Ballon d'Or

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Ballon d'Or
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{{pp-vandalism|small=yes}}{{For|the equivalent award given to the best women's football player|Ballon d'Or Féminin}}

Luka Modrić(1st award)ARG}} Lionel Messi{{flagicon|POR}} Cristiano Ronaldo(5 awards each)POR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{flagicon|ARG}} Lionel Messi(11 times each)weblink|}}| related = FIFA Ballon d'Or2018 Ballon d'Or>2018| main = Ballon d'Or2019 Ballon d'Or>2019}}The Ballon d'Or ({{IPA-fr|balɔ̃ dɔʁ}}; "Golden Ball") is an annual football award presented by France Football. It has been awarded since 1956, although between 2010 and 2015, an agreement was made with FIFA and the award was temporarily merged with the FIFA World Player of the Year, and known as the FIFA Ballon d'Or. However, the partnership ended in 2016 and the award reverted to the Ballon d'Or, while FIFA also reverted to its own separate annual award (now named The Best FIFA Men's Player).Conceived by sports writer Gabriel Hanot, the Ballon d'Or award honours the male player deemed to have performed the best over the previous year, based on voting by football journalists. From 1956 to 2006, the award was decided by football journalists.JOURNAL, Straeten, Karine van der, Laslier, Jean-François, Daoust, Jean-François, Blais, André, Arrondel, Luc, Anderson, Christopher J., 2019, Messi, Ronaldo, and the Politics of Celebrity Elections: Voting for the Best Soccer Player in the World,weblink Perspectives on Politics, 1–20, 10.1017/S1537592719002391, 1537-5927, After 2007, coaches and captains of national teams were also given the right to vote. Originally it was an award for players from Europe. In 1995 the Ballon d'Or was expanded to include all players from any origin that have been active at European clubs. The award became a global prize in 2007 with all professional footballers from around the world being eligible.


Stanley Matthews of Blackpool was the inaugural winner of the Ballon d'Or. Prior to 1995, the award was often known in English language media as the European Footballer of the Year award. Milan's George Weah, the only African recipient, became the first non-European to win the award in the year that rules of eligibility were changed. Ronaldo of Internazionale became the first South American winner two years later. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have won the award a record five times each. Three players have won the award three times each: Johan Cruyff of Ajax and Barcelona, Michel Platini of Juventus and Marco van Basten of Milan. With seven awards each, Dutch, German and Portuguese players won the most Ballons d'Or. Only Germany (1972) and the Netherlands (1988) took all three top spots in one year. Two Spanish clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid share the top for employing the most winners, with eleven wins each.Between 2010 and 2015 inclusive, the award was merged with a similar one, the FIFA World Player of the Year award, to create the FIFA Ballon d'Or, which was awarded to the world's best male player before FIFA and France Football broke the merging agreement. After 2011, UEFA created the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award to maintain the format of the original Ballon d'Or.Eight players (Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Paolo Rossi, Zinedine Zidane, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaká) have won the FIFA World Cup, the European Cup/UEFA Champions League and the Ballon d'Or during their careers.NEWS, Kaka: Former Brazil, AC Milan and Real Madrid midfielder announces retirement,weblink BBC, 17 December 2017, 23 March 2018, The award shows a bias in favor of attacking players. Over time, the award has gone to a more exclusive set of leagues and clubs. Prior to 1995, 10 leagues supplied Ballon d'Or winners whereas only England, Germany, Italy, and Spain have supplied winners since 1995. Spain’s La Liga has the most Ballon d'Or winners. Barcelona and Real Madrid have supplied the most Ballon d'Or winners since 1995.

Winners {| class"wikitable plainrowheaders"|+Key

!scope="row" style="text-align:center; background:#FFE6BD"|  {{double-dagger}}  |This indicates the Ballon d'Or winning player also won the FIFA World Player of the Year or The Best FIFA Men's Player award in the same year (available from 1991–2009 and 2016–present)File:Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi - Portugal vs Argentina, 9th February 2011.jpg|thumb|upright|Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Lionel MessiLionel MessiFile:George Weah - Milan AC 1996-97 (cropped).jpg|thumb|upright|George WeahGeorge WeahFile:LevYashin.JPG|thumb|upright|Lev YashinLev Yashin{| class="wikitable"!Year!Rank!Player!Team!{{Tooltip|Points|Points received by the player during the voting phase.}} ! scope="row" style="text-align:center" colspan=5 |Ballon d'Or (1956–2009)1956 1stENG}} Stanley MatthewsENG}} Blackpool47 2ndESP|1945}} Alfredo Di StéfanoESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid44 3rdFRA}} Raymond KopaESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid33!colspan="5"|1957 1stESPAlfredo Di Stéfano{{refn>group=note|Born in Argentina, Di Stéfano acquired Spanish citizenship in 1956 and went on to play for the Spanish national football team.}}ESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid72 2ndENG}} Billy WrightENG}} Wolverhampton Wanderers19 3rdENG}} Duncan EdwardsENG}} Manchester United16FRA}} Raymond KopaESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid!colspan="5"|1958 1stFRA}} Raymond KopaESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid71 2ndFRG}} Helmut RahnFRG}} Rot-Weiss Essen40 3rdFRA}} Just FontaineFRA}} Stade de Reims23!colspan="5"|1959 1stESP|1945}} Alfredo Di StéfanoESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid80 2ndFRA}} Raymond KopaESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid42 3rdWAL|1953}} John CharlesITA}} Juventus24!colspan="5"|1960 1stESPLuis Suárez (footballer, born 1935)>Luis SuárezESPFC Barcelona>Barcelona54 2ndHUN}} Ferenc PuskásESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid37 3rdFRG}} Uwe SeelerFRG}} Hamburg33!colspan="5"|1961 1stITA}} '''Omar Sívori{{refnBorn in Argentina, Sívori acquired Italian citizenship in 1961 and went on to play for the Italian national football team.}}'''ITA}} Juventus46 2ndESPLuis Suárez (footballer, born 1935)>Luis SuárezITA}} Internazionale40 3rdENG}} Johnny HaynesENG}} Fulham22!colspan="5"|1962 1stTCH}} Josef MasopustTCH}} Dukla Prague65 2ndPOR}} EusébioPOR}} Benfica53 3rdFRG}} Karl-Heinz SchnellingerFRG}} Köln33!colspan="5"|1963 1stUSSR|1955}} Lev YashinUSSRFC Dynamo Moscow>Dynamo Moscow73 2ndITA}} Gianni RiveraITA}} Milan53 3rdENG}} Jimmy GreavesENG}} Tottenham Hotspur33!colspan="5"|1964 1stSCO}} Denis LawENG}} Manchester United61 2ndESPLuis Suárez (footballer, born 1935)>Luis SuárezITA}} Internazionale43 3rdESPAmancio Amaro>AmancioESPReal Madrid C.F.>Real Madrid38!colspan="5"|1965 1stPOR}} EusébioPOR}} Benfica67 2ndITA}} Giacinto FacchettiITA}} Internazionale59 3rdESPLuis Suárez (footballer, born 1935)>Luis SuárezITA}} Internazionale45!colspan="5"|1966 1stENG}} Bobby CharltonENG}} Manchester United81 2ndPOR}} EusébioPOR}} Benfica80 3rdFRG}} Franz BeckenbauerFRG}} Bayern Munich59!colspan="5"|1967 1stHUN}} Flórián AlbertHUN}} Ferencváros68 2ndENG}} Bobby CharltonENG}} Manchester United40 3rdSCO}} Jimmy JohnstoneSCO}} Celtic39!colspan="5"|1968 1stNIR}} George BestENG}} Manchester United61 2ndENG}} Bobby CharltonENG}} Manchester United53 3rdYUG}} Dragan DžajićYUG}} Red Star Belgrade46!colspan="5"|1969 1stITA}} Gianni RiveraITA}} Milan83 2ndITA}} Luigi RivaITA}} Cagliari79 3rdFRG}} Gerd MüllerFRG}} Bayern Munich38!colspan="5"|1970 1stFRG}} Gerd MüllerFRG}} Bayern Munich77 2ndENG}} Bobby MooreENG}} West Ham United70 3rdITA}} Luigi RivaITA}} Cagliari65!colspan="5"|1971 1stNED}} Johan CruyffNED}} Ajax116 2ndITA}} Sandro MazzolaITA}} Internazionale57 3rdNIR}} George BestENG}} Manchester United56!colspan="5"|1972 1stFRG}} Franz BeckenbauerFRG}} Bayern Munich81 2ndFRG}} Gerd MüllerFRG}} Bayern Munich79FRG}} Günter NetzerFRG}} Borussia Mönchengladbach!colspan="5"|1973 1stNED}} '''Johan Cruyff{{refnCruyff played for FC Barcelona from Ajax September 1973.}}'''NED}} Ajax96 2ndITA}} Dino ZoffITA}} Juventus47 3rdFRG}} Gerd MüllerFRG}} Bayern Munich44!colspan="5"|1974 1stNED}} Johan CruyffESPFC Barcelona>Barcelona116 2ndFRG}} Franz BeckenbauerFRG}} Bayern Munich105 3rdPOL|1928}} Kazimierz DeynaPOL|1928}} Legia Warsaw35!colspan="5"|1975 1stUSSR|1955}} Oleg BlokhinUSSRFC Dynamo Kyiv>Dynamo Kyiv122 2ndFRG}} Franz BeckenbauerFRG}} Bayern Munich42 3rdNED}} Johan CruyffESPFC Barcelona>Barcelona27!colspan="5"|1976 1stFRG}} Franz BeckenbauerFRG}} Bayern Munich91 2ndNED}} Rob RensenbrinkBEL}} Anderlecht75 3rdTCH}} Ivo ViktorTCH}} Dukla Prague52!colspan="5"|1977 1stDEN}} Allan SimonsenFRG}} Borussia Mönchengladbach74 2ndENG}} Kevin Keegan{{refnKeegan was signed by Hamburg from Liverpool midway through 1977.}}FRG}} Hamburg71 3rdFRA}} Michel PlatiniFRA}} Nancy70!colspan="5"|1978 1stENG}} Kevin KeeganFRG}} Hamburg87 2ndAUT}} Hans KranklESPFC Barcelona>Barcelona81 3rdNED}} Rob RensenbrinkBEL}} Anderlecht50!colspan="5"|1979 1stENG}} Kevin KeeganFRG}} Hamburg118 2ndFRG}} Karl-Heinz RummeniggeFRG}} Bayern Munich52 3rdNED}} Ruud KrolNED}} Ajax41!colspan="5"|1980 1stFRG}} Karl-Heinz RummeniggeFRG}} Bayern Munich122 2ndFRG}} Bernd SchusterESPFC Barcelona>Barcelona34 3rdFRA}} Michel PlatiniFRA}} Saint-Étienne33!colspan="5"|1981 1stFRG}} Karl-Heinz RummeniggeFRG}} Bayern Munich106 2ndFRG}} Paul BreitnerFRG}} Bayern Munich64 3rdFRG}} Bernd SchusterESP}} Barcelona39!colspan="5"|1982 1stITA}} Paolo RossiITA}} Juventus115 2ndFRA}} Alain GiresseFRA}} Bordeaux64 3rdPOL}} Zbigniew BoniekITA}} Juventus39!colspan="5"|1983 1stFRA}} Michel PlatiniITA}} Juventus110 2ndSCO}} Kenny DalglishENG}} Liverpool26 3rdDEN}} Allan SimonsenDEN}} Vejle25!colspan="5"|1984 1stFRA}} Michel PlatiniITA}} Juventus110 2ndFRA}} Jean TiganaFRA}} Bordeaux57 3rdDEN}} Preben ElkjærITA}} Hellas Verona48!colspan="5"|1985 1stFRA}} Michel PlatiniITA}} Juventus127 2ndDEN}} Preben ElkjærITA}} Hellas Verona71 3rdFRG}} Bernd SchusterESP}} Barcelona46!colspan="5"|1986 1stUSSR}} Igor BelanovUSSR}} Dynamo Kyiv84 2ndENG}} Gary Lineker{{refnLineker was signed by Barcelona from Everton midway through 1986.}}ESP}} Barcelona62 3rdESP}} Emilio ButragueñoESP}} Real Madrid59!colspan="5"|1987 1stNED}} '''Ruud Gullit{{refnGullit was signed by Milan from PSV Eindhoven midway through 1987.}}'''ITA}} Milan106 2ndPOR}} Paulo Futre{{refnFutre was signed by Atlético Madrid from Porto midway through 1987.}}ESP}} Atlético Madrid91 3rdESP}} Emilio ButragueñoESP}} Real Madrid61!colspan="5"|1988 1stNED}} Marco van BastenITA}} Milan129 2ndNED}} Ruud GullitITA}} Milan88 3rdNED}} Frank Rijkaard{{refnRijkaard was signed by Milan from Real Zaragoza midway through 1988.}}ITA}} Milan45!colspan="5"|1989 1stNED}} Marco van BastenITA}} Milan129 2ndITA}} Franco BaresiITA}} Milan80 3rdNED}} Frank RijkaardITA}} Milan43!colspan="5"|1990 1stGER}} Lothar MatthäusITA}} Internazionale137 2ndITA}} Salvatore SchillaciITA}} Juventus84 3rdGER}} Andreas BrehmeITA}} Internazionale68!colspan="5"|1991 1stFRA}} Jean-Pierre PapinFRA}} Marseille141 2ndYUG}} Dejan SavićevićYUG}} Red Star Belgrade42YUG}} Darko PančevYUG}} Red Star BelgradeGER}} Lothar MatthäusITA}} Internazionale!colspan="5"|1992 1st{{flagicon|NED}} Marco van Basten{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ITA}} Milan98 2ndBUL}} Hristo StoichkovESP}} Barcelona80 3rdNED}} Dennis BergkampNED}} Ajax53!colspan="5"|1993 1st{{flagicon|ITA}} Roberto Baggio{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ITA}} Juventus142 2ndNED}} Dennis BergkampITA}} Internazionale83 3rdFRA}} Eric CantonaENG}} Manchester United34!colspan="5"|1994 1stBUL}} Hristo StoichkovESP}} Barcelona210 2ndITA}} Roberto BaggioITA}} Juventus136 3rdITA}} Paolo MaldiniITA}} Milan109!colspan="5"|1995 1st{{flagicon|LBR}} George Weah{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}{{refn|group=note|Weah was signed by Milan from Paris Saint-Germain midway through 1995.}}ITA}} Milan144 2ndGER}} Jürgen KlinsmannGER}} Bayern Munich108 3rdFIN}} Jari LitmanenNED}} Ajax67!colspan="5"|1996 1stGER}} Matthias SammerGER}} Borussia Dortmund144 2ndBRA}} Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer){{refn>group=note|Ronaldo was signed by Barcelona from PSV Eindhoven midway through 1996.}}ESP}} Barcelona143 3rdENG}} Alan ShearerENG}} Newcastle United107!colspan="5"|1997 1st{{flagicon|BRA}} Ronaldo{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}{{refn|group=note|Ronaldo was signed by Internazionale from Barcelona midway through 1997.}}ITA}} Internazionale222 2ndFRY}} Predrag MijatovićESP}} Real Madrid68 3rdFRA}} Zinedine ZidaneITA}} Juventus63!colspan="5"|1998 1st{{flagicon|FRA}} Zinedine Zidane{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ITA}} Juventus244 2ndCRO}} Davor Å ukerESP}} Real Madrid68 3rdBRA}} RonaldoITA}} Internazionale66!colspan="5"|1999 1st{{flagicon|BRA}} Rivaldo{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ESP}} Barcelona219 2ndENG}} David BeckhamENG}} Manchester United154 3rdUKR}} Andriy Shevchenko{{refnShevchenko was signed by Milan from Dynamo Kyiv midway through 1999.}}ITA}} Milan64!colspan="5"|2000 1stPOR}} '''Luís Figo{{refnFigo was signed by Real Madrid from Barcelona midway through 2000.}}'''ESP}} Real Madrid197 2ndFRA}} Zinedine ZidaneITA}} Juventus181 3rdUKR}} Andriy ShevchenkoITA}} Milan85!colspan="5"|2001 1stENG}} Michael OwenENG}} Liverpool176 2ndESP}} RaúlESP}} Real Madrid140 3rdGER}} Oliver KahnGER}} Bayern Munich114!colspan="5"|2002 1st{{flagicon|BRA}} Ronaldo{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}{{refn|group=note|Ronaldo was signed by Real Madrid from Internazionale midway through 2002.}}ESP}} Real Madrid169 2ndBRA}} Roberto CarlosESP}} Real Madrid145 3rdGER}} Oliver KahnGER}} Bayern Munich110!colspan="5"|2003 1stCZE}} Pavel NedvÄ›dITAJuventus F.C.>Juventus190 2ndFRA}} Thierry HenryENG}} Arsenal128 3rdITA|2003}} Paolo MaldiniITAA.C. Milan>Milan123!colspan="5"|2004 1stUKR}} Andriy ShevchenkoITAA.C. Milan>Milan175 2ndPOR}} Deco{{refnDeco was signed by Barcelona from Porto midway through 2004.}}ESP}} Barcelona139 3rdBRA}} RonaldinhoESP}} Barcelona133!colspan="5"|2005 1st{{flagicon|BRA}} Ronaldinho{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ESP}} Barcelona225 2ndENG}} Frank LampardENG}} Chelsea148 3rd{{flagicon|ENG}} Steven GerrardENG}} Liverpool142!colspan="5"|2006 1st{{flagicon|ITA}} Fabio Cannavaro{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}{{refn|group=note|Cannavaro was signed by Real Madrid from Juventus midway through 2006.}}ESP}} Real Madrid173 2ndITA}} Gianluigi BuffonITA}} Juventus124 3rdFRA}} Thierry HenryENG}} Arsenal121!colspan="5"|2007 1st{{flagicon|BRA}} Kaká{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ITA}} Milan444 2ndPOR}} Cristiano RonaldoENG}} Manchester United277 3rdARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona255!colspan="5"|2008 1st{{flagicon|POR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ENG}} Manchester United446 2ndARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona281 3rdESP}} Fernando TorresENG}} Liverpool179!colspan="5"|2009 1st{{flagicon|ARG}} Lionel Messi{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ESP}} Barcelona473 2ndPOR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{refnCristiano Ronaldo was signed by Real Madrid from Manchester United midway through 2009.}}ESP}} Real Madrid233 3rdESP}} XaviESP}} Barcelona170! scope="row" style="text-align:center" colspan=5 |FIFA Ballon d'Or (2010–2015)2010 1stARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona22.65% 2ndESP}} Andrés IniestaESP}} Barcelona17.36% 3rdESP}} XaviESP}} Barcelona16.48%!colspan="5"|2011 1stARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona47.88% 2ndPOR}} Cristiano RonaldoESP}} Real Madrid21.60% 3rdESP}} XaviESP}} Barcelona9.23%!colspan="5"|2012 1stARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona41.60% 2ndPOR}} Cristiano RonaldoESP}} Real Madrid23.68% 3rdESP}} Andrés IniestaESP}} Barcelona10.91%!colspan="5"|2013 1stPOR}} Cristiano RonaldoESP}} Real Madrid27.99% 2ndARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona24.72% 3rdFRA}} Franck RibéryDEU}} Bayern Munich23.36%!colspan="5"|2014 1stPOR}} Cristiano RonaldoESP}} Real Madrid37.66% 2ndARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona15.76% 3rdDEU}} Manuel NeuerDEU}} Bayern Munich15.72%!colspan="5"|2015 1stARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona41.33% 2ndPOR}} Cristiano RonaldoESP}} Real Madrid27.76% 3rdBRA}} NeymarESP}} Barcelona7.86%! scope="row" style="text-align:center" colspan=5 |Ballon d'Or (2016–present)2016 1st{{flagicon|POR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ESP}} Real Madrid745 2ndARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona316 3rdFRA}} Antoine GriezmannESP}} Atlético Madrid198!colspan="5"|2017 1st{{flagicon|POR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ESP}} Real Madrid946 2ndARG}} Lionel MessiESP}} Barcelona670 3rdBRA}} Neymar{{refnNeymar was signed by Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona midway through 2017.}}FRA}} Paris Saint-Germain361!colspan="5"|2018 1st{{flagicon|CRO}} Luka Modrić{{sup|{{double-dagger}}}}ESP}} Real Madrid753 2ndPOR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{refnCristiano Ronaldo was signed by Juventus from Real Madrid midway through 2018.}}ITA}} Juventus476 3rdFRA}} Antoine GriezmannESP}} Atlético Madrid414

Wins by player

One-time winners are only included if they have also finished second or third in another year. {| class="sortable plainrowheaders wikitable"! scope="col" | Player! scope="col style="background-color: gold" | Winner! scope="col style="background-color: silver" | Second place! scope="col style="background-color: #cc9966" | Third place! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|POR}} Cristiano Ronaldo{{refn|group=note|Cristiano Ronaldo won two FIFA Ballons d'Or (2013, 2014) and thrice finished in second place (2011, 2012, 2015).JOURNAL, La liste complête des lauréats du Ballon d'or, de 1956 à nos jours, France Football,weblink 14 January 2016, WEB, FIFA Awards – World Player of the Year, Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, 12 February 2015,weblink 14 January 2016, }}| 5 (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017)| 6 (2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2018)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ARG}} Lionel Messi{{refn|group=note|Messi won four FIFA Ballons d'Or (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015) and twice finished in second place (2013, 2014).}}| 5 (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015)| 5 (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017)| 1 (2007)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRA}} Michel Platini| 3 (1983, 1984, 1985)| —| 2 (1977, 1980)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|NED}} Johan Cruyff| 3 (1971, 1973, 1974) | —| 1 (1975)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|NED}} Marco van Basten| 3 (1988, 1989, 1992)| —| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRG}} Franz Beckenbauer| 2 (1972, 1976)| 2 (1974, 1975)| 1 (1966)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|BRA}} Ronaldo| 2 (1997, 2002)| 1 (1996)| 1 (1998)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ESP|1945}} Alfredo Di Stéfano| 2 (1957, 1959)| 1 (1956)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ENG}} Kevin Keegan| 2 (1978, 1979)| 1 (1977)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRG}} Karl-Heinz Rummenigge| 2 (1980, 1981)| 1 (1979)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ESP|1945}} Luis Suárez| 1 (1960)| 2 (1961, 1964)| 1 (1965)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|POR}} Eusébio| 1 (1965)| 2 (1962, 1966)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ENG}} Bobby Charlton| 1 (1966)| 2 (1967, 1968)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRA}} Raymond Kopa| 1 (1958)| 1 (1959)| 2 (1956, 1957)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRG}} Gerd Müller| 1 (1970)| 1 (1972)| 2 (1969, 1973)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRA}} Zinedine Zidane| 1 (1998)| 1 (2000)| 1 (1997)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ITA}} Gianni Rivera| 1 (1969)| 1 (1963)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|NED}} Ruud Gullit| 1 (1987)| 1 (1988)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|GER}} Lothar Matthäus| 1 (1990)| 1 (1991)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ITA}} Roberto Baggio| 1 (1993)| 1 (1994)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|BUL}} Hristo Stoichkov| 1 (1994)| 1 (1992)| —! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|UKR}} Andriy Shevchenko| 1 (2004)| —| 2 (1999, 2000)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|NIR}} George Best| 1 (1968)| —| 1 (1971)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|DEN}} Allan Simonsen| 1 (1977)| —| 1 (1983)! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|BRA}} Ronaldinho| 1 (2005)| —| 1 (2004)">

Wins by country {| class"sortable plainrowheaders wikitable"

! scope="col" | Country! scope="col" | Players! scope="col" | Wins! align="left" scope="row"| {{GER}} 5 7! align="left" scope="row"| {{NED}} 3 7! align="left" scope="row"| {{POR}} 3 7! align="left" scope="row"| {{FRA}} 4 6! align="left" scope="row"| {{ITA}} 5 5! align="left" scope="row"| {{BRA}} 4 5! align="left" scope="row"| {{ENG}} 4 5! align="left" scope="row"| {{ARG}} 1 5! align="left" scope="row"| {{URS}} 3 3! align="left" scope="row"| {{ESP}} 2 3! align="left" scope="row"| {{BUL}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{CRO}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{CZE}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{TCH}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{DEN}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{HUN}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{LBR}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{NIR}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{SCO}} 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{UKR}} 1 1

Wins by club

File:Andriy Shevchenko, Oleh Blokhin, Ihor Belanov.jpeg|right|300px|thumb|Ukrainians, winners of the Ballon d'Or played for Dynamo Kyiv Andriy Shevchenko, Oleh Blokhin and Ihor BelanovIhor Belanov{| class="sortable plainrowheaders wikitable"! scope="col" | Club! scope="col" | Players! scope="col" | Wins! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ESP}} Real Madrid 7 11! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ESP}} Barcelona 6 11! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ITA}} Juventus 6 8! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ITA}} Milan 6 8! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|GER}} Bayern Munich 3 5! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ENG}} Manchester United 4 4! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|UKR}} Dynamo Kyiv 2 2! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ITA}} Internazionale 2 2! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|GER}} Hamburg 1 2! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|NED}} Ajax 1 2! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|POR}} Benfica 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ENG}} Blackpool 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|GER}} Borussia Dortmund 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|GER}} Borussia Mönchengladbach 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|CZE}} Dukla Prague 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|RUS}} Dynamo Moscow 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|HUN}} Ferencváros 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ENG}} Liverpool 1 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRA}} Marseille 1 1

Additional awards

An honorary award, under the name Super Ballon d'Or, was awarded to Alfredo Di Stéfano in 1989, after he surpassed Johan Cruyff and Michel Platini in France Football{{'}}s voting.WEB, On this day, Di Stéfano won the Super Ballon d'Or,, 24 December 2015,weblink 13 January 2016, A decade later, France Football elected Pelé the Football Player of the Century after consulting their former Ballon d'Or recipients. Among the 34 previous winners, 30 cast their votes; Stanley Matthews, Omar Sívori and George Best abstained, and Lev Yashin had died. Each voter was allotted five votes worth up to five points; however, Di Stéfano only chose a first place, Platini a first and second place, and George Weah two players for fifth place. Pelé was named the greatest by 17 voters, receiving almost double the number of points earned by the runner-up, Diego Maradona.WEB, Karel, Stokkermans, France Football's Football Player of the Century, Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, 23 December 2015,weblink 13 January 2016, yes,weblink" title="">weblink 30 January 2010, {| class="sortable plainrowheaders wikitable"|+Football Player of the Century! scope="col" | Player! scope="col" | {{Tooltip|Pts|Points received by the player during the voting phase.}}! scope="col" | 1st! scope="col" | 2nd! scope="col" | 3rd! scope="col" | 4th! scope="col" | 5th! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|BRA}} Pelé| 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ARG}} Diego Maradona| 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|NED}} Johan Cruyff| 2! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|ESP|1945}} Alfredo Di Stéfano| 1! align="left" scope="row"| {{flagicon|FRA}} Michel Platini| 6To coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Ballon d'Or in 2016, France Football published a reevaluation of the awards presented before 1995, when only European players were eligible to win the award. 12 out of the 39 Ballons d'Or presented during this time period would have been awarded to South American players; in addition to Pelé and Diego Maradona, Garrincha, Mario Kempes, and Romário were retrospectively recognized as worthy winners. The original recipients, however, remain unchanged.JOURNAL, Thierry, Marchand, On a refait le palmarès, France Football, December 2015,weblink 13 January 2016, Maradona and Pelé also received honorary Ballons d'Ors for their services to football in 1996 and 2013, respectively.NEWS, Maradona receives honorary award, BBC Sport, 1 December 2008,weblink 13 January 2016, WEB, Pele receives FIFA Ballon d'Or Prix d'Honneur,, 13 January 2014,weblink 14 January 2016, {| class="sortable plainrowheaders wikitable"|+Le nouveau palmarès (internationalized reevaluation)! scope="col" | Year! scope="col" | Original winner! scope="col" | Alternative! scope="row" |1958FRA}} Raymond KopaBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1959ESP|1945}} Alfredo Di StéfanoBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1960ESPLuis Suárez (footballer, born 1935)>Luis SuárezBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1961ITA}} Omar SívoriBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1962TCH}} Josef MasopustBRA}} Garrincha! scope="row" |1963URS}} Lev YashinBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1964SCO}} Denis LawBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1970FRG}} Gerd MüllerBRA}} Pelé! scope="row" |1978ENG}} Kevin KeeganARG}} Mario Kempes! scope="row" |1986URS}} Igor BelanovARG}} Diego Maradona! scope="row" |1990GER}} Lothar MatthäusARG}} Diego Maradona! scope="row" |1994BUL}} Hristo StoichkovBRA}} Romário

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  • WEB,weblink European Footballer of the Year ("Ballon d'Or"), Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, 9 October 2008, 5 December 2008,
  • JOURNAL,weblink La liste complête des lauréats du Ballon d'or, de 1956 à nos jours, France Football, 24 March 2015,
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