Dana Pe'er

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Dana Pe'er
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weblink| birth_place = | death_date = | death_place = | resting_place = | resting_place_coordinates = | other_names = | residence = | citizenship = | nationality = | fields = BiologyComputational biologySystems biology| workplaces = Harvard Medical SchoolColumbia University
Hebrew University of JerusalemDANA PE'ER - HOMEPAGE ACCESSDATE=8 FEBRUARY 2014 ARCHIVEURL=HTTPS://WEB.ARCHIVE.ORG/WEB/20100629215906/HTTP://AREP.MED.HARVARD.EDU/~DPEER/, 29 June 2010, | thesis_title = From Gene Expression to Molecular Pathways| thesis_url =weblink| thesis_year = 2003| doctoral_advisor = Nir Friedman| academic_advisors = George M. Church| doctoral_students = | notable_students = | known_for = | author_abbrev_bot = | author_abbrev_zoo = | influences = | influenced =
  • Packard Fellow (2009)
  • Overton Prize (2014)JOURNAL, Fogg, Christiana N., Kovats, Diane E., 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003682, International Society for Computational Biology Honors Dana Pe'er with Top Bioinformatics/Computational Biology Award for 2014, PLOS Computational Biology, 10, 6, e1003682, 2014, 24945496, 4063598, }}| signature = | signature_alt = | website = | footnotes =
WORK=WWW.COLUMBIA.EDU, 8 February 2014, WORK=WWW.TED.COMWEBSITE=WWW.GENI.COM, 19 July 2014, }}Dana Pe'er is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University and regarded as one of the leading researchers in computational systems biology.WEB, GET :: Genomes Environments Traits,weblink, 8 February 2014, Pe'er's research focuses on understanding the organization, function and evolution of molecular networks, particularly how genetic variations alter the regulatory network and how these genetic variations can cause cancer.WEB, Dana Pe'er - Columbia University Department of Systems Biology,weblink 9 February 2014, {{Scopus|id= 7801385757}}JOURNAL, Friedman, N., Linial, M., Nachman, I., Pe'er, D., Using Bayesian Networks to Analyze Expression Data, Journal of Computational Biology, 7, 3–4, 601–620, 2000, 11108481, 10.1089/106652700750050961,, JOURNAL, Segal, E., Shapira, M., Regev, A., Pe'er, D., Botstein, D., Koller, D., Friedman, N., 10.1038/ng1165, Module networks: Identifying regulatory modules and their condition-specific regulators from gene expression data, Nature Genetics, 34, 2, 166–176, 2003, 12740579, JOURNAL, 10.1126/science.1105809, 15845847, Causal Protein-Signaling Networks Derived from Multiparameter Single-Cell Data, Science, 308, 5721, 523–9, 2005, Sachs, K., Perez, O, Pe'Er, D, Lauffenburger, D. A., Nolan, G. P., JOURNAL, Bendall, S. C., Simonds, E. F., Qiu, P., Amir, E. -A. D., Krutzik, P. O., Finck, R., Bruggner, R. V., Melamed, R., Trejo, A., Ornatsky, 10.1126/science.1198704, O. I., Balderas, R. S., Plevritis, S. K., Sachs, K., Pe'Er, D., Tanner, S. D., Nolan, G. P., Single-Cell Mass Cytometry of Differential Immune and Drug Responses Across a Human Hematopoietic Continuum, Science, 332, 6030, 687–696, 2011, 21551058, 3273988,


Pe'er received her bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1995, her master's degree in 1999 and her PhD in computer science in 2003, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her PhD work used machine learning and Bayesian networks to automatically infer regulatory relations between genes, using genomics data. Her PhD advisor was Nir Friedman.WEB, 2011 Innovative Research Grants Investigator Biographies,weblink, 9 February 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 22 February 2014, WEB, Dana Pe'er - Dissertation,weblink 9 February 2014, dead,weblink" title="">weblink 28 October 2014, She was subsequently a postdoctoral research fellow in the lab of George M. ChurchJOURNAL
, 16968785, 2006, Lee, S. I., Identifying regulatory mechanisms using individual variation reveals key role for chromatin modification, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103, 38, 14062–7, Pe'Er, D, Dudley, A. M., Church, G. M., Koller, D, 10.1073/pnas.0601852103, 1599912
, in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, focusing on how genetic variation changes the regulatory network between individuals and how this subsequently manifests in phenotypic diversity.


Pe'er's lab at Columbia University continues her previous research; firstly, developing computational methods to combine diverse sources of high throughput genomics data and secondly, to develop a holistic view of the cell at a systems level.WEB, Dana Pe'er Lab,weblink 9 February 2014, One particular focus is on developing methods to determine how genetic variation in DNA alters the regulation of gene expression, with a view to applying this knowledge in personalized cancer treatment. For instance, the ability to predict how particular drugs (individually or in combination) will react with tumours would allow drugs to be prescribed on a per-patient basis.

Awards and Honours

Pe’er currently serves on the editorial board of the journal Cell.WEB, Cell - contact,weblink, 8 February 2014, Pe'er has won several prestigious awards including a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award, a NSF CAREER award and a Stand Up To Cancer Innovative Research Grant. She was awarded an NIH Director's New Innovator Award in 2007 in order to investigate how genetic variations can cause changes throughout the whole body which can lead to autoimmune disease and cancer. Pe'er was awarded a Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering in 2009.WEB, Dana Pe'er - Packard Foundation,weblink, 8 February 2014, She was awarded the ISCB Overton Prize in 2014 for her significant contribution to research, particularly in using computational methods to understand the organization and function of molecular networks in cells.WEB, Jan 24, 2014: Gene Myers and Dana Pe'er Named 2014 ISCB Award Winners,weblink, ISCB, 8 February 2014,

Personal life

Her husband, Itsik Pe'er, is also a computational biologist at Columbia University.


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