Jeff Kurzon

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Jeff Kurzon
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Jeffrey Mead "Jeff" Kurzon (born 1976) is a New York City attorney and politician.

Education and early career

Jeff Kurzon graduated from McGill Law School in 2003, after studying abroad at the University of Aix-Marseille in France. He began his career as a lawyer at Sidley Austin, which he later left to create his own law firm.NEWS,weblink The Armenian Mirror Spectator, An Ideal(ist) House Candidate from NYC, February 21, 2014,

Public interest lawyering

Defense of indebted law students

Kurzon's firm represented law school graduates who sued in a class action their law schools, including New York Law School and Cooley Law School,NEWS,weblink The ABA Journal, Cooley Law gets served some of its own medicine, August 2011, for misrepresenting their post-graduate employment statisticsNEWS,weblink Bloomberg, New York Law School sued by students over claims about graduates success, August 10, 2011, to lure students to take on hundreds of thousands dollars in debt.NEWS,weblink The ABA Journal, Kurzon LLP sues Cooley Law school for defamation, July 2012,

Defense of unpaid Huffington Post bloggers

Jeff Kurzon was the lead attorney who filed a lawsuit representing a class of about 9,000 unpaid Huffington Post bloggers, claiming that the Huffington Post and its acquirer AOL unjustly made profits by using the unpaid writers' work.NEWS,weblink Bloomberg, Huffington Post bloggers suit against AOL, March 30, 2012,

Political career

Kurzon became involved in New York City politics in 2007 NEWS,weblink DNAinfo, 7th-district Congressional candidate refuses PAC, lobby money, 2014, yes,weblink" title="">weblink 2014-05-20, as one of the top fundraisers for Barack Obama, raising over $150,000 for the candidateNEWS,weblink New York Press, David finds a new Goliath, February 27, 2013, yes,weblink" title="">weblink June 5, 2014, and organizing one of the earliest and largest grassroots groups in New York City in support of the candidate.VoterBook NYC Group

2014 congressional election

In February 2013, Kurzon announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for New York's 7th congressional district against 22-year incumbent Nydia Velázquez.NEWS,weblink The Observer, Attorney announces campaign against Nydia Velázquez, February 2013, 2016-08-12, NEWS,weblink The Times Ledger, Three challenge Velazquez, May 1, 2014, Kurzon pledged to not accept any PAC or lobbyist money,NEWS,weblink New York Press, Attorney Jeffrey Kurzon announces his candidacy for Congress in downtown district, March 3, 2013, yes,weblink" title="">weblink June 26, 2014, challenging Velázquez (who sits on the Financial Services Committee) to do the same.NEWS,weblink The Observer, Nydia Velázquez unfazed by potential challengers, March 2014, After the Federal Election Commission issued guidance on Bitcoin, Kurzon announced he would be the first candidate in New York to accept bitcoin donations from individuals.NEWS,weblink BetaBeat, NY Congressional Candidate Jeff Kurzon, 4 June 2014, In the June 24, 2014 primary, Kurzon lost to Velázquez by a large margin.Mary Frost, Velazquez clobbers Kurzon in Democratic primary for 7th CD, Brooklyn Daily Eagle (June 25, 2014).Representative in Congress: Election Returns June 24, 2014, New York State Board of Elections.

Election results

{{Election box begin | title=Democratic primary election, New York's 7th congressional district, 2014}}{{Election box winning candidate with party link|
|party = Democratic Party (United States)
|candidate = Nydia M. Valezquez
|votes = 7,627
|percentage = 80.95
|change =
}}{{Election box candidate with party link|
|party = Democratic Party (United States)
|candidate = Jeffrey M. Kurzon
|votes = 1,796
|percentage = 19.05
|change =
}}{hide}Election box total valid
|votes = 9,423
|percentage = 100%
|change =
{edih}{{Election box end}}{{Election box begin | title=Democratic primary election, New York's 7th congressional district, 2016Representative in Congress: Election Returns June 28, 2016, New York State Board of Elections.}}{{Election box winning candidate with party link|
|party = Democratic Party (United States)
|candidate = Nydia M. Valezquez
|votes = 10,162
|percentage = 62.1
|change =
}}{{Election box candidate with party link|
|party = Democratic Party (United States)
|candidate = Yungman Lee
|votes = 4,479
|percentage = 27.3
|change =
}}{{Election box candidate with party link|
|party = Democratic Party (United States)
|candidate = Jeffrey M. Kurzon
|votes = 1,796
|percentage = 10.6
|change =
}}{hide}Election box total valid
|votes = 16,377
|percentage = 100%
|change =
{edih}{{Election box end}}

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