International Premier Tennis League

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International Premier Tennis League
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{{flagcountrySingapore}}{{nowrapUnited Arab Emirates}}}}| champion = Singapore Slammers| most_champs = Singapore Slammers (2)}}| sponsor = The Coca-Cola Company| founder = Mahesh Bhupathi}}The International Premier Tennis League (IPTL, officially the Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League Presented by Qatar Airways pursuant to sponsorship agreements with The Coca-Cola Company and Qatar Airways) is an annual team tennis league that takes place in various cities in Asia. Founded in 2013, the elite level exhibition tennis tournament took place for the first time in November 2014. Due to financial issues the tournament was not held in 2017.NEWS, No IPTL this year, founder Bhupathi may tweak format,weblink 18 December 2017, The Straits Times, 2 December 2017,


(File:International Premier Tennis League original logo.jpg|left|thumb|upright|Original logo of the International Premier Tennis League)Mahesh Bhupathi announced the founding of the International Premier Tennis League on 25 May 2013, in Paris. The initial plan was to start the league with six charter franchises in Asia with the inaugural season commencing in November 2014. Bhupathi said the league would be modeled after the Indian Premier League, a cricket league in India. Justin Gimelstob said that the league would be star-driven as World Team Tennis was in the 1970s.WEB, Mahesh Bhupathi Unveils Plan for IPL-Style Tennis League,weblink 25 May 2013, NDTV Sports, 17 November 2014,weblink" title="">weblink 22 December 2015, dead, On 21 January 2014, IPTL announced the locations of the six charter franchises for the league's inaugural season. Five franchises would play their home matches in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Singapore. A sixth franchise would play its home matches in an undisclosed city in the Middle East.WEB, Mahesh Bhupathi Launched IPTL in Melbourne,weblink 22 January 2014, Jagran Josh, 17 November 2014, There was confusion surrounding the announcement. Some media outlets reported that there would be five franchises, not six as had been previously announced, and did not include the Hong Kong franchise among the five.WEB, Mumbai One of the Franchises in Cash-Rich International Premier Tennis League,weblink 21 January 2014, CNN-IBN, CNN IBN Live, 17 November 2014, Later news reports in February 2014, indicated that there would be five franchises including one based in Hong Kong but not one in the Middle East.WEB, Briggs, Simon, Tension Rises Over International Premier Tennis League Revolution,weblink 25 February 2014, Telegraph Media Group, The Telegraph, 17 November 2014, WEB, International Premier Tennis League Set for Its Inaugural Player Auction on Sunday,weblink 28 February 2014, Sky Sports, 17 November 2014, IPTLWEB, Tennis Premier League: Where TV actors will show their skills launched by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Leander Paesdate=22 October 2018accessdate=22 October 2018, conducted its inaugural player draft (sports) on 2 March 2014.BRIGGSTITLE=ANDY MURRAY SIGNS FOR BANGKOK AS PREMIER TENNIS LEAGUE PREPARES FOR TAKE-OFFDATE=2 MARCH 2014TELEGRAPH MEDIA GROUP>THE TELEGRAPHTITLE=INTERNATIONAL PREMIER TENNIS LEAGUE: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IPTL DRAFT IN DUBAIDATE=1 MARCH 2014INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES>ACCESSDATE=18 NOVEMBER 2014, However, only four teams participated in the draft: Bangkok, Mumbai, Singapore and Middle East now referred to as the Dubai franchise. No mention was made by IPTL of the Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur franchises which had abruptly disappeared.By May 2014, the Dubai franchise was being referred to as the UAE Falcons, the Mumbai franchise had been named the Indian Aces, and the Singapore franchise was being referred to as the Singapore Lions.WEB, Bhupathi's IPTL Opener Moved to Manila from Bangkok,weblink 10 May 2014, The Times of India, 19 November 2014, On 10 May 2014, IPTL announced that the Bangkok franchise would be moved to Manila, Philippines due to political unrest in Thailand.WEB, Tennis - Political Unrest Costs Bangkok New League Staging Rights,weblink 10 May 2014, Reuters, 18 November 2014, On 19 June 2014, an IPTL press releasePRESS RELEASE,weblink Get Together at Wimbledon with Announcement of Team Owners for India, Singapore, Manila and UAE, International Premier Tennis League, 19 June 2014, 19 November 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 29 November 2014, revealed the owners of the four franchises to the general public. The owner of the Indian franchise, Micromax Informatics Ltd. proved to be the reason the team was no longer called the Mumbai franchise, because it preferred to have the team play its home matches in New Delhi. A group called PVP Ventures led by entrepreneur Prasad V Potluri and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar had been the original franchise owners with a plan to play home matches in Mumbai.WEB, Tagore, Vijay, Djoko Will Play Nadal in Delhi on December 8,weblink 25 July 2014, Mumbai Mirror, 19 November 2014, While league managing director Bhupathi said PVP Ventures had been replaced by Micromax, because PVP missed a payment deadline, PVP said it had withdrawn from the league due to lack of clarity over how IPTL's business model was progressing and disagreements over player contracts. PVP did not want the team to be solely responsible for payment of player salaries and favored the league being obligated as well.WEB, Rao, K Shriniwas, IPTL in Doubt as PVP Opts Out of Mumbai Franchise, Bhupathi Defiant,weblink 19 July 2014, The Times of India, 19 November 2014, By June 2014, the Manila franchise had been named the Manila Mavericks, the Falcons had become the UAE Royals and the Lions had become the Singapore Slammers.WEB, Ousman, Allaam, Djokovic Leads UAE Royals at Inaugural IPTL: Dubai Will Host Finale of $1 Million Tournament from December 11-13,weblink 25 June 2014, Emirates 24/7, 19 November 2014, The IPTL was not held in 2017 after 3 seasons of the tennis league due to financial issues. The number of legs was reduced to three from the previous five for the 2016 season and the league was not able to secure players, Roger Federer and Serena Williams. It is planned that the next season of the IPTL will be hosted in a single country.

Teams{| class"wikitable" style"width:100%; text-align:left"

! Team! Location! Arena! Capacity! Joined| Indian AcesIndia}} Hyderabad, India| Gachibowli Indoor Stadium 5,0002014| Japan WarriorsJapan}} Saitama, Japan| Saitama Super Arena 36,5002015| Singapore SlammersSingapore}}| Singapore Indoor Stadium 12,0002014| UAE RoyalsUnited Arab Emirates}} Dubai, United Arab EmiratesAviation Club Tennis Centre>Dubai Duty Free Stadium 5,0002014

Competition format

All IPTL matches conform to the rules of tennis and code of conduct laid down by the International Tennis Federation. A match comprises five sets each of a different category as follows:
  • Men's singles
  • Women's singles
  • Men's doubles
  • Mixed doubles
  • Past champions' singles

The order of play is decided by the coach of the home team. If two teams are playing at a neutral site, then a coin toss determines which coach chooses the order of play. The first serve in the first set is determined by a coin toss. The team that served last in the last game or tiebreaker of the previous set will receive during the next set.Each team can call a power point once in each set when receiving serve, and the next point played will count double. Effectively, a player trailing 15–0 can directly get to 15–30 by winning the power point.Games are played to four points using no-ad scoring. Each game won by a player or doubles team adds one point to the team's score in the match. The team with the most points at the end of the five sets wins the match. Each set is won when a team is the first to reach six games won. If the score is five-games-all, a timed five-minute shoot-out will be played. The player or doubles team leading at the end of five minutes wins the set.If the team that wins the fifth set is leading the match, the match is over. If the score is tied after one team has won the fifth set, a timed seven-minute men's singles super shoot-out is played. The result counts as a game point won. If the team that wins the fifth set is trailing in the match, the match will go to sudden-death overtime effectively extending the fifth set. If the leading team wins one game in overtime, it wins the match tie. If the trailing team wins enough games in overtime to tie the match score without losing a game, a timed seven-minutte men's singles super shoot-out is played to decide the winner of the match tie. A coin toss decides who serves first in super shoot-outs.During IPTL matches, a shot clock keeps track of the countdown between points and during the change overs. There will be a maximum of 20 seconds between each game point and a maximum of three minutes between each set.Each team can call for a coach's time out once during each set. Each time out is limited to a maximum duration of 60 seconds.Each team can make one player substitution per set except a team with the overall match lead in the final set. If a player on a team with the overall match lead gets injured during the fifth set, he or she cannot be replaced. The team trailing in the match is credited with enough games won to tie the overall match score and send it to a super shoot-out. Players removed from a set for a substitute may play in later sets in the match.The team that wins a match tie has four points added to its total in the team standings. If the losing team accumulates at least 20 game points, it receives two points in the team standings. If the losing team accumulates at least 10 but less than 20 game points, it receives one point in the team standings. Losing teams that earn less than 10 game points do not receive any points in the team standings.The team with the most points throughout the season is declared the IPTL champion. In the event that two or more teams share the highest points on the final tally, the criteria to decide the champion are
  1. Head-to-head results
  2. Number of games won
  3. Number of games lost
  4. Biggest games margin in any single match win
  5. Coin toss
The IPTL champions will receive the IPTL Challenge Trophy along with a grand prize of US$1,000,000.WEB, International Premier Tennis League Format: General Rules and Regulations,weblink International Premier Tennis League, 28 November 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 29 November 2014,


2014 season

IPTL started its inaugural season on 28 November 2014, with the Indian Aces defeating the Singapore Slammers, 26–16, in Pasay, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines.WEB, 28th Nov’14: Match 1 Report: Micromax Indian Aces vs. DBS Singapore Slammers,weblink 28 November 2014, International Premier Tennis League, 1 December 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 12 December 2014, Rohan Bopanna served the first point of the league's inaugural match.EPISODE, Micromax Indian Aces vs. DBS Singapore Slammers,weblink Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League, MNCTV, MNC Sports 1, 28 November 2014, On 30 November, the Aces defeated the UAE Royals in Pasay, 28–20, in a matchup of two previously unbeaten teams to move into first place in the standings at the end of the league's Philippines wing.WEB, Day 3 Match 1 – Report: UAE Royals vs. Micromax Indian Aces,weblink 30 November 2014, International Premier Tennis League, 1 December 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 15 December 2014, The Indian Aces were declared the champions of the inaugural season on the final day with overall 2 points lead over the runners-up UAE Royals.weblink

2015 season

2016 season

For the 2016, it was reported that only 4 teams from the previous 5 will participate. The UAE Royals while still participating will not play any games in their country.NEWS, Songalia, Ryan, No Manila leg for IPTL 2016 season,weblink 25 November 2016, Rappler, 25 November 2016,

Television coverage

On 22 August 2014, IPTL announced it had reached an agreement for the Middle East and North Africa television broadcasting rights with Abu Dhabi Media.WEB, Gomes, Alaric, Eugenie Bouchard Joins the Dubai Bandwagon,weblink 22 August 2014, Gulf News, 24 November 2014, On 16 October 2014, IPTL announced that STAR Sports would broadcast the league's matches live in both standard definition and high definition in India during its inaugural 2014 season. The league's matches will also be available live on STAR Sports's website.PRESS RELEASE, STAR Sports Acquires Rights to Telecast International Premier Tennis League,weblink International Premier Tennis League, 16 October 2014, 20 November 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 29 November 2014, On 4 November 2014, Integrated Sports Media announced it had reached a deal with IPTL to televise every league match of the 2014 season on a pay-per-view basis in the United States.WEB, Walker, IPTL Tennis to Air Live on Pay-Per-View in United States via Integrated Sports Media,weblink 4 November 2014, Tennis Grandstand, 23 November 2014, On 7 November 2014, IPTL announced it had reached agreements on television broadcast contracts with ABS-CBN in the Philippines and SingTel in Singapore. The league also said there would be television coverage of its matches in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Brazil. In total, television coverage of IPTL matches will be available in more than 125 countries worldwide and reach over 300 million households.PRESS RELEASE, Coca Cola International Premier Tennis League to be Broadcast in More Than 125 Countries Worldwide,weblink 7 November 2014, International Premier Tennis League, 20 November 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 29 November 2014, Starting in the 2015 season, ESPN will broadcast the IPTL to the Spanish-speaking Latin American and English-speaking Caribbean countries. In November 9, 2015, IPTL went into one-year broadcast agreement with Philippine sports broadcaster Sports5 for the online and television airing of the games.WEB,weblink IPTL-TV5 partnership an ace,, Cordero, Abac, 2015-11-09, 2015-11-10,weblink" title="">weblink 2015-11-17, dead,


On 3 November 2014, IPTL announced that The Coca-Cola Company had become the league's title sponsor.PRESS RELEASE, Coca-Cola Teams Up with International Premier Tennis League As Title Sponsor,weblink 3 November 2014, International Premier Tennis League, 20 November 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 29 November 2014, On 26 November 2014, IPTL announced that Qatar Airways had become the league's presenting sponsor.PRESS RELEASE, Qatar Airways Partners with Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League As Presenting Sponsor,weblink 26 November 2014, International Premier Tennis League, 2 December 2014, {{dead link|date=November 2017 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }} bgcolorefefef">

Winners{| class"sortable wikitable" bgcolorefefef

! Year !! Winner !! width=150| Icon Player !! width=150| Runner-up !! Score !! Finals Venue (surface) !! City2014 International Premier Tennis League season>2014'''{{flagiconIndian Aces''' >SUI}} Roger Federer {{flagiconUAE Royals >No final2015 International Premier Tennis League season>2015'''{{flagiconSingapore Slammers''' >UK}} Andy Murray {{flagiconIndian Aces >26–20Singapore Indoor Stadium (Hard) Singapore2016 International Premier Tennis League season>2016'''{{flagiconSingapore Slammers''' (2)>AUS}} Nick Kyrgios IND}} Indian Aces align="center"Gachibowli Indoor Stadium (Hard) >|Hyderabad, India

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