Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System

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Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System
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{{Use dmy dates|date=July 2018}}{{Use Indian English|date=July 2018}}{{multiple issues|{{advert|date=February 2014}}{{notability|Companies|date=February 2014}}{{third-party|date=February 2014}}{{Underlinked|date=June 2019}}}}(File:Dimts logo.png|thumb|Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) Limited)Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) Limited is transport consultancy and infrastructure development company. It is a joint venture company with equal equity of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD)WEB,weblink Delhi Govt Portal: Home,, 2014-02-22, and the IDFC Foundation (a not-for-profit initiative of Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited).WEB,weblink IDFC Foundation - Financial Services and Infrastructure Development,, 2014-02-22, The company provides concept-to-commissioning consultancy, intelligent transport system solutions and urban transport asset management services.


DIMTS was organized in 2006 to prepare, plan, design and implement complex transport related projects in Delhi. In 2007, it was incorporated and became an equal equity joint venture between Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) and the IDFC Foundation. The company has equal representation from both GNCTD and IDFCWEB,weblink IDFC – Infrastructure Finance Company, Investment Banking and India Infrastructure Development,, 2014-02-22, in its Board.

Memberships & Partnerships

DIMTS is a member of the Transportation Research & Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP), IIT Delhi, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), United Kingdom, Indian Railways, the Consulting Engineers Association of India and the Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPTâ„¢) Alliance.

Key Projects

• Detailed Project Report (DPR) for seven BRT corridors in Delhi• DPR for Regional Rapid Transit System for two corridors - Panipat-Sonepat-Delhi (111 km) & Meerut-Ghaziabad-Delhi (92 km)• Route Rationalization of all the bus routes in Delhi through a DPR• Technical and financial feasibility study for MMRDA Mumbai • DPR for Bengaluru International Airport Rail Link Limited• Feasibility study for Personal Rapid Transit in Delhi• Comprehensive Mobility Plans (CMP) for Bhopal, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Rohtak and Thoottukudi (Tamil Nadu)• Implementation of GPRS-based ETM (Electronic Ticketing Machines) based ticketing in Delhi• Implementation, operation & management of Intelligent Signalling System on Ambedkar Nagar-Delhi Gate BRT Corridor• Implementation of automatic vehicle location and tracking system for the entire public transit bus fleet in Delhi• Engineering studies for re-development/development of ISBTs at Kashmere Gate, Sarai Kale Khan, Anand Vihar and Dwarka• Design and construction of depot facilities• Construction of FOBs/subways/bus shelters at several locations in Delhi• Detailed project report and project management consultancy for rail line implementation
• Detailed Design Engineering: bridges & track• Pre-feasibility report for railway siding• Restoration and repair work of 186 signalized intersections and up-gradation of Control Room with remote monitoring for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation• Consultancy for design, specifications & estimate of Highway Traffic Management System for Noida-Greater Noida Gautam Buddha Expressway• Operation and maintenance of SCOOT & CCTV based Intelligent Signalling System on BRT corridor, Delhi

Not-for-profit Initiatives

• Delhi Transit Bus Info mobile applicationWEB,weblink Home - Bus Information,, 2014-02-22,weblink" title="">weblink 27 January 2014, yes, – It lets public find out the estimated arrival time of the buses at a bus stop. It also gives information on the bus routes and bus stops in Delhi.• TellTail Security mobile application – the application can help the individuals reach out to their friends and family in emergency situations on the press of a button. The application allows the user to be tracked using the GPS in a vehicle or the user's phone. When in trouble, the user through this application can send security alert to her important contacts and seek help. It also provides visual tracking information of the user on the map to the concerned contacts.• Cycle Stations at the BRT corridor to promote cycling amongst the publicWEB,weblink Five more cycle stations on BRT - The Times of India,, 2010-12-26, 2014-02-22, • Cycle rallies at the BRT corridor to promote concept of cycling amongst the public.



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