International Data Group

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International Data Group
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| former_name = International Data Corporation}}International Data Group, Inc. (IDG) is a Chinese-ownedWEB,weblink China Oceanwide Completes Acquisition of IDG, PRNewswire,, IDG, March 30, 2017, June 27, 2017,weblink 2017-11-06, no, media, data and marketing services and venture capital organization. IDG evolved from International Data Corporation (IDC) which was founded in 1964 in Newtonville, Massachusetts, by Patrick Joseph McGovern. IDC provides market research and advisory services and is now a subsidiary of IDG. IDG operates in 97 countries and is headquartered in Boston. IDG's brands include CIO, Computerworld, PCWorld, Macworld, InfoWorld, and JavaWorld. IDG produces these and its other publications on a national level in each country.


IDG's former subsidiary IDG World Expo produced large-scale events, such as conventions. They were typically conventions for technology businesses. IDG World Expo ran E for All, Macworld Conference & Expo, and LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. (This business unit is no longer active.)IDG also has its own international news agency, IDG News Service. It is headquartered in Boston and has bureaus in cities such as New York, Beijing, AmsterdamWEB, Bureaus -,weblink, IDG, 12 November 2012,weblink" title="">weblink 2012-10-04, no, and Brussels. It provides news, images, video and other editorial content to IDG's web sites and print publications worldwide.In 2005, several investors, including IDG, attempted to purchase BlogCN.WEB, Technology.,weblink November 21, 2005, March 1, 2007, zh,weblink" title="">weblink 2006-09-27, no, IDG Books, which was a public company spun off from the privately held IDG, published the popular self-help "...For Dummies" books. The "...For Dummies" range was originally limited to computer related fields, but later expanded to include a much wider variety of topics. The series is now published by John Wiley & Sons.NEWSPAPER, The New York Times
, For Dummies
, August 13, 2001, IDG Books/Hungry Minds â€” as IDG Books was briefly renamed before being sold to Wiley in 2001—no longer exists as a separate company.WEB
, "For Dummies" titles
, September 24, 2006,

Death of founder and sale

In 2014, the founder and then-owner died, leaving the corporation to the McGovern Foundation, a family corporation.WEB,weblink Tech Publisher IDG Transforming Itself From Within As It Braces For Sale Or Breakup, Seave, Ava,,, Forbes, Inc., December 11, 2016,weblink" title="">weblink 2016-12-21, no, In 2016, the corporation retained Goldman Sachs to explore a possible sale. On January 19, 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that China Oceanwide Holdings Group was, as part of a Chinese consortium, acquiring International Data Group Inc., at the time known for IDG Ventures. Also at the time, International Data Group published publications such as Computerworld magazine, and according to the Journal, was "one of the first global venture capital investors in China."WEB,weblink China Oceanwide Consortium Clinches Deal to Buy International Data Group, Carew, Rick, January 19, 2017, The Wall Street Journal,, The Wall Street Journal, January 22, 2017, of the first global venture capital investors in China.,weblink" title="">weblink 2017-01-21, no, On March 29, 2017, China Oceanwide Holdings Group announced the close of the acquisition of International Data Group, Inc. (“IDG”).

IDG Editorial layoffs

On May 16, 2017, while no public announcement was made several social media posts from both writers and editors across IDG's editorial division indicated that widespread layoffs had occurred. The exact number is not known, but it is believed to be as many as 90,NEWS,weblink The Register on Twitter, Twitter, 2017-05-17, en, with claims that the layoffs most often affected senior editorial management and senior writers across all of IDG's consumer and enterprise publications.{{citation needed|date=June 2019}} The layoffs appear to be larger than a previous round of layoffs in 2014 after IDG attempted to regroup following McGovern's passing.


IDG Connect

IDG Connect, a division of International Data Group (IDG), produces, publishes and distributes local IT and business information. Founded in 2006, it has offices in Framingham, Massachusetts, and Staines, Middlesex, U.K., and offers lead generation,WEB, IDG Connect lead generation,weblink 2011-09-25,weblink" title="">weblink 2011-07-06, yes, research,WEB, iPad for Business Survey,weblink 2012-07-09,weblink" title="">weblink 2012-02-28, no, video, mobile apps, "lead nurturing"WEB, IDG Connect launches Ignite,weblink 2012-07-09,weblink" title="">weblink 2012-11-09, no, and content creation.WEB, SonicWALL research,weblink 2011-09-25,weblink" title="">weblink 2012-04-01, yes,

IDG Ventures

San Francisco-based IDG Ventures USA, founded in 1966, invested in USA-based and South-East Asian-based operations.WEB
, IDG Ventures: Private Company Information
, ... invests in the United States, Vietnam, India, and China. IDG Ventures was founded in 1996 ... based in San Francisco
, 2018-11-08
, 2018-11-08
, no
, Shortly thereafter it became Ridge Ventures.WEB
, Ridge Ventures (Formerly known as IDG Ventures USA)
, Ridge Ventures (Formerly known as IDG Ventures USA) ... Jan 1, 1997
, 2018-11-08
, 2018-11-08
, no
, WEB, Ridge Ventures,weblink Ridge Ventures, formerly IDG Ventures USA, 2018-11-08,weblink 2018-11-08, no, IDG Ventures is an international network of venture capital funds with approximately $3.6 billion under management, and over 220 companies formed over the last 17 years. The IDG Ventures network comprises five independent partnerships managing funds in North America and Asia. Each partnership makes investments on behalf of its limited partners, including IDG.WEB
, IDG Ventures
, IDG Ventures
, Working with great entrepreneurs to build world class companies
, 2012
, 2013-01-31
,weblink" title="">weblink
, 2013-03-09
, no
, As of 2013, there are five countries with IDG funds: China, Vietnam, India, Korea, and the United States (San Francisco).

IDG global brands



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