List of Doctor Who vehicles

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List of Doctor Who vehicles
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{{multiple issues|{{Refimprove|date=February 2010}}{{Original research|date=July 2011}}{{Tone|date=January 2018}}{{inuniverse|date=January 2018}}}}This is a list of fictional vehicles in the Doctor Who media franchise.


SS Madame de Pompadour

The SS Madame de Pompadour is a ship found drifting through space around two and a half galaxies away from Earth. It is a 51st-century energy trawler that collects dark matter in its rotor-like arms, which double as the ship's main source of propulsion.The Doctor Who Visual Dictionary, BBC 2007 It is severely damaged in an ion stormepisode "TARDISODE" and features a number of time portals into 18th century France, created by its backup engines.


Vehicles of the Time Lords, capable of taking on an appearance to fit in with the local architecture. The Doctor owns the last TARDIS in N-Space, which serves as his home and mode of transportation.

Motor vehicles


The Third Doctor's main mode of transport, during his exile on Earth, was a canary-yellow roadster. This vehicle, bearing the fictitious registration number "WHO 1", made its debut in the Third Doctor story Doctor Who and the Silurians and made its final regular appearance in the Fourth Doctor story Robot. (The legal registration number, which had to be used when the vehicle was operated on the public roadways, was "MTR 5"; for this reason, shots of the car taken on public roads do not show the registration plate.) Upon the Fourth Doctor's departure from Earth, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart had it "put into mothballs". It has reappeared in the Fifth Doctor story The Five Doctors—driven by the Third Doctor as he was 'collected' by the story's villain—the Seventh Doctor serial Battlefield (wearing the registration number "WHO 7" for this story only) and the 1993 charity special Dimensions in Time. Bessie was actually one of about 100 cars made by an inventor based in England that used Ford 103E Populars as a base, with a fibre-glass body. These kit cars were sold as 'Siva Edwardian' cars, available as both two and four seaters.weblink The current chairman of the Ford Sidevalve Owners Club has a four-seater Siva based on an early 8 hp Ford Model Y. Bessie was built for a cost of £500. It resided at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay for a while, then in September 2017 went on permanent display at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu within the On Screen Cars exhibition.WEB,weblink Bessie comes to Beaulieu, Doctor Who News, 24 September 2017,


The whomobile was a two-seater enclosed hovercraft, officially known as "The Alien", first used by the Third Doctor in Invasion of the Dinosaurs and last in Planet of the Spiders. On the show, it was simply known as "the Doctor's Car," and was capable of aerial flight. The registration number was WVO 2M. It was built by Pete Farries for Pertwee in 1973. It was fully driveable and capable of reaching speeds of {{convert|105|mph|kph|abbr=on}} on public roads. The car was auctioned in the 1980s for £1700 ({{inflation|UK|1700|start_year=1980|fmt=eq|cursign=£}}).WEB,weblink BBC - Nottingham Features - The man behind Doctor Who's car, December 2003,, 6 April 2018,

Flying vehicles


(File:Sound of Drums.jpg|right|thumb|A rift opens above the Valiant)The Valiant was a UNIT controlled airborne aircraft carrier. It was designed in part by the Master in the guise of Harold Saxon then the British Minister of Defence. It is also equipped with a scaled down version of the Torchwood weapon that destroyed the Sycorax ship in "The Christmas Invasion";BBC – Doctor Who – Episodes – Series Four however, since it is mounted on the ship's underbelly, it can only fire at surface targets.It was first featured in "The Sound of Drums"/"Last of the Time Lords". As the United Nations requires that the British Government move first contact operations from British soil to neutral territory, the US Government forces Harold Saxon to make contact with the Toclafane on board. It is then used by the Master as a mobile headquarters during his rule of Earth. In "The Poison Sky", the Valiant aids UNIT in their counterattack on the Sontaran forces occupying the ATMOS factory. By hovering over the factory, the carrier is able to clear the poisonous gas surrounding the area with the powerful downdraft of the vehicle's engines. It also fires upon the factory to commence the attack on the Sontaran forces, using the Jathaa sunglider technology recovered by the Torchwood Institute.It appeared again in "The Stolen Earth", in which it was shown being attacked by Dalek forces. The last transmission from the carrier was the order for its crew to abandon ship. It is then stated in the next scene that the craft is "down" and as such, assumed destroyed.In "Death in Heaven" it is referred to by Kate Stewart, and that the Cloudbase in Captain Scarlet was based on the Valiant owing to the Doctor's association with Sylvia Anderson.It also appears in Lego Dimensions where it is transported into the Back to the Future world by Lord Vortech.

Utopia rocket

This rocket was created by "Professor Yana" at the beginning of the event collapse to convey the last of the human race to the fabled Utopia.WEB,weblink BBC production artwork, 2007-09-25,weblink" title="">weblink 2008-05-02, yes,


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