41st parallel north

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41st parallel north
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{{Location map-line|lat=41}}{{kml}}The 41st parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 41 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean.At this latitude the sun is visible for 15 hours, 8 minutes during the summer solstice and 9 hours, 13 minutes during the winter solsticeweblink

Around the world

Starting at the prime meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 41° north passes through:
{| class="wikitable plainrowheaders"
! scope="col" width="125" | Co-ordinates! scope="col" | Country, territory or sea! scope="col" | Notes
41N0type:landmark|name=Prime Meridian}}! scope="row" | {{ESP}}|
{{Coord00Ename=Mediterranean Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Mediterranean Sea
41N13type:country|name=Italy}}! scope="row" | {{ITA}}| Island of Asinara
{{Coord08Ename=Mediterranean Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Mediterranean Sea Gulf of Asinara
41N52type:country|name=Italy}}! scope="row" | {{ITA}}| Island of Sardinia
{{Coord09Ename=Mediterranean Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Mediterranean Sea Tyrrhenian Sea - passing just north of the Pontine Islands, {{ITA}}
41N57type:country|name=Italy}}! scope="row" | {{ITA}}|
{{Coord017Ename=Adriatic Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Adriatic Sea
41N28type:country|name=Albania}}! scope="row" | {{ALB}}| The border with North Macedonia is in Lake Ohrid
41N42type:country|name=North Macedonia}}! scope="row" | {{NMK}}|
41N51type:country|name=Greece}}! scope="row" | {{GRC}}|
41N20type:country|name=Turkey}}! scope="row" | {{TUR}}| Passing through the Sea of Marmara, and through Istanbul
{{Coord037Ename=Black Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Black Sea
41N47type:country|name=Turkey}}! scope="row" | {{TUR}}|
{{Coord039Ename=Black Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Black Sea
41N20type:country|name=Turkey}}! scope="row" | {{TUR}}|
41N32type:country|name=Armenia}}! scope="row" | {{ARM}}|
41N10type:country|name=Azerbaijan}}! scope="row" | {{AZE}}| Barkhudali exclave
41N13type:country|name=Armenia}}! scope="row" | {{ARM}}|
41N24type:country|name=Azerbaijan}}! scope="row" | {{AZE}}|
{{Coord049Ename=Caspian Sea}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Caspian Sea
41N57type:country|name=Turkmenistan}}! scope="row" | {{TKM}}|
41N58type:country|name=Uzbekistan}}! scope="row" | {{UZB}}|
41N4type:country|name=Kazakhstan}}! scope="row" | {{KAZ}}|
41N31type:country|name=Uzbekistan}}! scope="row" | {{UZB}}| For about 7 km
41N36type:country|name=Kazakhstan}}! scope="row" | {{KAZ}}| For about 12 km
41N45type:country|name=Uzbekistan}}! scope="row" | {{UZB}}|
41N24type:country|name=Tajikistan}}! scope="row" | {{TJK}}| For about 10 km
41N31type:country|name=Uzbekistan}}! scope="row" | {{UZB}}|
41N30type:country|name=Kyrgyzstan}}! scope="row" | {{KGZ}}|
41N50type:country|name=China}}! scope="row" | {{PRC}}| Xinjiang
41N30type:country|name=Kyrgyzstan}}! scope="row" | {{KGZ}}| For about 7 km
41N35type:country|name=China}}! scope="row" | {{PRC}}Gansu Inner Mongolia — passing about {{convert>200|abbr=on}} north of Hohhot Hebei Beijing - for about 7 km Hebei Liaoning Jilin
41N5type:country|name=North Korea}}! scope="row" | {{PRK}}|Jagang ProvinceYanggang Province Passing Through Kaema Plateau South Hamgyeong Province - Heocheon, DancheonNorth Hamgyeong Province
{{Coord0129Ename=Sea of Japan}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Sea of Japan
41N19type:country|name=Japan}}! scope="row" | {{JPN}}| Island of Honshū— Aomori Prefecture
{{Coord0141Ename=Pacific Ocean}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Pacific Ocean
41N7type:country|name=United States}}! scope="row" | {{USA}}California Nevada Utah Wyoming / Utah border Wyoming / Colorado border Nebraska / Colorado border Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio - southern boundary of Connecticut Western Reserve Pennsylvania New Jersey New York (state)>New York Connecticut
{{Coord073Wname=Long Island Sound}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Long Island Sound
41N35type:country|name=United States}}! scope="row" | {{USA}}| New York - Long Island
{{Coord072Wname=Atlantic Ocean}}! scope="row" style="background:#b0e0e6;" | Atlantic Ocean
41N39type:country|name=Portugal}}! scope="row" | {{PRT}}| Passing about 20km south of Porto
41N54type:country|name=Spain}}! scope="row" | {{ESP}}|

United States

(File:41st parallel US.svg|thumb|right|The 41st parallel north defining borders between states in the United States.)In the United States, the parallel defines the southernmost border of Wyoming (bordering Utah and Colorado), and part of the border between Nebraska and Colorado.In 1606, King James I of England created the Colony of Virginia. He gave the London Company the right to "{{sic|begin theire plantacions and habitacions in some fitt and conveniente place between fower and thirtie and one and fortie degrees of the said latitude all alongest the coaste of Virginia and coastes of America."}} The Jamestown Settlement was established roughly at the midpoint of that territory. The later Pilgrim (Plymouth Colony) settlers were originally bound for the northern portion of the Virginia territory. Instead, they landed north of the 41st parallel on Cape Cod, where they had exclusive rights to the land under the charter for the Plymouth Colonyweblink originally set by King Charles II of England in 1664, the point at which the 41st parallel crosses the Hudson River marks the northeastern border between New Jersey and New York. This border then proceeds northwest to the Tri-States Monument at the confluence of the Delaware and Neversink rivers.WEB,weblink Sentinels at the Northern Border, Bill, Graff, pdf, Unearthing New Jersey Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 2006, New Jersey Geological Survey, The 41st parallel was also one of the principal baselines used for surveying a portion of lands in Ohio. This marked the southern boundary of the Connecticut Western Reserve and the Firelands using the western boundary with Pennsylvania as the principal meridian. It also served as the baseline for a later survey of Ohio land north of the Greenville Treaty line up to the Fulton line which was the original boundary between Michigan and Ohio under the Northwest Ordinance (see the Toledo Strip). The later survey used the boundary with Indiana as the meridian.

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