  • Koding – Online development environment for many programming languages including PHP.
  • Komodo IDE – Cross-platform integrated development environment for PHP as well as Python, Ruby and Perl.
  • Microsoft Expression Web – Full PHP support with syntax highlighting, etc.; Trial available
  • NoteTab – Allows you to have multiple tabs open for different files, has FTP support, comes in two trial versions (NoteTab Standard, NoteTab Pro) and one free version NoteTab Light. NoteTab Pro highlights tags.
  • NuSphere PhpED – A PHP development environment and integration with modern web standards. Supports SFTP, WebDAV, and FTP. Native support for CVS source control system, SVN and Git support can be added using Tortoise Windows Shell plugins.
  • PHPEdit – Supports SFTP and FTP
  • Rapid PHP Editor – Support for PHP syntax checking, auto-complete, debug and support for CSS, Javascript and HTML
  • SlickEdit
  • Smultron
  • SourceLair - Online IDE for PHPWEB,weblink PHP support in SourceLair, SourceLair Help, , as well as JavaScript and Python
  • Sublime Text – Commercial multi-language text editor with syntax highlighting. Unlimited trial available.WEB,weblink Sublime Text – Download, Jon Skinner, 6 November 2012,
  • TextPad – Trial available
  • Top PHP Studio – Supports FTP
  • UltraEdit – Supports SFTP and FTP; Trial available
  • Zend Studio – (Cross platform) professional PHP IDE, based on the PHP Development Tools plugin for the Eclipse platform; Trial available



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